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Gun Confiscation Begins in New York

Posted April 11, 2013

Update: Hear an interview with the lawyer representing some of  the New Yorkers who were forced to surrender their guns and permits (at the end of this story).

Despite promises from the president and a host of other politicians who are pushing for more gun control that nobody is coming for your guns, the confiscation of guns and gun permits has apparently started in some form in New York State. One attorney representing several people who have been forced to surrender their guns spoke with TheBlaze and alerted us to some disturbing facts:

  • Gun owners are losing their 2nd Amendment rights without due process.
  • HIPAA Laws are likely being compromised and the 4th and 5th Amendments are being violated in some of these cases

How did confiscation start happening so quickly? Apparently the gun grabbing was triggered by something inside the NY SAFE Act — New York’s new gun law — that has a provision apparently mandating confiscation of weapons and permits if someone has been prescribed psychotropic drugs.


AFL-CIO: We Will 'Steamroller' Any Lawmaker Who Opposes Amnesty

Posted April 11, 2013

A principal official at the AFL-CIO, one of America’s biggest labor unions, said Wednesday the organization would politically demolish any politician who opposes mass amnesty for the country’s at least 11 million illegal immigrants.

“Politicians know that if they stand in the way of citizenship we will steamroller them,” AFL-CIO director of immigration Ana Avendaño said, according to the Financial Times. “That’s a fun evolution.”

Avendaño (pictured) has been involved in the immigration reform negotiations between the labor community, the business community, and the bipartisan Gang of Eight U.S. Senators.

The legislative text of the plan the eight senators—Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Michael Bennet (D-CO), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Marco Rubio (R-FL), and Jeff Flake (R-AZ)—are working on has not yet been publicly released. The bill is expected to be around 1,500 pages long, and Senate Budget Committee Republican staff estimates the package will cost taxpayers several trillion dollars to cover entitlements for the illegal immigrants who are expected to be legalized as a result.

While the original framework of the plan stated that border security and law enforcement reform were to come first, then “trigger” legalization for the 11 million illegal immigrants, Schumer recently said in an appearance on Meet The Press that the Gang of Eight was going to go a different direction. “So look, we've come to a basic agreement, which is that first, people will be legalized,” Schumer said. “In other words, not citizens, but they'll be allowed to work, come out of the shadows, travel. Then, we will make sure the border is secure.”

In response to this threat from the AFL-CIO, a Senate aide told Breitbart News that Senate Republicans in the Gang of Eight enabled this vulnerability by getting involved in such matters with Democrats and unions.

“If you lay down with dogs, you’re going to get fleas,” the aide said of the Gang of Eight Republicans getting involved with Schumer and Durbin.


Obama Budget Increases IRS Funding $1B

Posted April 11, 2013

While President Obama’s budget cuts discretionary funding for the Department of the Treasury by 2.3 percent, it dramatically increases funding for his favorite agency: the Internal Revenue Service, which will be tasked with enforcing Obamacare taxation schemes.

“The Budget,” Obama’s proposal explains, “provides funding for the IRS to implement these tax provisions and to respond effectively to public inquiries about the Affordable Care Act’s new benefits and standards.” Overall, the budget for the IRS would increase by approximately $1 billion, an 8.4 percent increase in funding over 2012. “This investment pays for itself several times over, with strong tax enforcement returning $4 or more in revenue for each additional IRS dollar spent,” the proposal reads. In other words, for every taxpayer buck spent on the IRS, they will be enabled to grab another $4 in taxpayer money.


Obama Targets Retirement Savings in Budget Proposal

Posted April 11, 2013

(CNSNews.com) – President Barack Obama talked again in the Rose Garden Wednesday about making work pay off, even as his $3.77 trillion budget proposal calls for capping the amount of tax deferred retirement savings for high earners.

“To make sure hard work is rewarded, we’ll build new ladders of opportunity for the middle class for anybody who is willing to work hard to climb it,” Obama said, speaking of another aspect of the tax and spending plan. “So we’ll partner with 20 of our communities hit hardest by recession to help them improve housing and education and business investments, and we should make the minimum wage so that no one who works full time should raise their family in poverty.”

The Obama budget proposal sets limits on tax preferred retirement accounts.


