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Did Valerie Jarrett Issue the Order to Stand Down in Benghazi?

Posted August 7, 2013

Must Read Story! Benghazi BombshellRUSH: There is a somewhat shocking report that I came across today at a website run by Doug Ross.  It's called the Conservative Report.  Doug Ross maintains here that Valerie Jarrett gave the orders to stand down in Benghazi.  Valerie Jarrett, who constitutionally is not in the chain of command and cannot do that.  And that's why this, if true, is a bombshell.  Valerie Jarrett nixed the raid on bin Laden three separate times, remember, and the adults had to come in and basically act on the intel that they had as to where bin Laden was. It was Valerie Jarrett who put off three separate times an attack to either capture or kill bin Laden. 

It was Panetta and Hillary and some others, apparently, who just finally overruled her and started the operation. They pulled Obama off the golf course for the photo op-ed, after the event had already begun.  But Doug Ross is saying here: "Confidential sources close to Conservative Report have confirmed that Valerie Jarrett was the key decision-maker for the administration, the night of the Benghazi terrorist attack on 9/11/2012. The chronology of the evening of 9/11 are as follows:


A New Electoral Paradigm

Posted August 7, 2013

When Republicans lost the last presidential election to a weak president amidst an unprecedentedly lethargic economic recovery, Republicans of all stripes engaged in some soul-searching about what went wrong and what needs to change within the party.

The party establishment issued an “autopsy” report in which they searched everywhere for the culprit of electoral failure.  They looked under the bed; they looked under the covers.  They blamed our losses on conservatives and conservative ideas.  They suggested we need to adopt Democrat positions on issues like marriage and amnesty.

Yet, they failed to examine the one obvious culprit – the failed leadership within the party.  They never even entertained the idea that, perhaps, it is the current crop of elected officials – people who stand for nothing and appeal to nobody – who were responsible for our electoral losses.  Ironically, the very people who are pushing a pale-pastel agenda for the party in pursuit of new voters – the stuffed-shirt, country club consultant class and their elected officials – will never appeal to younger voters and minorities.  They certainly won’t appeal to Reagan Democrats – the most reachable constituency for conservatives.  That should have been the obvious moral of running a candidate like Mitt Romney.


The White House of Cards Scandal Coverage


Posted August 7, 2013

Did Valerie Jarrett Issue the Order to Stand Down in Benghazi?

First criminal charges filed in Benghazi attack probe

Posted August 6, 2013

Fox Contributor: John Boehner ‘Purposely Suppressing Anything About Benghazi’

Posted August 5, 2013

Louie Gohmert talks Benghazi with WND

'War on coal': 207 coal plants will close in the next decade

Posted August 7, 2013

President Obama's apparent "war on coal" will result in 207 coal plants shuttering their doors over the next decade or so, according to Reuters.

Whether due to environmental regulations or cheap natural gas (which the Environmental Protection Agency is also eyeing suspiciously via potential fracking regulations), these coal plants will close their doors, resulting in a loss of over 40,000 megawatts of electricity. That's less than 1 percent of all the electricity used by the country in a year, but because multiple plants are closing in the same location, energy prices for people living within their reach will increase. Not to mention the job losses from closing those plants.


Congress Exempts Itself From the Law

Posted August 7, 2013

Members of Congress are brazenly insisting the laws they pass apply to everyone but themselves.

Republicans and Democrats, who can agree on almost nothing else, are conniving to exempt themselves and their staff from Sect. 1312 (d) of the Affordable Care Act that requires them to get their health insurance on the newly created insurance exchanges and pay the same premiums the public will have to pay.

Currently, members of Congress and their staff are covered by plans they chose through the Federal Employees Health Benefit Program, with taxpayers picking up 75% of the tab. The thinking behind the new requirement is that what’s good enough for the public ought to be good enough for Congress.

Sadly, Washington lawmakers don’t agree.


