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Body Man: Obama Refused To Be In Situation Room During Osama Raid

Posted August 15, 2013

Reggie Love on Obama during Osama raid: “Most people were like down in the "Situation Room" and [President Obama] was like, ‘I’m not going to be down there, I can’t watch this entire thing,’ We must have played 15 games of spades,” said Love at a public event.


Egyptian violence stumps White House

Posted August 15, 2013

The Obama administration was caught flatfooted Wednesday when Egyptian security forces violently imposed military law, prompting the resignation of the country's vice president and a myriad of questions for which the White House had no answer.

At least 280 people were killed after the police and military stormed sit-ins staged by protesters sympathetic to ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. In response, interim Vice President Mohamed El Baradei resigned, saying he could not condone such violence.

The day's events confirmed what many have long feared: The U.S. has virtually no control over what happens in Egypt.


Related: Egyptians' Blood Is On Obama Administration's Hands

Obama Bypasses Congress Again to Fund Universal Preschool

Posted August 15, 2013

States are receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in "discretionary spending," to fund universal preschool, Barack Obama’s new pet project. Caitlin Emma at Politico writes that the states are receiving the cash even though "Congress hasn’t seriously considered paying for President Barack Obama’s universal preschool proposal."


The Obamacare Throwdown – Let’s Not Be Gutless Wonders

Posted August 15, 2013

Let me be blunt.  If you are opposed to using the Continuing Resolution to de-fund Obamacare because you are afraid that conservatives and the GOP might take the blame in the media, then you are a political coward.

It’s as simple as that.

Now there’s a caveat here – if you have a better plan, bring it forward and convince us that you have a different idea.  Thus far, all of the myriad of bills passed in the House have accomplished exactly nothing.  So what’s your plan for reversing course on Obamacare?  Do you have a plan?  Or do you just plan to do the equivalent of crawling into a fetal position in the closet and cowering in fear?


Editor's note: Are you hearing this Mitch McConnell?

Exclusive -- Stockman Rallies GOP to Fight for Conservatism on Obamacare

Posted August 15, 2013

Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) is calling on his House GOP colleagues to stand with him and fight against Obamacare, and abandon continued and frequent establishment GOP “surrender” efforts.

“Unless you are out of the country on a CODEL or pulled a Jeff Flake (i.e., your idea of a vacation is marooning yourself on a deserted island in the Pacific), you know that none of us can watch the television news, listen to talk radio, or check the email inbox these days without witnessing the internecine battle Michael Barone calls ‘the clash of the surrender caucus versus the suicide caucus,’” Stockman wrote in a memo he plans to send to all House GOP members.


The White House of Cards Scandal Coverage

Fast and Furious Scandal

Posted August 15, 2013

More 'Fast and Furious' weapons appear at Mexico crime scenes


Posted August 14, 2013

Wolf renews call for special Benghazi panel after new questions surface

Posted August 13, 2013

400 US surface-to-air missiles were 'STOLEN' from Libya during the Benghazi attack, claims whistleblower

Benghazi and the Banality of Evil

IRS Scandal

Posted August 13, 2013

Lerner's FEC Problem - Lerner may have committed a felony by divulging information about a conservative group to the Federal Election Commission.

Immigration Reform News

Posted August 15, 2013

Hometown Sheriffs to Meet with Boehner on Immigration

No Way To Lead On Immigration

Posted August 14, 2013

Sen. Rubio, 'You Know Nothing About Our Border': Arizona Sheriff Hammers Immigration Bill Supporters and Offers Revealing Picture of the Border

Rubio: If We Don't Pass Immigration Reform, Obama Will Legalize by Executive Order

Sen. Harkin (D-IA): 'I Just Don't Classify Illegal Immigrants as Criminals'

Posted August 13, 2013

Rubio Spends '60 Seconds' on Immigration in 35-Minute Speech

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Journalist Michael Hastings Was Investigating CIA Director John Brennan Before He Was Killed in Fiery Car Crash

Posted August 14, 2013

Journalist Michael Hastings was investigating CIA Director John Brennan for an upcoming expose project prior to his tragic death in a car accident, the reporter’s wife, Elise Jordan, confirmed. XETV-TV reporter Kimberly Dvorak claims sources had told her the exact same thing.

