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Beck Breaks Exclusive Information on Saudi National Once Considered a Person of Interest in Boston Bombings

Posted April 23, 2013

Background points:

  • A Saudi national originally identified as a “person of interest” in the Boston Marathon bombing was set to be deported under section 212 3B — “Security and related grounds” — “Terrorist activities” after the bombing
  • As the story gained traction, TheBlaze’s Chief Content Officer Joel Cheatwood received word that the government may not deport the Saudi national, originally identified as Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi
  • Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refused to answer questions on the subject when confronted by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) on Capitol Hill.
  • An ICE official said a different Saudi national is in custody, but is “in no way” connected to the bombings.
  • A congressional source, however, says that the file on Alharbi was created, that he was “linked” in some way to the Boston bombings (though it is unclear how), and that documents showing all this have been sent to Congress.
  • Key congressmen of the Committee on Homeland Security request a classified briefing with Napolitano
  • Fox News’ Todd Starnes reports that Alharbi was allegedly flagged on a terrorist watch list and granted a student visa without being properly vetted.  Sources close to the investigation also told him the Saudi is still set for deportation.
  • New information provided to TheBlaze reveals Alharbi’s file was altered early Wednesday evening to disassociate him from the initial charges
  • Sources say the Saudi’s student visa specifically allows him to go to school in Findlay, Ohio, though he appears to have an apartment in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Sources tell us this will most likely now be kicked from the DHS to the DOJ and labeled an ongoing investigation that can no longer be discussed.


UN Human Rights Official Says Boston Got What It Deserved

Posted April 23, 2013

UN Human Rights Council “expert” Richard Falk has published a statement saying Bostonians got what they deserved in last week’s terror attack.  He quotes W.H. Auden to make his point: "to whom evil is done/do evil in return.”  

Richard Falk is the UN’s “Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967.” He has held the post since 2008, despite exposure as a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.


TheBlaze Exclusive: Key Congressmen Request Classified Briefing on Saudi ‘Person of Interest’ in Boston Bombing

Posted April 23, 2013

The House Committee on Homeland Security on Sunday emailed TheBlaze a copy of their request to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for more information on the Saudi national originally described as a “person of interest” in the Boston Marathon bombing.

The Saudi national — originally identified as Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi — has been the topic of fierce debate in recent days, after he was reportedly set to be deported under section 212 3B of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) – “Security and related grounds” – “Terrorist activities,” after the bombing.

The story gained a curious twist when, after it gained more traction, President & Chief Content Officer for TheBlaze Joel Cheatwood received word from one of his investigative reporters that “there is now discussion that they may not allow this man to be deported.”


Rand Paul: Stop Debate on Immigration Bill

Posted April 23, 2013

On Monday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said the Senate should not proceed with the Gang of Eight's comprehensive immigration bill until lawmakers more fully understand the failures of the country's current immigration system and how it may have let in two immigrants who are suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon. 

"We should not proceed until we understand the specific failures of our immigration system," Paul wrote in a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).


Just How Did those “Sealed” Blagojevich Tapes Get to the Tribune Reporters?

Posted April 23, 2013

On March 15, 2012, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich reported to a low-security federal prison in Colorado to start serving a 14-year sentence for public corruption, including an attempt to sell Barack Obama’s old Senate seat.

Blagojevich’s defense attorneys have insisted all along that the impeached former governor will eventually be exonerated on appeal because U.S. District Court Judge James Zagel improperly sealed many of the federal wiretaps they claim would have proved his innocence.

“The judge would not let him play his tapes…there {sic} had tapes in both trials that would have established his innocence. The judge wouldn’t let us play them,” defense attorney Sam Adam, Jr. told Chicago’s CBS-Channel 2.


Exxon Mobile & Common Core

Posted April 23, 2013

Now why would an oil company spend millions on commercials supporting Common Core?

Maybe you should ask them. Here is the phone number for their office in Irving, Texas - 972-444-1000.

Online sales tax overwhelmingly passes cloture vote

Posted April 23, 2013

The Marketplace Fairness Act, which would allow states the mechanism to start collecting taxes for online sales, overwhelmingly passed a Senate cloture vote Monday night, circumventing regular order and drawing concern from a minority of Senators over the end of the debate on the proposal. Seventy four Senators voted in favor of the motion, while 20 dissented.