SOURCES: NRSC and DSCC Declare Truce on Obamacare Exemption for Staffers

Posted August 7, 2013

Sources in the Senate tell me that, on orders from senior Senate leaders, the NRSC and DSCC, the two groups responsible for electing Republicans and Democrats in the Senate, have declared a truce over the Office of Personnel Management (“OPM”) exemption of Capitol Hill staff from one of the provisions of Obamacare.

In other words, Republican Leaders have agreed the NRSC will not use this issue to put Democrats in a difficult re-election position in 2014, because Republican leaders do not intend to fight it and don’t want a spotlight on them doing so.


Pastor arrested for reading Bible out loud in public goes to trial

Posted August 7, 2013

The criminal trial for two men who were arrested for reading the Bible aloud outside of a California

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office began on Monday.

The incident occurred in February 2011 when Pastor Brett Coronado, Mark Mackey and Edward Florez, Jr. went to the DMV in Hemet early one morning to evangelize those who were waiting for the facility to open. As they stood in the publicly-owned parking lot, approximately 40 feet from the entrance, Mackey began to read out loud from the Bible.


GAO To Launch Nationwide Investigation into Planned Parenthood

Posted August 7, 2013

Members of Congress announced Monday that the General Accounting Office (GAO) will conduct an investigation of every dollar of federal funding going to Planned Parenthood and other organizations that support less restrictive abortion. The purpose of the probe will be to determine how these organizations have spent taxpayer funds and whether funding has been used fraudulently.


House of Representatives no longer observes monthly moment of silence for troops

Posted August 7, 2013

Frustrated that the traditional practice no longer exists, a Republican congressman has introduced legislation that would require Speaker of the House John Boehner to personally lead a moment of silence for the country’s fallen troops on the house floor every month.

In a Tuesday interview with The Daily Caller, North Carolina Rep. Walter Jones said it “really quite frustrates me” that such an observance hasn’t happened on the House floor since February.

Jones speculated that the monthly custom — which was originally his idea — has stopped because of “the indifference of Congress, quite frankly, when it comes to war.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/08/07/house-of-representatives-no-longer-observes-monthly-moment-of-silence-for-troops/#ixzz2bHrzhcSR

Three Shot Dead at Pennsylvania Town Hall

Posted August 6, 2013

A gunman open fired at a town hall event in Ross Township, PA, on Monday evening, killing three people before a local government official subdued and shot him, reportedly with his own gun.

“At least three people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a Pennsylvania municipal building during a meeting, before he was tackled by a local official and shot with his own gun, a witness said,” the Associated Press reported late Monday. “The shooting, which also injured some people, happened shortly before 7:30 p.m. during Ross Township's monthly meeting, Monroe County emergency management director Guy Miller said.”

The AP also reported that at least two more people were injured.

Chris Reber, a reporter for the Pocono Record, offered this first-hand account from inside the room, as written by his editors:


Founding Faith Conference with Lt General Jerry Boykin

For more info and to register, see http://impactyournation.com/

NRA Takes Case Against Obama's ATF to Supreme Court

Posted August 6, 2013

The National Rifle Association (NRA) sued the Obama administration’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) over a federal law denying law-abiding young adults their Second Amendment right to own a handgun. After fighting it out in the lower courts, the NRA has now petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to take the case.


Circuit Court: 'Unsettled' if 2nd Amendment Applies Outside of Home

Posted August 6, 2013

In a case over New Jersey's requirement that a citizen demonstrate "justifiable need" for a carrying a firearm before receiving a concealed carry license, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ruled that such a requirement "does not burden conduct within the scope of the Second Amendment's guarantee." The court also said "it remains unsettled" whether the Second Amendment is even applicable outside one's home.


Patrick Leahy: Gun control is dead and Michael Bloomberg killed it

Posted August 6, 2013

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg damaged the recent push for gun control through his aggressive advocacy of the legislation, according to Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.