Additionally, an anonymous source recently provided the news station with “an alarming email” hacked from CIA contractor Strafor’s President Fred Burton. The email, which was posted on WikiLeaks, claimed that Brennan previously headed up the government’s effort to crackdown on investigative journalists.


Jim Ryun: Mitch McConnell's dinosaur GOP can't fix DC

Posted August 14, 2013

Republicans must learn from the successes and failures of the past generation of conservatives.

As a former conservative member of Congress, I learned that legislative battles are won or lost long before the votes are cast in Congress. If we want to win legislative battles, we have to win electoral wars first. Many of those start in primaries against establishment Republicans who have either become complicit in the endless expansion of the federal government or feckless in stopping its aggressive champions.

Over the past year, my political action committee, The Madison Project has had the opportunity to help recruit a number of conservatives who understand the gravity of our public policy problems and are willing to fight for solutions that will fundamentally restore our constitutional republic. They are committed to promoting a new standard in Washington – one in which principled leaders actually fight and win battles for conservatives. They will do whatever it takes to shrink the size of government – including filibusters against harmful legislation in the Senate or voting against rules to consider bad legislation backed by GOP leadership in the House.


Bright Hopes for Ousting South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham

Posted August 14, 2013

Bright has a track record to back up his claims. He was the primary sponsor of the 10th Amendment Resolution, which passed in South Carolina, to reassert state sovereignty.

Other legislative achievements include a bill that would take away the ability to collect unemployment if a claimant is terminated for cause. He co-sponsored "born alive" legislation to prevent the termination of babies born alive during a failed abortion, and is very active in other pro-life legislation.


MSNBC and Organizing For Action Coordinate Activity

Posted August 14, 2013

Organizing For Action, Barack Obama’s equivalent of Woodrow Wilson’s Committee on Public Information, has a website up of climate deniers in the House of Representatives. OFA wants its members to harass the “climate deniers”.

Today is Organizing for Action’s big climate change day. They intend to march out into the public square and attack members of Congress, conservatives, and others who aren’t in on their campaign to destroy capitalism in the name of global warmer … errrr … climate change. Key to this is getting OFA members to Republican town halls, etc. to harass a targeted list of Congressmen.

Right on cue, MSNBC has joined the effort. MSNBC, more and more the official mouthpiece of the Democratic Party, has up a list of Republican members of the House Science Committee who are dismissive of the left’s global warming … errrrrrr … climate change hysteria.


Related story: Report: Zero Attendees at Organizing for America Climate Change Rally

HURT: Obamacare exemption — none dare call it treason

Posted August 14, 2013

Even by the standards of Washington, this is one sick, twisted and deceitful deal. Quite possibly, it is a whole new low, even for the federal government.

Had we innocent, taxpaying citizens not long ago lost our capacity to be outraged by the disgraceful manner in which this place operates, we would already be in all-out political revolt. Against President Obama. Against Democrats in Congress. And, especially, Republicans.

Literally, revolutionary wars have been fought over less.

All the legal, constitutional and parliamentary maneuvering is enough to confuse Albert Einstein, but here is the bottom line: Congress and staff managed to get themselves exempted from the single, most-punishing aspect of Obamacare.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/aug/13/hurt-obamacare-exemption-none-dare-call-it-treason/#ixzz2bw0Mo0KO

Federal Appeals Court: Obama Administration Is Violating Federal Law ‘Without Any Legal Basis’

Posted August 14, 2013

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) –The Obama administration has been continuously violating federal law by delaying a law enacted by Congress “without any legal basis,” a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday. The decision refers to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s move to delay a proposed nuclear waste dump in Nevada.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia voted 2-1 in favor of ordering the commission to complete the licensing process and approve or reject the Energy Department’s application for a never-completed waste storage site at Nevada’s Yucca Mountain.

In a sharply worded opinion, the court said the nuclear agency was “simply flouting the law” when it allowed the Obama administration to continue plans to close the proposed waste site 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The action goes against a federal law designating Yucca Mountain as the nation’s nuclear waste repository.


