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The Tea Party rises up against amnesty

Posted July 2, 2013

It took a while, but the Tea Party movement seems now to be in full cry against amnesty-style immigration reform. The cry isn’t unanimous but, according to this article in Politico, it’s overwhelming:

Activists are promising to spend the congressional recess reminding lawmakers who support the Gang of Eight legislation what the base is capable of. Think loud town halls, jammed phone lines and primary challenges down the road — echoes of Obamacare three years ago.

“The anger is more intense now than it was in 2010,” said Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation. “They are more upset about the amnesty bill than they were about Obamacare.”


Immigration Reform News

Posted July 2, 2013

Former Mexican official: Immigrants will become Mexico's burden if US doesn't take more

Immigration deal would boost defense manufacturers

Jeb Bush Urges House to Pass Senate-Like Immigration Bill

Immigration reform won't make Social Security solvent

The Tea Party rises up against amnesty

Marco Rubio Falls From 'Next One' To Schumer Snuggler

Posted July 1, 2013

Rep. Barletta: U.S. 'waving a green flag' for people to come here illegally [VIDEO]

Schumer Predicts 'Million People' Marching for Immigration Bill in D.C.

Posted June 28, 2013

Website Launches Petition to Recall Senator Marco Rubio

The White House of Cards

Updated July 2, 2013

Coverage of the Obama Administration scandals - IRS targeting conservative groups, NSA Surveillance of US Citizens, DOJ/AP scandal, Benghazi lies, Extortion 17, Fast & Furious, & many more.

The White House of Cards

NSA Surveillance of US Citizens

Posted July 2, 2013

Pentagon wanted searchable database of people's lives as far back as 2003

Posted July 1, 2013

Spying Out of Control: NSA Bugs EU Offices, Gathers Routine Info On US Citizens

New NSA spying allegations rile European allies

Posted June 28, 2013

Feds collecting personal, confidential data on consumer's credit cards, bank transactions

Obama administration denies waging a ‘war on coal’

Posted July 2, 2013

Despite President Barack Obama's new plan to target the coal industry by imposing strict limits on carbon dioxide emissions, the administration denies that there is a "war on coal."

The president “expects fossil fuels, and coal specifically, to remain a significant contributor for some time,” Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz told Reuters. It is “all about having, in fact, coal as part of that future. I don’t believe it is a ‘war on coal.’”

Last week, Obama announced his new plan to tackle global warming, including carbon emissions from new and existing power plants, which critics say would cripple the coal industry.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/07/01/obama-admin-denies-waging-a-war-on-coal/#ixzz2XtIRg0Iw

Anti-Muslim Brotherhood Protests in Egypt: Largest Political Event in World History

Posted July 1, 2013

The demonstrations that began Sunday in Cairo, Egypt against the Muslim Brotherhood government of President Mohamed Morsi have attracted "millions" of supporters and many counter-demonstrators as well, making the protest the largest political event in the history of the world, according to the BBC.


Congrats President Nobel: Obama Allies Behead Catholic Priest In Syria

Posted July 1, 2013

Obama’s war on the Christian religion, particularly the Catholic variety, has claimed another casualty in the Middle East. The Vatican confirmed that “Syrian priest François Murad was killed in Gassanieh, in northern Syria, in the convent of the Custody of the Holy Land where he had taken refuge.… According to local sources, the monastery where Fr. Murad was staying was attacked by militants linked to the jihadi group Jabhat al-Nusra.”

A graphic video of unknown origin- linked below- shows a crowd of Islamic militants gathered in a circle around three men kneeling on the ground. Many of the onlookers were shooting video of the scene from cell phones and other devices.


Obama-Backed Syrian Jihadists Behead Catholic Priest (GRAPHIC)

Posted July 1, 2013


What the Media Isn't Telling You About War in Syria: Child of Syrian 'rebel' fighter praise 9/11 in a song

Posted July 1, 2013


Victims No More: Concealed Carry Coming to Chicago

Posted July 1, 2013

The city that has long been synonymous with gun control, rampant crime, and the senseless killing of citizens is about to become a city in which law-abiding citizens can carry guns to defend their lives and the lives of their families.

Thanks to Illinois state lawmakers, concealed carry is coming to Chicago with or without Gov. Pat Quinn's (D) support, because the legislation passed with a veto-proof majority.
And while there are the usual naysayers  warning that concealed carry will turn the Windy City into the Wild West, the AP reports there are many Chicago citizens eager to be able, finally to defend themselves from gang violence and criminal attack.
Among these citizens is 79-year old Otis McDonald, from McDonald v. Chicago (2010).