“It is not going to get through now,” Leahy said on Newsmakers when asked if Democrats would make another push on the issue. “Unfortunately, you have some on the left like the mayor of New York City who actually didnt help a bit with his ads — he actually turned off some people that we might have gotten for supporters — and you have some on the far right who say the Second Amendment allows us to have anything, as though you can take a machine gun to go deer hunting. There’s got to be a balance in between.”


Join the Lawsuit

Obama Visited Amazon 6 Days Before Founder Bought WaPo

Posted August 6, 2013

While conservatives and liberals consider the political leanings of Washington Post buyer and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in an attempt to divine how his politics will affect those of the historic institution, the truth appears to be far simpler: the Post is now Bezos’ latest political tool in a crony capitalist effort to work with the Obama administration. How else to explain President Obama puzzling decision last week to roll out his corporate tax plan at an Amazon.com fulfillment center?


SIGN WHAT? Petition Releasing All Illegal Aliens from Prison, No Matter What Crime Committed, and Free U.S. Citizenship

Posted August 6, 2013

See Video: http://conservativevideos.com/2013/08/sign-what-petition-releasing-all-illegal-aliens-from-prison-no-matter-what-crime-committed-and-free-u-s-citizenship/#ixzz2b8a0irkD

Immigration Reform News

Posted August 7, 2013

Journalists, Activists Gather at LA Rally for Immigration Reform

Posted August 6, 2013


Congressman's 'No Amnesty' Resolution Focuses on Reform's Taxpayer 'Burden'

Amnesty Driven by Voodoo Economics

Posted August 5, 2013

Cantor Doesn't Deny House GOP Leadership Will Support 'Overall Path to Legalization'

Immigration Reform Supporters Fear August Will Be Their 'Waterloo'

Founding Faith Conference 2013

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Wendy Davis is Abortion Barbie #abortionbarbie

Posted August 7, 2013

The left is in a tizzy on twitter for my referring to pink shoes wearing Texas State Senator Wendy Davis as “Abortion Barbie.”

It sums her up perfectly. All the nation knows about Wendy Davis is that she is ignorant of the horrors of Kermit Gosnell, wears pink shoes, and filibustered legislation to save the innocent in Texas. She joined the long line of Democrats before her to oppose legislation to protect other people while using property rights arguments to do so.

The media would prefer to focus on her blonde hair, her great outfits, and her pink shoes than on the procedure she wants to protect. That procedure, late term abortion, is opposed by a majority of women and men.

Abortion Barbie fits perfectly and I hope that moniker haunts her on the campaign trail.


Third time's a charm: Texas lawmakers finally pass transportation funding bill

Posted August 7, 2013 ~ Terri Hall

It’s a wrap. After over 200 days in session this year, the Texas legislature finally agreed upon a transportation funding bill that will go to the voters for approval in November 2014. The Constitutional amendment would divert half of the oil and gas severance tax that funds the state’s emergency fund, or Rainy Day Fund, to roads, giving the highway department a potential boost of $1.2 billion annually. Lawmakers readily acknowledge it’s a stop gap measure since the agency needs $4 billion more per year.

The enabling legislation, HB 1, seeks to protect the Rainy Day Fund by having a select committee recommend a minimum balance to be maintained before any money can be diverted to roads - a number that must be approved by two-thirds of the legislature. If lawmakers can’t agree, then the committee’s number will take effect. It also requires the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to find $100 million in savings within its operations to apply toward the agency’s mounting debt. The diversion of the severance tax will sunset in 2025 unless the legislature votes to continue it.


Texas Legislature adjourns 3rd special session

Posted August 7, 2013

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The Texas Legislature ended its third special session Monday after passing a bill and a proposed constitutional amendment that would boost spending for roads and bridge.

Lawmakers in both chambers moved quickly to approve the only item on the agenda of the third special legislative session, which Gov. Rick Perry called last week.