Defund Obamacare: Grassroots Army Action Plan

Re-Posted August 13, 2013

North Carolina Sentinels in Action: Summer Slam to Stop Obamacare

Defund Obamacare Grassroots Army Action PlanThis August we're working to defund Obamacare. A group of North Carolina Sentinels are leading the charge in their state. They are implementing the plan outlined below. Contact them to join the effort in North Carolina, or replicate their efforts in your state.

We welcome Sentinels across the country to work with us and each other to defund Obamacare.

NC Sentinels: Summer Slam to Stop Obamacare

Republicans in Congress promised to stop Obamacare. It can be done. But it won't be done unless we, the grassroots, demand it, as Senator Ted Cruz has said.  The Continuing Resolution will be voted on in September and is our last chance to stop this train wreck.

See plan goals & strategy at HeritageAction.com

Tweet: suggested #HASHTAGS to use on Twitter:#Haction (so Heritage Action can easily find and re-tweet) #SummerSlam #DefundObamacare #DontBlink #DontFundIt

Sign the Mike Lee / Ted Cruz Don't Fund It Petition

Don'tFundObamacare.comSee who as pledged to Defund Obamacare

See who refuses to pledge to Defund Obamacare along with Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Bob Corker, Orrin Hatch and more "establishment" Republicans

See candidates who are challenging incumbents in primaries who have signed the pledge to defund Obamacare

and call the "undecideds"

at DontFundObamaCare.com

Defund Obamacare Now Downloadable PDF File

Grassfire HQ Petition to Defund and Delay Obamacare

The August #SummerSlam to #DefundObamacare Continues with THE TSUNAMI

This week we start the "tsunami" of phone calls, emails, tweets, facebook posts and office visits to our members of Congress, giving them the information and determination they need to defund Obamacare in September via the Continuing Resolution.

Ted Cruz asked us for a tsunami - let's give it to him.

Start flooding the offices of our members of Congress and insist they keep their campaign promises, uphold the law, and give us the same protection against the ACA which they have given to themselves. Find your senators and representative here: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

Include House leadership in this flood of contacts - John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy need to hear from all of us as much as our own reps do. Insist they use their power to stop Obamacare now.

Speaker of the US House John Boehner
202) 225-0600 or (513) 779-5400
Email the Speaker at the website: http://www.speaker.gov/contact

Majority Leader Eric Cantor
202.225.4000 or 804.747-4073
Email Rep. Cantor at the website: http://majorityleader.gov/

Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy
202) 224-3121 (switchboard) or (661) 327-3611
He has no direct office phone or email at the website, and you cannot post on his facebook page, so we are limited to calling the switchboard, calling his California office and posting comments on his facebook page.


www.dontfundit.com ‪#‎SummerSlam ‪#‎DefundObamacare #GrassrootsArmy


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Konni Burton Slams Wendy Davis on Abortion

Posted August 15, 2013

It’s time for Texans to take back the conversation about the right to life in Texas. Wendy Davis would like you to think her far-left crusade is about women’s rights, but in reality Wendy and her allies purposely ignore the thousands of women who can never be heard.

On the issue of life, there can be no question. Wendy Davis can try to raise her profile and dredge up D.C. dollars by defending the barbaric practice of late-term abortion, but that’s never going to reflect the values of Texas. What’s more, Wendy knows it. I’m ready to do battle with Wendy Davis on every issue, but I’m asking you to share the video below with your friends and family today. It’s important we inform Wendy Davis that Texans stand for life – not with Wendy. ~ Konni Burton

Read more: http://www.teaparty911.com/blog/konni-burton-slams-wendy-davis-on-abortion-video/

More at the Konni Burton for Texas Senate Campaign Website

Empower Texans Releases Their Fiscal Responsibility Index Rating Texas State Legislators

Posted August 15, 2013

Empower Texans Must See Fiscal Responsibility Index RatingThe Fiscal Responsibility Index is a measurement of how lawmakers perform on size and role of government issues. Texans for Fiscal Responsibility uses exemplar votes on core budget and free enterprise issues that demonstrate legislators’ governing philosophy.