Prior to the vote, many Senators took the floor expressing their disdain for the process the bill was going through, avoiding regular order and a vetting process, which would include a committee markup in the Senate Finance Committee.

"Regular order is not a process designed to protect the power and committee structures…but to make sure that the legislation we pass is technically sound," Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch argued.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/04/22/online-sales-tax-passes-cloture-vote/#ixzz2RHxzxvpb

Boston bombers: FBI hunting 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Posted April 22, 2013

Police believe the pair were specially trained to carry out the devastating attack

The FBI was last night hunting a 12-strong terrorist “sleeper cell” linked to the Boston marathon bomb brothers.

Police believe Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev were specially trained to carry out the devastating attack.

More than 1,000 FBI operatives were last night working to track down the cell and arrested a man and two women 60 miles from Boston in the hours before Dzhokhar’s dramatic capture after a bloody shootout on Friday.

A source close to the investigation said: “We have no doubt the brothers were not acting alone. The devices used to detonate the two bombs were highly sophisticated and not the kind of thing people learn from Google.


Is Obama Covering Up Saudi Role In Boston Bombings?

Posted April 22, 2013

War On Terror: Could it be happening again? Could a Saudi terror cell be behind another major U.S. attack? And could the Saudi government be trying to sink the investigation?

After 9/11, the Saudi ambassador demanded the evacuation of dozens of Saudi nationals, including bin Laden kin, before the FBI could properly question them. He got his wish, even though 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis and others had ties to the plot.

Eerily similar high-level intervention is taking place in the Boston bombings case. Consider this timeline:

Jan. 14, 2013: President Obama meets in the Oval Office with Saudi minister of interior.

Jan. 16: Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano signs "arrangement" with Saudi minister bestowing "trusted traveler" status on Saudi student visitors, shortcutting normal security screening procedures.

April 15: Saudi college student Abdulrahman Ali Alharbi is seen near the Boston marathon finish line with two other Saudis. He's tackled after fleeing the scene of one of the bombings. Authorities question him.

Read More At Investor's Business Daily: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/041813-652517-boston-bombing-timeline-suggests-obama-saudi-coverup.htm#ixzz2R3fBetw2

EXCLUSIVE -- Secret Emails: Cato, Norquist, Rubio Use Boston Terror Attacks to Push Immigration Reform

Posted April 22, 2013

Secret emails obtained exclusively by Breitbart News show the libertarian Cato Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) are colluding on immigration reform messaging in the wake of the Boston Marathon terror attack in order to push the “Gang of Eight” bill that was released this past week.


Saudi Students in U.S. Up More Than 500% Since Sept. 11, 2001

Posted April 22, 2013

(CNSNews.com) - The number of Saudi Arabian students in the United States has increased by more than 500 percent since Sept. 11, 2001--when Hani Hanjour, a Saudi national who came here on a student visa flew American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon, killing 189 people.

According to the Institute of International Education--whose numbers on foreign students in the United States are used in official reports published by the U.S. Department of Education--there were 5,579 Saudi nationals enrolled in U.S. institutions of higher education in the 2001-2002 school year. The Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks took place near the beginning of that school year.

In the 2011-2012 school year, the most recent year for which data are available, there were 34,139 Saudi nationals enrolled in institutions of higher education in the United States.


Tea Party Network steaming over ‘anti-Sharia law’ snub in Florida Senate

Posted April 22, 2013

The Tea Party Network is boiling mad – and some top Florida senators might be hearing about it.

In an “action alert” sent Sunday, the Tea Party Network is asking supporters to launch a blizzard of emails and phone calls to Florida state senators to get an “anti-Sharia” bill passed by the House last heard by the Senate Rules Committee at a meeting scheduled for 2 p.m. Monday.

Barring unusual procedural action, the Rules Committee is the last stop before SB 58 can get to the full Senate for a vote.

The bill is aimed at preventing foreign laws to be used in Florida family courts. It has been dubbed the “anti-Sharia” bill by opponents by opponents and supporters alike, but its sponsors say it is not aimed at any particular country or culture.

The bill’s sponsor in the House is Rep. Larry Metz, R-Yalaha.

In the Senate it is sponsored by Sen. Alan Keys, R-Umatilla.



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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Posted April 22, 2013 - Erick Erickson ~ RedState

I remember it so clearly — a memory you can only remember so clearly when it is from sadness. You can’t let it go.