A deal reached in the House could provide $1.2 billion a year for transportation by diverting half of the money currently flowing into the state's Rainy Day Fund. Because the reserve fund was created with a constitutional amendment, voters would have to give final approval in the November 2014 general election.


TX GOP Congressman Stalls Benghazi Probe!

Outrage Alert! 

Posted August 6, 2013

Filed 8.5.13 by JoAnn Fleming, Grassroots America

Grassroots America has learned from our friends in the Dallas area that Republican Congressman Pete Sessions is using his leadership position to prevent a floor vote on a Select Committee on Benghazi.  Members of the Dallas area TEA Parties have brought the issue up multiple times, but Rep. Sessions refuses to relent.

It is especially maddening to find out that Republicans in House leadership positions seem to be working as hard as the Obama Administration to keep the American people from the truth!

Seven hundred military special operations professionals have signed an open letter calling for the establishment of a House Select Committee to fully investigate the murders. Over three-quarters of the House Republican caucus (163) have joined the public call for a House Select Committee. Sadly, Speaker John Boehner's ally - Rep. Pete Sessions - has been using his position as Rules Chairman to prevent the resolution from even receiving a vote! The resolution has been stuck in Pete Sessions' Rules Committee since January!  Source:  See Conservatives move to force Boehner’s hand for Benghazi investigation, The Hill, July 22, 2013 http://thehill.com/blogs/global-affairs/terrorism/312539-conservatives-seek-to-put-pressure-on-boehner-with-60-foot-long-benghazi-petition

In the video below, Rep. Frank Wolf lays out the case for a Select Committee on Benghazi. Watch it, then call Pete Sessions!


Call Congressman Session's offices today and ask the questions "Why won't Rep. Sessions support a full investigation into the four Americans who were murdered in Benghazi?  Why won't Representative Sessions stand up for the grieving families who lost their loved ones as our government turned its back on them?"

Let Pete Session know that although you don't live in his district, you will support a challenger for Congressman Sessions if he is too cowardly to stand up for our military. Tell him to allow a floor vote on House Resolution 36 to authorize a House Select Committee on Benghazi!

Washington, D.C. Office:
Congressman Pete Sessions 
2233 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-4332
Phone: (202) 225-2231
Fax: (202) 225-5878

Dallas, Texas Office:
Congressman Pete Sessions
Park Central VII
12750 Merit Drive, Suite 1434
Dallas, Texas 75251-1229
Phone: (972) 392-0505
Fax: (972) 392-0615

Now, check the co-sponsor list to see if your member of the US House is on the list.  If not, you have some more calls to make!  Hold them accountable!  http://beta.congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-resolution/36/cosponsors

Ted Cruz: I Need a 'Grassroots Army' to Defund Obamacare, Stop Amnesty

Posted August 6, 2013

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Monday called on America's grassroots conservative activists to rise up and organize an effort against the Washington, D.C. establishment to defund Obamacare in the upcoming Continuing Resolution (CR) that funds the government and must be voted on by the end of September.


NAFTA Superhighway: Private toll operators vie for I-69 in Indiana

Posted August 6, 2013 ~ Terri Hall

Close on the heels of news that Interstate 69 (I-69) is underway in Texas, the Indiana Finance Authority and highway department (INDOT) has selected four private developers to submit proposals for a public private partnership (P3) on segment 5 of I-69 from Bloomington to Martinsville. The final selection is expected this fall.

I-69 was designated as high priority corridors (18) and (20) by congress in the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA). These high priority corridors became the conduit for global trade when NAFTA came on the scene. By 2005, congress identified more than 80 such corridors criss crossing America.