TEA Party 911 Editor's Note: This is an excellent tool to gauge how your State Representative or Senator rated on fiscal issues. An example is District 10 Representative Jim Pitts who rated an abysmal 29.7 out of a possible 100. If I was in District 10, I would be diligently seeking a replacement for Pitts.

See how your Representative or Senator rated at Empower Texans: http://www.empowertexans.com/index/

Texas Patriots Tea Party Suing the IRS

Posted August 15, 2013

The Texas Patriots Tea Party [TPTP] is part of the FIRST lawsuit against IRS filed by Citizens for Self-Governance and based on the politically targeting of conservative groups by the IRS.

The selective targeting of groups for additional IRS scrutiny based solely on their political values or ideology is a civil rights violation. Also, revealing sensitive tax information to other unrelated parties should concern EVERY TAXPAYER and should not be tolerated.  That is exactly what has happened to tea parties and other conservative groups across the country and IRS has attempted to repress certain conservative views, groups and activities from influencing the last two election cycles [2010 and 2012]. Such government behavior violates our 1st Amendment assurances of freedom of speech and association.  This politically-biased or –prejudiced phenomenon seems to be systemic within the Obama Administration.


Republican congressman invites ‘Obama rodeo clown’ to Texas

Posted August 15, 2013

A Texas Republican congressman has invited a rodeo clown who has been banned from the Missouri State Fair for a mocking depiction of President Obama to perform in his district.

Rep. Steve Stockman, a conservative whose rural district stretches east of Houston, said he was extending the invitation and defending the clown because liberals “want to crush dissent by isolating and polarizing anyone who questions Obama.”


Joe Straus Attacks Michael Quinn Sullivan and Empower Texans

Posted August 13, 2013

Getting Under Their Skin

In our mission to promote sound fiscal policy by encouraging greater citizen engagement in the political process, we’ve apparently hit a couple sensitive nerves for legislators more intent on representing entrenched lobby interests than working for the people.

We know this because earlier this week two legislators — the tax-hike-promoting State Rep. Vicki Truitt and the underwhelming State Rep. Jim Keffer — allegedly filed ethics complaints against me personally, and against Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. Read more...

Ethical Lapses

About 15 months ago two of House Speaker Joe Straus’ committee chairs filed unfounded “ethics complaints” against me and my organization, seeking to silence us from keeping you informed about state government. This week we learned that the complaints were actually concocted by a lead lobbyist for the Texas Trial Lawyers Association on behalf of Straus’ lieutenants. Read more...

A Most Unethical Commission

It went about how you would have expected. We were in front of a kangaroo court accustomed to operating far outside the sunlight of public review. Thursday night’s “hearing” by the Texas Ethics Commission on the abusive complaints filed as political vendettas by two allies of House Speaker Joe Straus against me and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. The closed-door hearing process was about as far removed from American justice and due process as Beijing is from Washington.

Make no mistake: Speaker Straus and his cronies, State Rep. Jim Keffer and now-defeated State Rep. Vicki Truitt, aren’t really targeting me. They are doing what President Obama, the IRS, and the FEC have been trying to do: silence anyone who disagrees with them. Read more...

Do Local Elections Matter?

Posted August 13, 2013

Yes, Texas, local elections do matter.

As mentioned in a previous article highlighting Irving’s tax-payer funded giveaway, Texas has the second highest local debt per person ($7,500), more than California ($6,469), a state drunk on lavish public pensions and rock-star living standards.  Accordingly to the Texas State Comptroller, our debt albatross is primarily driven by public education K-12 spending…No, the expenditures have nothing to do with teacher’s pay.

Local politics may not be ‘partisan’ (cue audience laughter), but it sure is expensive.

Those Americans who actually pay attention to politics rarely follow political issues outside those in national media headlines.  Many can’t name their federal Senators; even fewer can name their Representative.  And for those who can, only a small minority know their state legislators.  Rounding off the bottom of obscure government officials are those elected at the county and local level.  These races have become shamefully irrelevant voters; only 2-4% typically weigh in.