I was sitting in the mud by the rear passenger side tire of my old Acura cradling my one year old in the steady, driving rain. I was sobbing doing my best not to fall apart in front of my little girl. But the tears ran. My throat hurt as I tried to suppress the guttural cries I wanted to cry there in the mud.

RedState, which got up and running in 2004, was out of money. No one wanted to put ads on a conservative site after the Democrats had just delivered an absolute shellacking to the GOP. We were out of money. Christmas was a week away. I was out of a job.

But that was insignificant compared to where I’d been that day. I’d just left the hospital where I had the task of telling my wife she was dying and there was nothing anybody could do.


Willful Blindness

Posted April 22, 2013 ~ Terrell AronSpeer

Both ‘suspects’ in the Boston Marathon bombing are captured, so I feel I can now comment.  For those who wish to believe Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, are innocent despite their actions and despite their confessions, you may as well quit reading now.  You are willfully blind.

I waited till now so that certain facts could be revealed.  I predicted these things and I suspect you did too, unless you too are willfully blind.  Let me get to the meat of this quickly as there is so much we now know.  A great deal more will be revealed within the weeks and months ahead, but the major lessons are already apparent.

There has already been much hand ringing about all the opportunities these two ethnic Chechens enjoyed here in America.  Why were they blinded to the goodness of America?  They were willfully blind.  One example often given is of the wonderful ‘American’ education they received here.  Yet all of us criticize the state of education in America today.  Our school system has been taken over by America hating lefties.  This is true of public and private schools from pre-K to PhD.  It is most likely the Tsarnaevs’ radical hatred of America started in American schools, not at the feet of radical Imams.  Yet we celebrate when our child or grandchild is accepted at this or that university.  This is willful blindness on our part.  Unless we have inoculated our young people before sending them into this toxic environment, how can we continue to claim to be surprised when they are returned to us full of American self-loathing?  This is willful blindness on our part.  Why does any American company demand a college degree?


FLASHBACK: Obama on Day of Benghazi Attack and Tsarnaev’s Naturalization: ‘Our Country Is Safer’

Posted April 22, 2013

CNSNews.com) - On Sept. 11, 2012, as he was campaigning for reelection, President Barack Obama went to the Pentagon to give a speech commemorating the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and tell Americans that he was successfully bringing the post-9/11 wars to a conclusion.

“Our country is safer,” Obama said.

Later that day, terrorists would attack the U.S. State Department mission and CIA Annex in Benghazi, Libya, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing, would be granted U.S. citizenship in Massachusetts.


‘Gotcha!’: The First Pictures of Alleged Boston Bomber In Custody Surface

Posted April 20, 2013

Police captured 19-year-old Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on Friday night following a nearly 24-hour manhunt. He had been hiding in a boat parked in a backyard.

The bloody endgame came four days after the bombing and just a day after the FBI released surveillance-camera images of two young men suspected of planting the pressure-cooker explosives that ripped through the crowd at the marathon finish line, killing three people and wounding more than 180.

The first images of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who was alive but in serious condition, began to emerge late Friday night:



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Posted April 23, 2013

This week, the full Texas House will vote on whether or not to use property taxes & sales taxes to build toll roads using Transportation Reinvestment Zones (TRZs). That means they'll build the road with property tax, but will charge you a TOLL to drive on it - another DOUBLE TAX scheme. It also expands the use of TRZs to fund transit, rail (think street car), even parking lots!

We DEFEATED the expansion of TRZs known as Prop 4 on the Constitutional Amendment election in November 2011 (read about it here), so we can certainly do it again! The senate version of this bill already passed the Senate. Every member of the Senate voted FOR it, so stopping this in the House is a MUST!

It's up to YOU to help us STOP it in the House!

To read more & get involved: Click here

Sen. Cruz: Pathway to Citizenship Would Kill Immigration Reform Bill

Posted April 23, 2013

(CNSNews.com) – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said Monday that including a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants “jeopardizes the likelihood” of any immigration reform bill passing.

“I think if instead the bill includes elements that are deeply divisive – and I would note that I don’t think there is any issue in this entire debate that is more divisive than a path to citizenship for those who are here illegally - in my view, any bill that insists upon that jeopardizes the likelihood of passing any immigration reform bill,” said Cruz at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration reform.


Why Ted Cruz is not a typical freshman senator

Posted April 23, 2013

Dianne Feinstein was agitated.