Video Shows Illegal Arrest & Perjury by Texas Judge Layne Walker and Jefferson County Sheriff Deputies

Posted August 2, 2013

Shocking corruption uncovered in Southeast Texas. The FBI is investigating after a secret video proves that Democrat State District Judge Layne Walker, his court law enforcement officers, and other officials in Beaumont, Jefferson County , TX committed a vast number of crimes including FALSE ARREST, PERJURY, THEFT, DESTRUCTION OF EVIDENCE. (see video below at end of article)

East Texas is Corrupt but this is especially shocking because this is our law enforcement and justice system conspiring together to break the law and put a man in jail! We are supposed to be able to trust them. Texas State Authorities need to step in as soon as possible and charge these public officials and remove the Judge from the bench. Furthermore, the false charges against Stephen Hartman must be dropped immediately. Can you imagine if there was no secret video? God help anyone else who has been wronged by this Judge who thinks he is above the law.


Finger Lickin’ Frauds - Senator John Cornyn

Posted August 2, 2013

John Cornyn went on radio yesterday with Chad Hasty (on twitter: @chadhastyradio) on Lubbock’s NewsTalk 790 AM KFYO. When asked why he took his name off Mike Lee’s letter about defunding Obamacare, John Cornyn said he did so because of a Congressional Research Service report on the implication of Mike Lee’s strategy.

There’s just one problem. John Cornyn took his name off the letter before the Congressional Research Service released its report. In fact, before Mike Lee’s office officially released the names on the letter, multiple sources in the Senate confirmed that Senator Cornyn removed his name after conversations with Senator Mitch McConnell’s office.


Who is Wendy Davis?

Posted August 2, 2013

ABBOTT: Obama's scheme to take over Texas

Posted August 2, 2013

By Greg Abbott
The Washington Times

The Obama administration’s interference in Texas’ redistricting and voter-ID litigation does not protect voting rights. It protects the Democratic Party. Recall that just a few months ago, high-ranking Obama operatives launched a campaign to “turn Texas blue.” The administration’s foray into Texas voting rights litigation is just another page in that political playbook.

In redistricting, the Obama administration has aligned itself with Democratic state representatives and Democratic members of Congress who already are suing Texas. It is no surprise then that the legal position of President Obama’s attorneys seeks to improve Democratic candidates’ prospects. Of course, Mr. Obama’s attorneys conceal this partisan agenda with lofty rhetoric about minority voting rights. But it is no coincidence that every change to district lines supported by the administration benefits Democrats. Behind the empty allegations of racial discrimination lies one goal — helping Democrats in 2014.


Chris Matthews: Ted Cruz is a terrorist

Posted August 1, 2013

On Wednesday’s “Hardball” on MSNBC, host Chris Matthews continued his attack on Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, but this time took it a step further.

Matthews had been comparing Cruz to former Wisconsin Republican Sen. Joseph McCarthy over the past few weeks based on his looks and demeanor. But Matthews introduced a new description into his attack on Cruz for his suggested tactic of threatening a government shutdown to stop Obamacare — “terrorist.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/07/31/chris-matthews-ted-cruz-is-a-terrorist/#ixzz2aj2cF66y

New Tea Party Group Formed in Nacogdoches, Texas

Posted August 1, 2013

1st Official Meeting

FRIDAY, August 16, 2013 @ 7pm

Twilight Ballroom at SFA

For more info: http://www.nacogdochesteaparty.com/

Cruz ‘perplexed’ by GOP attacks on him, won’t back down in ‘Defund Obamacare’ fight

Posted August 1, 2013

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is “perplexed” by GOP attacks on his effort to defund Obamacare and has no intention of backing down, despite complaints from other Senate Republicans that his crusade is not realistic and could potentially damage the party’s chances in the 2014 midterm elections.

“There may be people who lob attacks at him, but he’s not going to return those attacks,” Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier told The Daily Caller, taking a firm stand in a battle that could determine the GOP’s strategic playbook heading into the 2014 midterms.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/07/31/cruz-perplexed-by-gop-attacks-on-him-wont-back-down-in-defund-obamacare-fight/#ixzz2aiblulKh


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