Senate Conservatives Press Gang of 8 on Immigration Reform Entitlement Impact *UPDATE*: Rubio's Office Responds

Posted April 11, 2013

Conservative Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley, Jeff Sessions, and Pat Roberts on Wednesday pressured their Republican colleagues in the “Gang of Eight” pursuing immigration reform to explain, in detail, how their forthcoming proposals will impact entitlement and welfare programs.

Grassley, Sessions, and Roberts wrote to Sens. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and Jeff Flake asking for a detailed breakdown of how much the immigration reform bill they are drafting with four Democratic senators will cost taxpayers.
 “A primary concern related to a large-scale legalization of illegal immigrants is the long-term cost for taxpayers,” the three conservative senators, who have a history of working on welfare and food stamp issues, wrote. “The public comments from your group have created confusion."

We therefore write to seek your clarification and to obtain concrete information about the long-term costs that will be imposed on taxpayers once millions of illegal immigrants eventually become eligible not only for our nation’s major entitlements but approximately 80 different means-tested welfare and low-income assistance programs.


Sen. Lee: Backgound Checks Could Allow Holder to Create Gun Registry Using Regulations

Posted April 11, 2013

On Wednesday, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) took to the Senate floor and warned that universal background checks could lead to a national registry system for guns.

"Some of the proposals, like for example- universal background checks- would allow the federal government to surveil law-abiding citizens who exercise their Constitutional rights. One of the provisions we expect to see in the bill based on what we saw in the Judiciary Committee- on which I sit- would allow the Attorney General of the United States (Eric Holder) to promulgate regulations that could lead to a national registry system for guns. Something my constituents in Utah are very concerned about, and understandably so," said Sen. Lee.


Why am I Paying for Obama’s Budget?

Posted April 11, 2013

In his own words, President Obama said, “We don’t have a spending problem,” and “We do not have an immediate debt crisis.” No wonder his budget proposal continues the same old government gravy train with absolutely no regard for the next generation of taxpayers.

The nation is $17 trillion in debt. Under President Obama’s budget, we’ll see deficits increase close to $100 trillion over the next 75 years. Before the President asks me to put this irresponsible budget on my credit card, I’ve got some questions.

Does Obama’s plan fix our broken entitlement programs that will bankrupt my generation? Nope, just window-dressing.

Does Obama’s budget include any meaningful program cuts or agency consolidations? No, it includes a 6.6 percent increase in spending under the guise of “investment.”

At the very least, will Obama’s budget lower my taxes so that I can keep more of my hard-earned money? Just the opposite – he thought up a bunch of new ways to collect taxpayer dollars to feed his spending addiction.


Obama: Put Nation's 4-Year-Olds in ‘Public Preschool;' Will Save on ‘Child-Care Costs'

Posted April 11, 2013

(CNSNews.com) - In the message he issued along with his budget proposal on Wednesday morning, President Barack Obama said he wants to see 4-year-old children in the United States enrolled in public schools.

Obama said America needs to start enrolling 4-year-olds to make sure the children are “better prepared for the demands of the global economy” and to help parents save on "child-care costs."


President Obama's budget includes $1 trillion tax hike and $744 billion deficit

Posted April 11, 2013

President Obama on Wednesday unveiled his $3.8 trillion budget proposal for 2014, calling for higher taxes in exchange for cost reductions in Social Security and Medicare, a proposal swiftly rejected both by his Republican rivals and Democratic allies.

The president's budget -- which would produce a $744 billion deficit next year -- includes about $1 trillion in new taxes over the next decade, including nearly doubling the federal tax on cigarettes to $1.95 a pack, increasing the estate tax, and eliminating some tax deductions and loopholes for wealthier Americans.


Colo. Sheriff Alleges Shock Training to TheBlaze: DHS-Bound Official Warned Against ‘Christians Who Take the Bible Literally’

Posted April 10, 2013

This weekend, an email written by Ron Trowbridge, the undersheriff of Prowers County, Colorado, started sweeping some of the viral corners of the internet. It alleges that a Colorado State Police training encouraged law enforcement officials to look at Bible-believing Christians with intense skepticism.

At first glance, the startling allegations in the letter, which was first posted on the conservative site Red Statements, were seemingly unbelievable. But TheBlaze reached out to Trowbridge to confirm that he wrote the note and to speak further about its contents.

