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TEA Party Candidates & Endorsements

TEA Party Endorsed Candidates 2020TEA Party Candidates endorsed or supported by are expected to be principled conservative constitutionalists dedicated to preserving liberty.

Updated May 18, 2020

We will be updating this list of candidates throughout the election cycle, so please bookmark this page for easy reference.


Donald J Trump – President

Congressional Candidates

Louie Gohmert – TX 1st

Johnny Teague – TX 9th

TX Statewide Candidates

We will be updating this list of candidates throughout the election cycle, so please bookmark this page for easy reference.

TX State Senate

Bob Hall – TX SD2

TX State House

Bryan Slaton – TX HD2

Featured Candidate

Bryan Slaton, “As a bold and brave Christian-Conservative, I will stand up to Government abuse, constant overstepping and the over all burden it places on the taxpayer. I want to help give the people of Texas the Government they are calling for and deserve. We must stand up and elect someone who will represent HD2 as we seek to advance liberty and our way of life against the establishment in Austin.”

Bryan Slaton for Texas House District 2
Bryan Slaton and his wife, Sharmen

Bryan Slaton – Endorsed Candidate of

“Bryan Slaton will be a true taxpayer champion, and will make real property tax reform a priority if elected. Bryan is well aware that the property tax reforms passed in the previous legislative session in Texas are absolutely worthless without reigning in out-of-control, skyrocketing property tax appraisals throughout the state. If you want real property tax reform and not just lip service from your current representation, Bryan Slaton is your man. Vote for Bryan Slaton in the July 14, 2020 runoff election for Texas House District 2.”
Michael Kinzie – Founder

Bryan Slaton is an endorsed candidate of

Visit Bryan Slaton’s Campaign Website

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Read Bryan Slaton’s Statement on Property Taxes

TEA Party Candidates strives to list here only candidates with true Tea Party support. We will be updating the endorsed candidates on this page as time and resources permit throughout the 2020 election cycle, so check back here often to see who’s new.

Conservative Organization Endorsements


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