Saturday, April 20, 2024
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TEA Party EventsWe update the Tea Party Events 2022 Schedule regularly, so check back with us often for more info on Texas state or national events. We rely on help from our members to keep this events page as up to date as possible. We appreciate your help!

TEA Party & Grassroots Conservative Events

Unapologetically American Comedy Tour

One Tour, Three Comedians, a Million laughs! The comedy tour that cooks a full-course meal of hilarity and serves woke as the main dish! Three hilarious comedians (and occasional surprise guests) come together on stage to roast men, women, and the non-binary of all races, religions, and creeds “Guilty” whites, “entitled” blacks and everyone along the color spectrum are equally shamed! You’ll gut laugh as these talented comedians let the “cancel culture” creampuffs!

The Unapologetically American Comedy Show at The Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg, FL on Oct 20, 2022, Show starts at 7p.

For more show dates and times, please visit: The Kevin Jackson Network.

Texas Calendar

Texas Tea Party rallies and meetings calendar.

Texas TEA Party Events

True Texas Project

True Texas Project Events

True Texas Project Events Schedule

Tea Party Patriots Events

Tea Party Patriots Events
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14 Amendments to the Texas Constitution Voter Guides

14 Amendments to the Texas Constitution Voter Guide for the November 2023 election based on conservative organizations - GAWTP, True Texas Project, & more.
Sheriff for Life?

Sheriff for Life?

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