The Democratic senator from California did not like the line of questioning she was getting from Sen. Ted Cruz, the freshman Republican from Texas, as she defended her so-called assault weapons bill before the Senate Judiciary Committee in March.

Cruz was reciting from the Constitution. He then asked that given Feinstein’s position on the government banning certain types of guns: Would she also approve of the government banning books it found harmful?

“I’m not a sixth grader,” Feinstein responded, expressing contempt for the question. She went on to point out that she had “studied the Constitution myself,” and “am reasonably well-educated.”

“I thank you for the lecture,” she added.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/04/22/why-ted-cruz-is-not-a-typical-freshman-senator/#ixzz2RHmV84NH

Demonizing Ted Cruz

Posted April 23, 2013

Ted Cruz has made quite an impression in just three months in the Senate. Like Marco Rubio, he is the son of a Cuban exile. He is a extraordinarily talented guy. Unlike Barack Obama, he had a stellar record both in academia and in the practice of law: he was national debating champion, graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School, clerked for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, was named by American Lawyer magazine as one of the 50 Best Litigators under 45 in America, served as Solicitor General of the State of Texas and authored more than 80 briefs in the U.S. Supreme Court. As a law student, Cruz was described by Professor Alan Dershowitz as “off the charts brilliant.” He was elected to the Senate last year in what the Washington Post called “the biggest upset of 2012 . . . a true grassroots victory against very long odds.” So it is not surprising that, just as Cruz has quickly become a hero on the right, the Democratic Party is out to destroy him.


Mercury One Disaster Relief Fund

If we want government to do less, we need to do more

Donate to the victims of the plant explosion in West, Texas

Waco Tea Party Relief Effort for West, Texas

Retool the Tea Party

Posted April 22, 2013

Judging by the overwhelming under-response to Lee Cary’s call for a Tea Party rally and to an earlier article by myself calling for spring rallies I predict there will be no Tea Party rally this spring or in Dallas on July 4th or any other day this year.

Why not? There seems to be ample dissatisfaction with government policies and actions both financial and social. Is the pressure building below ground level only needing a final intolerable act to trigger a volcanic eruption? Perhaps we are content having voiced our concerns to leave it up to the politicians to solve the problems. Maybe we are defeated as a result of his re-election and the best we can offer are articles and comments on the internet concerning the coming economic disaster or protesting our loss of liberty.


West, Texas Relief Effort

Organizing for Action Ted Cruz Protest

On April 20, 2013, Obama's Organizing for Action gathered in front of the Dallas offices of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz to protest his role in the defeat of gun control legislation before the U.S. Senate. OFA was met by conservative grassroots organizations.

Breitbart.com also covered this story: http://www.breitbart.com/InstaBlog/2013/04/20/OFA-Outnumbered-By-Tea-Partiers-At-Ted-Cruz-Protest-in-Dallas-Video

HB 1076  Texas Firearm Protection Act and HB 553 which stands up for our 2nd Amendment rights in Texas.

  • Status: In the Calendars committee. Time to call the Calendars committee members to schedule this bill for a full House vote.
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Research Updated: Black leaders speak out against more gun controls VIDEO  
  • Comment: Protection of 2nd amendment rights for Texans.
  • Call to action: contact Calendars committee Chairmen and members   telling them to  schedule this bill for a full house vote this week or next.

URGENT - SB 241 Please write the following Senators to support this bill

Posted April 22, 2013

Below are the Senators on the Business and Commerce Committee where SB 241 is under consideration to allow utility customers to Opt Out at no-charge of having a Smart Meter on Texas resident’s homes and require the meter removal. Attached is a document with reasons for providing an Opt Out. This committee heard testimonies on April 9. The bill is currently in a pending status. It is crucial for people to call and email these Senators ASAP to support SB241 so it has time to make it to the floor for a vote.


Reasons for Opt Out at no Charge to the Consumer

Posted April 22, 2013

First, the deployment was never mandatory; therefore, paying to opt-out of a non-mandatory action is irrational and illogical. It is a punitive disincentive to choosing what is best for the individual, whether it relates to health concerns, privacy, or security.

Second, the basis for health concerns is widespread. There are now over 6,000 peer reviewed submissions that have been published showing the potentially harmful effects of exposure to RF radiation from wireless digital transmission at levels far below the thermal activity.



