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Texas Ballot Recommendations, Sample Ballots and Election Info

Texas ballot recommendations, sample ballots, and election information provided by TEAParty911.com.

Texas Ballot Election Info Samples and RecommendationsNovember 8, 2022 Election Information

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Harris County Sample Ballots

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True The Vote Recommendations


Castle Hills Prop A:  against
China Grove Prop A:  against
Converse City Council Place 4:  Kessler
Converse Prop A:  against
East Central ISD Prop A:  against
Helotes Prop A:  against
Judson ISD Props A, B:  against
Shertz City Council Place 2:  Gibson
Universal City Prop A:  against
Windcrest Prop A, I:  against
Windcrest Prop B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K:  for
Leon Valley Props A, B, C, E, F, G, I, J, L, M:  for
Leon Valley Props D, H, K: against


College Station Mayor: Rick Robison
College Station City Council Place 1: Aron Collins
College Station City Council Place 2: David Levine
College Station City Council Place 5: (unexpired term) Bob Yancy
CSISD School Board Place 5: Morgan Mangen
CSISD Prop A:  Against
City of College Station Propositions A, B, C, D, E: Against
ISD Prop A: Against
Bryan Mayor: Brent Hairston
Bryan Councilmember SMD 1: Raul Santana
Bryan Councilmember SMD 2: Rafael Pena III
Bryan Councilmember SMD 3: Jared Salvato
Bryan Councilmember SMD 5:  Marca Ewers-Shurtleff (3 votes), Kyle Schumann (3 votes)
Bryan Councilmember at large Place 6: Kevin Boriskie
Bryan Propositions A, B:  Against


Alderman City Council: Richardson, Metzger, Hill
Princeton ISD:  Campbell, Schmoker
Wylie ISD:  Palmer, Keech, Brooks, Schwerin


301st District Court:  Select “write in” and then type EARL JACKSON; double check ballot shows it.


City of Denton Recall Alison Maguire:  support
City of Denton Prop A: against
County of Denton Prop A:  no opinion


Justice of the Peace Precinct 4:  Cox
Justice of the Peace Precinct 4:  Ponder
City of Ennis Prop A: No
City of Milford Prop A: No
Avalon ISD:  Palacios, McEwen, Gill, Bruner
Ferris ISD Special Bond Election: No on Props A,B and C
Red Oak ISD School District Bond: No
Fresh Water Supply District No1 Prop A and Prop B: No
Buena Vista-Bethel Utility District General Election:  Manning, Anz


League City Council:

Mayor – Nick Long (unopposed)
Pos 1 – Andy Mann (unopposed)
Pos 2 – no recommendation
Pos 3 – no recommendation
Pos 6 – Chad Tressler (unopposed)
Pos 7 – no recommendation


Klein ISD Position 6:  Kristin Cobb
Klein ISD Position 7:  Jack Velasquez
Tomball ISD Position 1 – Tina Salem
Tomball ISD Position 2 – Stephanie Lopez
Tomball ISD Position 3 – Jennifer Kratky
Tomball ISD Position 4 – Billy Moore


Mayor: Jim Jarratt
Commissioner Pct 4:  Dave Eagle
County Clerk:  Katie Lang
School Board Trustee:  Karen Lowery
School Board Trustee:  Jeff Hastings
School Board Trustee:  Terry Louvin


Judge Jeff Branick, County Judge
Gordon Friez, candidate for the 317th District Court
Roxanne Hellberg, candidate for the County Clerk
Time Funchess, candidate for County Treasurer
Cary Erickson, Candidate County Commissioner Pct2
Jacorion Randle, candidate for Texas State House of Reps HD22
Jay Wright, candidate for Justice of the 9th Court of Appeals, Place 2


Keene City Council Place 1:  Johnson
Keene City Council Place 3: Belz
Keene Mayor:  Parrish
Rio Vista ISD Prop A:  against


HPWD Pct 1 – Dustin Eggleston
LCWCID Pct 1 – Lorelei Shafer
LCWCID Pct 4 – Coltin Clark Foster
LCWCID At-Large – Undecided
City of Lubbock, Proposition A – Against
Slaton City Props 1-8, 11, 13-23:  For
Slaton City Props 9, 10, 12:  Against


BISD bond election:  NO
NRH City Council:  Blake Vaughn


Jennifer Virden, Austin Mayor
Clinton Rarey, Austin City Council District 1
Nathaniel Hellman, Austin City Council District 6
Richard Smith, Austin City Council District 8
Austin City Council District Prop A:  No
City of Austin Prop A:  No
Austin ISD Props A, B, C:  No
Perla Muñoz Hopkins, Texas State Board of Education, District 5
Rupal Chaudhari, County Judge
Susan Haynes, County Clerk
Clint Small, District 4, Single Member Trustee, AISD
Heather Toolin, At Large Position 9, AISD
Steven Haskett (Libertarian; no R candidate), Texas Senate District 14

Tomball ISD School Board Election

Tomball ISD Position 1 – Tina Salem
Tomball ISD Position 2 – Stephanie Lopez
Tomball ISD Position 3 – Jennifer Kratky
Tomball ISD Position 4 – Billy Moore


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