In sum, the undersheriff said that he, indeed, wrote it and that the version that has been published is entirely accurate to what he experienced at the training session. Here are the first two paragraphs of his note, which summarizes the problematic training in its entirety:


White House Admits Obama Budget Has Middle Class Tax Hike

Posted April 10, 2013

Last Friday, April 5, White House spokesman Jay Carney confirmed at a press briefing that Barack Obama’s budget would raise taxes on middle class Americans. The confession arose from an exchange between Carney and Major Garrett of CBS News, in which Garrett noted that the implementation of chained CPI as the method of measuring the consumer price index would hurt middle-class Americans:


Currency Wars: Jim Rickards

Posted April 10, 2013

Reid determined to have vote on gun control measures, even if Republicans filibuster

Posted April 10, 2013

WASHINGTON — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promised Tuesday to make sure the various gun control provisions come to a vote regardless of Republican opposition.

At least 14 Republicans have promised to filibuster gun control measures. Reid said he planned to file cloture Tuesday evening on the bill, and if he fails to get the 60 votes necessary to overcome the filibuster, he told reporters, “we’re gonna vote on these things anyway.”

Reid said he would place each individual measure directly on the calendar and bring each to a vote, something he says he has the authority to do under Senate Rule XIV “and other measures.”


Conn. Father’s Stunning Claim: Son’s School Is Teaching That Americans Don’t Have the Right to Bear Arms

Posted April 10, 2013

A Connecticut father is accusing his son’s school district of teaching children that Americans do not have a constitutional right to bear arms. Steven Boibeaux of Bristol, Connecticut, is claiming that his child, an eighth-grader at Northeast Middle School, was given a social studies worksheet that is anti-Second Amendment in nature — or, at the least, opposed to the conservative view of the provision.

In an interview with Fox News’ Todd Starnes, Boibeaux said that he’s “appalled” and that the school seems to be “trying to indoctrinate our kids.” The worksheet in question, published by Instructional Fair, is entitled, “The Second Amendment Today,” and it allegedly proclaims that American citizens do not have the right to guns.

“The courts have consistently determined that the Second Amendment does not ensure each individual the right to bear arms,” it purportedly reads. “The courts have never found a law regulating the private ownership of weapons unconstitutional.”


Police Poll: Armed Citizens, not Gun Control, Will Lower Violent Crime

Posted April 10, 2013

In a poll conducted by PoliceOne, a majority of law enforcement personnel said universal background checks, "assault weapons" bans, and "high capacity" magazine bans do not make police safer and will not lower violent crime. Armed citizens, on the other hand, do make a positive difference.

In the poll of 15,000 law enforcement professionals, 71% of respondents said an "assault weapons" ban would have zero impact on violent crime. Of those surveyed, 95.7% said the same of a "high capacity" magazine ban, and 79.7% said the same in response to a question on universal background checks.

Over 90% of these law enforcement professionals said "mandatory sentences with no plea bargains" for those who use a gun in perpetrating a crime would reduce violent crime. 

When asked if they supported concealed carry laws for citizens without a felony in their past, 91.3% of respondents answered "yes" on "without question and without further restrictions."

Additionally, 80% of these law enforcement professionals also agreed that casualties at Sandy Hook Elementary would "have likely been reduced" if "legally-armed citizens" had been in the school.


Sebelius: ObamaCare rollout tougher than White House expected

Posted April 10, 2013

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Monday that she did not anticipate how complicated implementing the president's signature healthcare law would be.

"The politics has been relentless and that continues," Sebelius said, according to Reuters. "There was some hope that once the Supreme Court ruled in July, and then once an election occurred there would be a sense that, 'This is the law of the land, let's get on board, let's make this work.' And yet we will find ourselves having state-by-state political battles."

Speaking to students at the Harvard School of Public Health, Sebelius said implementation had been hampered both by the law's slow roll out and red-state governors and legislators who have rejected state-run insurance exchanges. 

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/292531-sebelius-obamacare-rollout-more-complicated-than-anticipated#ixzz2Q3Zm335d

Examiner Editorial: Feds waste $95 billion on duplicative programs

Posted April 10, 2013

How many federal agencies does it take to do catfish safety inspections? At least three, according to the Government Accountability Office, which on Tuesday released its 2013 report on fragmentation and duplication of federal programs. This year's report -- there were two previous editions of the report first requested by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla. -- documents an estimated $95 billion in duplicative programs that waste precious tax dollars. That brings the three-year total of potential savings documented by GAO to $295 billion.