Posted April 22, 2013

SB 1406 by Sens. Dan Patrick and Donna Campbell and Coauthors Sens. Nelson | Paxton would grant the State Board of Education oversight of regional education service center activities concerning certain curriculum management systems. The Senate passed SB 1406 on April 15 and is awaiting referral to a House committee.

YOUR HELP NEEDED - CSCOPE Social Studies Reviewers

Posted April 20, 2013

CSCOPE Social Studies ReviewersFROM:  Barbara Cargill, Chairman TX SBOE

Dear Friends,

If you know qualified people who might be interested in serving on a review panel for the social studies CSCOPE review process, please let me or your own SBOE member know about them.

The SBOE is asking for help in appointing reviewers to ensure that the CSCOPE lesson plans for social studies are error-free and of great quality.

Here is a little more information about the nomination process for CSCOPE review panel members.  If you go to the TEA website, there is now a separate link for the CSCOPE review.  It gives more details.  That link is

The timeline for the process is also linked to this website.

The link to the nomination form is open now.  It lists the panels by grade and subject.

Interested citizens may submit a nomination form through April 29.

The CSCOPE Ad Hoc Committee expects to make committee assignments in May. The review panels would then work June 3-16 to review the material.

Thank you!

Barbara Cargill
Chair, State Board of Education

Texas Tea Party Groups Unite for West, TX Explosion Victims

Posted April 19, 2013

Immediately following news of the devastating explosion of a fertilizer plant in the rural Texas town of West, the nearby Waco Tea Party began organizing efforts to help those affected. 

The group’s president, Toby Walker, called a local hotel and secured a room for the wives and families of first responders. Wives and mothers began to receive updates from the front lines as they charted a course of action for the following day.

Local distribution centers were identified and the conservative networks were activated to volunteer and help operate the collecting, sorting, and distribution of needed items. Breitbart News’ own Brandon Darby was asked to go and help with the efforts. 

Darby had extensive experience with relief efforts in post-Katrina New Orleans and now runs Citizen Patriot Response, a group that mobilizes Tea Party and other liberty-minded groups to help communities in need. Darby began sorting through the fog of disaster and reporting the facts to the public-at-large shorty after last night's tragic accident. 

Almost immediately, area 912 groups began mobilizing relief efforts. Houston’s King Street Patriots and True the Vote networks were notified; the groups’ offices were established as an aid collection center for the people of West. 

All of the various groups involved have pledged to continue mobilizing the Tea Party, 912, and other right-of-center movements into a relief and aid network for the people of West.

The local Waco Tea Party has compiled a list of things needed, where money can be donated, and locations where items can be sent.

A Houston aid drop-off location was also established by King Street Patriots and True the Vote.


Californiacation: Texas bill drops Algebra II from required classes

Posted April 19, 2013

The Texas state senate will soon take up a House-approved education bill that would lower high school graduation standards and eliminate Algebra II as a required class.

House Bill 5 scales back high school core curriculum requirements in math, science, and social studies for Texas high schoolers. It also reduces the number of standardized tests students must take between 9th and 12th grade from 15 to 5. But the most controversial reform has proven to be the change to the math curriculum: students no longer need to take Algebra II in order to graduate.

The bill was passed by the Senate Education Committee and will now face the full chamber. In the House, it won approval from all but 2 of the 150 Texas representatives, according to The New York Times.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/04/19/californiacation-texas-bill-drops-algebra-ii-from-required-classes/#ixzz2QuMfLslm

West texas fertilizer plant explosion video - Raw footage 4-17-2013

Posted April 18, 2013

Massive explosion rocks Texas town

Posted April 18, 2013

WEST, Texas (AP) — A massive explosion at a fertilizer plant near Waco on Wednesday injured dozens of people and killed an unknown number of others, leaving the factory a smoldering ruin and leveling buildings for blocks in every direction.

The explosion at West Fertilizer in downtown West, a community about 20 miles north of Waco, happened around 7 p.m. and could be heard as far away as Waxahachie, 45 miles to the north. It sent flames shooting high into the night sky and rained burning embers, shrapnel and debris down on shocked and frightened residents.

A member of the city council, Al Vanek, said a four-block area around the explosion was “totally decimated.” Other witnesses compared the scene to that of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, and authorities said the plant made materials similar to that used to fuel the bomb that tore apart that city’s Murrah Federal Building.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/04/18/massive-explosion-rocks-texas-town/#ixzz2QolrL1aI


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