Common Core Watch Website

Posted July 1, 2013


Website Launches Petition to Recall Senator Marco Rubio

Posted June 28, 2013

Sign the Recall Petition of Marco RubioMarco Rubio in his own words previously while serving in the state legislature; during his campaign for office and his recent rhetoric on TV, Talk Radio, commercials, emails and surveys sent to his constituents stating that the border must be secured first then path to citizenship. The senator now has changed his promise to suit what he decides is in his best interest and not honor his own commitment to his campaign, voters and supporters thereby disenfranchising them.


‘Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment’ plans to go cross-country

Posted June 28, 2013

Impeach ObamaPlanning to sweep the country with a “patriot wave,” a movement called Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment is looking to heat up July and August with overpass protests, according to the Examiner.

James Neighbors, the movement’s national coordinator and founder, has already set up a Facebook page and is preparing for demonstrations similar to the one held in California earlier this month.


Top Democrat Pushing For “One Child” Population Control In America

Posted June 28, 2013

One of the most foul things in China is the “one-child policy.” Initially enacted because China feared its population would outrun its resources, it’s led to infanticide, forced abortions and sterilizations, rampant corruption, and the disappearance of at least 100 million girls who would have been born but for the fact that their parents didn’t want their legal “one-child” to be female. Now, a Florida Democrat wants to bring Chinese ideas about population control to America.

Michael E. Arth, who ran for Florida governor in 2010, is now advocating for America to adopt its own one-child policy in order to fight what Arth sees as dangerously large population growth. In an interview with Vice, this Leftist visionary states his vision for America, one that values “the environment” more than he does human life:


Vision America Action Head Says God Defines Marriage -- Not Courts

Posted June 28, 2013

Contact: Janet Cook, Vision America Action, 936-560-3900, janet@vaaction.org

WASHINGTON, June 26, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- Reacting to the Supreme Court decision in United States v. Windsor, striking down the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) of 1996, Vision America Action President Dr. Rick Scarborough declared: "The definition of marriage is not within the purview of the United States Supreme Court, or any other court, for that matter. God defines marriage. Governments either conform to His will or ignore it -- at their very great peril."

Scarborough continued: "Throughout the course of millennia of Western Civilization, marriage has been defined as the union of a man and a woman. In recent years, 38 states have amended their constitutions, most by popular vote, to endorse that definition, which happens to be the only definition that makes sense -- morally or biologically."



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Today in Dallas, Texas (July 2nd)

IRS abuse of power, NSA invasion of privacy, Iilegal data collection, targeting conservative groups, Obamacare, illegal immigration, a lawless White House-these are all signals of danger to American’s life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness. 

 YOU are invited to attend the America in Distress Rally on July 2nd from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM at the Belo Garden on
Main & Griffin in Downtown Dallas.

More info: http://www.teaparty911.com/info/events.htm

Texans Standing for Life

Posted July 2, 2013

Event: July 2nd & 3rd - Texas

Texans Standing for Life Facebook Page

Straus Publicly Attacks Gov. Perry and Supports Pro-Abortion Wendy Davis

Posted July 2, 2013

Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus has attacked Pro-Life Governor Rick Perry and defended pro-abortion State Senator Wendy Davis.

After the filibuster from Wendy Davis and the unruly mob that shut down the Texas State Senate, you would think that any pro-life leader in Texas would criticize either Davis or the mob. Not Joe Straus. Joe Straus criticized Governor Perry simply because Governor Perry gave a compliment to Wendy Davis and then tied the compliment into a very reasonable, fair point about Wendy Davis. There was nothing out of line said, and certainly nothing that would warrant the Speaker having a public opinion about it and attacking Governor Perry. Oh wait, I guess it would make sense for Straus to attack Perry given the fact that Joe Straus killed all the pro-life bills in regular session and Straus didn't want pro-life bills added to the special session either. Although he killed them in regular session, Straus cannot let the pro-life bills die in the special sessions with so many Republican supporters, but he will not, and I have never seen him, speak up and promote or advocate for the need to pass this or ANY other pro-life bill. If it happens it happens, but not with the help of the historically pro-abortion Joe Straus who has publicly stated that he believes abortion is a wedge issue and unimportant.


State Sen. Dr. Donna Campbell: The Texas Senator the Media Won't Lionize

Posted July 2, 2013

It may come as a shock to mainstream media consumers outside the Lone Star State, but Wendy Davis is not the only woman in Texas and her opinion is not shared by all, or even a majority, here.

To hear the mainstream media in full fawn mode since last week's filibuster, one might get the impression that state Sen. Wendy Davis is a lioness who leads all. The truth is, the bill she demagogued and mobbed to death last week, Senate Bill 5, was sponsored by a woman, state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg of Collin County.

