14 Amendments to the Texas Constitution Voter Guides

14 Amendments to the Texas Constitution Recommendations

14 Amendments to the Texas Constitution Voter Guides for the November 2023 election based on conservative organizations – GAWTP, True Texas Project, Texas Eagle Forum, Mark S. Ramsey, Former SREC, and Vance Ginn, Ph.D., Constitutional Conservative Economist.

14 Amendments Voter Guide – True Texas Project

14 Amendments to the Texas Constitution Recommendations
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In November, some Texans have local races, bond elections, and/or races to fill empty seats.  All Texans have the opportunity to vote on Constitutional Amendments.  Please study the candidates, the amendments, and the enabling legislation, and make your decisions wisely.

Turnout in these elections is generally less than 10%.   These matters are too important to be decided by less than 10% of the voting population!  Be sure you VOTE!
Here are voting recommendations from True Texas Project.  Note, these are not necessarily endorsements, just our pick based on who is on the ballot.  Do your homework!
For more info from True Texas Project, please visit their Nov 2023 Elections page.

14 Amendments Voter Guide – Grassroots America We the People

2023 Texas Constitutional Amendments Voter Guide
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Voters, beware! You are being used to grow government! Here’s how:

The Texas Legislature wanted to spend more money than allowed by the Texas Constitution. They were constitutionally constrained from spending all the money by the Tax Spending Limit in the Texas Constitution, which limits spending growth of “state tax revenues not dedicated by this constitution” to no more than the growth of the state economy.

So, instead of doing it themselves, they are asking voters to change the state constitution, using you – the voter – to “bust” the state spending limits with the Constitutional Amendments on the November 7, 2023, ballot. They KNOW turnout for these amendment elections is very low and that most of the amendments pass!

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