Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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TEA Party Candidates & Endorsements

TEA Party Endorsed Candidates 2020TEA Party Candidates endorsed or supported by are expected to be principled conservative constitutionalists dedicated to preserving liberty.

Updated February 25, 2022

We will be updating this list of candidates throughout the election cycle, so please bookmark this page for easy reference.


Recommendation coming in 2023

Congressional Candidates

TX Statewide Candidates

Governor: Allen West or Don Huffines

Lt Governor: Daniel Miller

Attorney General: Louie Gohmert

Comptroller: Glenn Hegar

Land Commissioner: Dr. Jon Spiers or Weston Martinez

Agricultural Commissioner: Sid Miller

Railroad Commissioner: Wayne Christian

State Court of Criminal Appeals PL 5: Clint Morgan

TX Supreme Court PL 9: David Schenck

Rep – Member, State Board of Education, District 6 – Will Hickman

TX State Senate

TX SD 2 – Bob Hall

TX SD 11 – Mayes Middleton

TX SD 24 – Raul Reyes

TX SD 31 – Kevin Sparks

TX State House

TX HD 2 – Bryan Slaton

TX HD 5 – Dewey Collier

TX HD 6 – Matt Schaefer

TX HD 11 – Rachel Hale

TX HD 15 – Steve Toth

TX HD 17 – Tom Glass

TX HD 19 – Nubia Devine

TX HD 23 – Terri Leo Wilson

TX HD 60 – Mike Olcott

TX HD 63 – Jeff Younger

TX HD 64 – Andy Hopper

TX HD 70 – Eric Bowlin

TX HD 122 – Mark Dorazio

Harris County

County Judge – Randy Kubosh

County Treasurer – Kyle Scott

Rep – Family District Judge 311th Judicial District – Ray VanNorman

Rep – Family District Judge 313th Judicial District – Rachel Leal-Hudson

Tarrant County

County Judge – Tim O’Hare

Featured Candidates

Texas State Senator SD 2 – Bob Hall

Once in a great while a good man comes along and runs for office for the RIGHT reasons. Bob Hall is one of those rare individuals. Bob personifies leadership, principle and courage. We in the electorate will not have to guess about the way or motivation for his votes. He will cast his votes based on God’s Commandments and what is good for Texans– We will have a man who will defend Texas and Texans for now and future generations. Bob continues to have my full and enthusiastic endorsement.

Michael Kinzie

TX HD 2 Representative Bryan Slaton

Bryan Slaton, “As a bold and brave Christian-Conservative, I will stand up to Government abuse, constant overstepping and the over all burden it places on the taxpayer. I want to help give the people of Texas the Government they are calling for and deserve. We must stand up and elect someone who will represent HD2 as we seek to advance liberty and our way of life against the establishment in Austin.”

Bryan Slaton Endorsement 2021

I have endorsed many who ended up being a disappointment once elected to office. Bryan Slaton is not among those. Representative Slaton remained true to his principles and stood his ground in the face of opposition and that opposition was substantial.

During his first term in office, Bryan Slaton was a champion for the unborn, a staunch supporter of property tax reform, introduced legislation to finish building the border wall in Texas, strongly opposed lockdowns and mandates related to COVID, was a protector of Texas monuments, and the list goes on and on.

Therefore, I proudly and wholeheartedly re-endorse Bryan Slaton in his bid for reelection as Representative of Texas House District 2.

Michael Kinzie – Founder

Bryan Slaton for Texas House District 2
Bryan Slaton and his wife, Sharmen

Bryan Slaton is an endorsed candidate of

Visit Bryan Slaton’s Campaign Website

Donate to Bryan Slaton for Texas House

Read Bryan Slaton’s Statement on Property Taxes

Collin County

County Judge – Chris Hill

TEA Party Candidates strives to list here only candidates with conservative grassroots support. We will be updating the endorsed candidates on this page as time and resources permit throughout the 2022 election cycle, so check back here often to see who’s new.


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