A woman also led the fight to pass the bill in the Texas Senate. State Sen. Donna Campbell represents District 25 in central Texas. She comes to the Texas Senate with an educational and career background that would earn her fawning coverage from one end of this country to another, but for a couple of inconvenient facts.

More at: http://pjmedia.com/tatler/2013/07/01/state-sen-dr-donna-campbell-the-texas-senator-the-media-wont-lionize/

Sen. Cruz Joins Tea Party Leaders to Call for Fundamental Tax Reform; Abolition of IRS

Posted July 2, 2013

HOUSTON, TX -- U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) today called for fundamental tax reform in order to abolish the IRS and put an end to its abuse of everyday American citizens. He urged Texans who believe they may have been targeted by the IRS to email irstarget@cruz.senate.gov.

"IRS targeting of American citizens is a threat and challenge, but also an inspiration," said Cruz. "It is an inspiration that these leaders are standing up. It is a threat that the federal government is targeting, not big corporations or lobbyists, but normal American citizens that are standing up for liberty. It is a challenge that we all face to limit the power of Washington."

Sen. Cruz called for the abolition of the IRS saying, "After these revelations of political targeting by the IRS, we need to padlock and shut down the building, abolish the IRS, and move to a flat tax or the FAIR Tax."

Tea party leaders that joined the Senator included:
Ken Emanuelson, Dallas Tea Party
Catherine Englebrecht, King Street Patriots & True the Vote
Robert “Gonzo” Gonzalez, Clear Lake Tea Party
Darcy Kahrhoff, Katy Tea Party
George Rodriguez, San Antonio Tea Party
Toby Marie Walker, Waco Tea Party

View this release online

Dallas congregation cheers Cruz proposal to abolish IRS

Posted July 1, 2013

DALLAS — Sen. Ted Cruz got a standing ovation Sunday morning during an address to the congregation at First Baptist Dallas.

The Republican lawmaker was a guest speaker during the church's "Faith In America Today" series, in which Cruz discussed the responsibilities of Christians.

He also talked politics from the pulpit, offering examples of what he believes are intrusions on religious liberty — like the recent IRS scandal which revealed the taxing agency had targeted conservative groups.


Surprise! Only one quarter of Wendy Davis' online support came from Texas

Posted July 1, 2013

Why am I not surprised? Most of the support for Wendy Davis blocking the Texas Pro-Life bill came from OUTSIDE OF TEXAS. She does not represent the majority of Texans who are against killing innocent babies. She has to get her support from liberals outside of Texas!


Biden: GOP Senators Tell Me Their Fear of Cruz and Paul

Posted July 1, 2013

According to Mark Finkelstein of Newsbusters, vice-president Biden sent out a fundraising email that declared GOP senators confessed to him their secret motivations for voting against background checks, and their reasons were that they were afraid of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Biden wrote:

When I asked several Republican senators after they voted against background checks, not one offered an explanation on the merits of why they couldn't vote for them. But almost to a person, they said, "I don't want to take on Ted Cruz. I don't want to take on Rand Paul. They'll be in my district."

Here’s the question: does anyone believe that GOP senators would go to confession with Joe Biden, or is it more likely that the two GOP senators the White House most fears are in their crosshairs and Biden has been told to launch bloodletting against them now?


Obama campaign jumps into Texas abortion fight

Posted June 28, 2013

Organizing for Action, the Obama campaign-turned-nonprofit, jumped into the fight about banning abortions in Texas after 20 weeks, promising to help state Democrats fight Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas, to stop the bill.

“Because of one powerful woman’s voice — and the thousands of people who had her back — it didn’t go Governor Perry’s way on Tuesday night,” OFA’s Lindsey Siler wrote in an email today. “He called it a ‘breakdown of decorum and decency’ — and what he’s describing was the women of Texas, who literally had to scream to be heard to defend their rights from being stripped away by extremists.”

The bill failed to pass after a 13-hour talking filibuster by Democratic state Sen. Wendy Davis, who received an assist at the end from a gallery crowd that prevented the vote from taking place before the session ended at midnight by shouting down the lawmakers.


DC March for Jobs & Anti-Amnesty Rally

TEXANS: Reserve your bus seat today

To help to stop Congress' amnesty push, please join the Black American Leadership Alliance for our march on Washington on Monday, July 15, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. at Freedom Plaza as we demand that our leaders reject amnesty, and pass immigration policies that put Americans back to work. Click here to learn more about the event.

To register to attend the event, click here.
To reserve your bus seat, click here.


  • Only people registered will be allowed on the bus.
  • Busses will be departing 7/14 and returning 7/16.
  • The Days Inn will be offering room rates at $75+ tax.


Say “NO” to amnesty…loud and clear. Please register today.

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