Read more http://www.empowertexans.com/features/do-local-elections-matter/

Harmful legacy created with Texas-sized local government debt, spending

Posted August 13, 2013

Engaged Americans are worried about Washington ignoring our country’s long-term financial health and creating obstacles to personal prosperity through the federal debt, endless government spending and ever-threatening higher tax rates. While legitimate issues, local governments creating similar dangers prompt few Texans to address these issues in their own communities much less to tell local officials “no to more spending, no to more debt – not for us, not for our kids!”

Read more….. http://watchdogwire.com/texas/2013/08/12/texas-sized-realities-for-a-voting-public-with-local-spending-debt/

Ratliff’s SBOE squatter status, CSCOPE advocacy: serving Texans’ interests or lobbying clients?

Posted August 13, 2013

While CSCOPE,  the controversial curriculum management system developed at taxpayer expense by Texas Regional Education Service Centers (ESCs) and used by approximately 875 public, private and charter schools, was the subject of a Sunday Austin American-Statesman op-ed debate between Texas director of Americans for Prosperity Peggy Venable and registered lobbyist/State Board of Education (SBOE) member Thomas Ratliff, it also highlighted the more interesting question regarding the interests Ratliff truly is seeking to serve.

Read more….. http://watchdogwire.com/texas/2013/08/13/is-ratliffs-sboe-squatter-status-cscope-advocacy-serving-lobbyist-clients-or-public-interests/

Tour of Texas II Candidate Forums

Ted Cruz: Media ‘in love’ with Hillary Clinton

Posted August 12, 2013

AMES, Iowa — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) said Saturday that he thinks the mainstream media are “in love” with former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, but declined to say whether he backs the Republican National’s Committee’s threat to exclude NBC and CNN from the 2016 GOP primary debates if they don’t pull the plug on plans to produce films about her.

“I don’t think anybody is surprised to discover that the mainstream media are in love with Hillary Clinton. And indeed I would expect both of those movies to be released on Valentine’s Day,” Cruz told reporters.


Ted Cruz asks Iowa evangelical activists to text him their cellphone numbers

Posted August 12, 2013

AMES 08/10/13 – Take out your cellphones right now, Republican Ted Cruz told Christian conservatives in Iowa this afternoon.

"If you're willing to help tell the story about how freedom works, how it produces opportunity, I ask you to text the word 'growth' to 33733," he said.

Cruz, a born-again Christian who is considered a possible 2016 presidential candidate, watched as the crowd of about 1,000 dutifully sent the text, connecting their cellphone numbers to what he said is a call for a grassroots uprising.

"God bless the Family Leader. God bless Bob Vander Plaats," Cruz said, referring to the organizer of today's Family Leadership Summit. "What a tremendous voice for life, for marriage, for returning to our founding principles."


Sen. Ted Cruz Blasts Anti-Religious Freedom Ordinance

Posted August 9, 2013 ~ Texas Values

As we noted last week, outrage continues to build in San Antonio, in Texas, and across the nation about a proposed ordinance by the San Antonio City Council that would create an unprecedented attack on religious liberty, particularly for Christians. This week U.S. Senator Ted Cruz released a statement blasting the proposed ordinance and calling on Texans to stand up for their religious freedom:

“Any attempt to bar an individual from public service based on a personal religious conviction is contrary to the liberties guaranteed us under our constitution and should be emphatically opposed. It is encouraging to see so many Texans standing up to defend their religious freedoms in light of the misguided proposal put forth by the local city council.” – Sen. Ted Cruz.

We thank Senator Cruz for taking a bold stand against this unconstitutional proposal and for encouraging Texans to defend their fundamental rights. The proposed ordinance contains some of the most blatant and unprecedented violations of the religious freedom of Texans that we have ever seen. Any form of this ordinance is a major threat to the religious liberty of everyone in San Antonio. Read more.

Who is Wendy Davis?

New Tea Party Group Formed in Nacogdoches, Texas

Posted August 1, 2013

1st Official Meeting

FRIDAY, August 16, 2013 @ 7pm

Twilight Ballroom at SFA

For more info: http://www.nacogdochesteaparty.com/


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