Having three agencies doing catfish safety inspections may strike some as funny, but there is nothing to laugh about in the Department of Homeland Security having $568 million worth of overlapping research and development programs. Or that Department of Defense foreign language training services are provided by 159 separate contracting groups at a cost of $200 million. And why should taxpayers have to foot $15 billion worth of duplicative renewable energy programs?


Safe from Sequester: $704,198 for Gardening at NATO Ambassador’s Home

Posted April 10, 2013

(CNSNews.com) - Just over a week after sequestration took effect, the State Department allotted more than $700,000 for gardening at a U.S. Ambassador’s residence in Brussels, Belgium.

On March 11, State awarded a contract to provide gardening services at an “official residence” of the U.S. Mission in Belgium.

A State Department spokesperson confirmed to CNSNews.com that the contract is for Truman Hall, a historic property that serves at the residence of the Ambassador to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The current U.S. ambassador to NATO is Ivo H. Daalder, who was appointed by President Barack Obama in May 2009.



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Special Forces vets mark 7-month anniversary of Benghazi with call for more investigations

Posted April 11, 2013

A group of former special forces and intelligence veterans released a new video commemorating the seven month anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2011 attack on the U.S. Embassy in Benghazi, Libya on Thursday.

The video, “Benghazi: Unaware, Unresponsive, Unaccountable,” is a project of the non-partisan Special Operations OPSEC Education Fund, Inc that took President Barack Obama to task last year for taking too much credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden.

OPSEC’s video walks through the events of the day and reiterates the contention that there remain unanswered questions about the attacks in Benghazi that left four Americans dead, including the ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens.


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) discussed the gun debate on the Laura Ingraham radio show

Posted April 11, 2013

Listen to the Laura Ingraham Interview with Ted Cruz

Texas Legislative Update

Posted April 11, 2013

HJR 48  Texas Constitutional amendment for right to choose or not choose to purchase health insurance.

Take Immediate Action:
Call the Texas House Committee on Federalism & Fiscal Responsibility Today

Chair Brandon Creighton (R),  brandon.creighton@house.state.tx.us     512-463-0726

Eddie Lucio (D), eddie.lucio@house.state.tx.us                512-463-0606
Cindy Burkett (R), cindy.burkett@house.state.tx.us           512-463-0464
Scott Turner (R), scott.turner@house.state.tx.us                512-463-0484
Armando Walle (D), armando.walle@house.state.tx.us     512-463-0924

HB 204  Relating to zero-based budgeting for certain entities...

HB 149  Relating to the Texas Liberty Preservation Act  and HB 80 Stops TSA from random full body searches of innocent people.

 HB 1076  Texas Firearm Protection Act and HB 553 which stands up for our 2nd Amendment rights in Texas.

  • Status: Reported favorably out w/o amendment(s) on 4/3.  Now is in the Calendars committee.
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Research Updated: Black leaders speak out against more gun controls VIDEO  
  • Comment: Protection of 2nd amendment rights for Texans.
  • Call to action: contact Calendars committee Chairmen and members   telling them to  schedule this bill for a full house vote this week or next.

Take Immediate Action: Contact the Texas House Calendars Committee

Chair, Rep. Todd Hunter (R), 512-463-0758, todd.hunter@house.state.tx.us
Vice-Chair, Rep. Eddie Lucio (D), 512-463-0606, eddie.lucio@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Angie Chen Button (R), 512-463-0486, angie.button@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Doug Miller (R), 512-463-0325, dan.branch@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Myra Crownover (R), 512-463-0582, myra.crownover@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Sarah Davis (R), 512-463-0389, sarah.davis@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Dan Branch (R), 512-463-0367, dan.branch@house.state.tx.us
Rep. John Frullo (R), 512-463-0676, john.frullo@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Byron Cook (R), 512-463-0730, byron.cook@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Charlie Geren (R), 512-463-0610
, charlie.geren@house.state.tx.us
Rep. John Kuempel (R), 512-463-0602, john.kuempel@house.state.tx.us

Bloomberg Anti-Gun Group Drops Attack Ads Against Toomey After 'Compromise'

Posted April 11, 2013

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's anti-Second Amendment group Mayors Against Illegal Guns announced they will quit running attack ads against Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) now that he's seen the light on background checks.

Toomey joined with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) in fashioning a background check "compromise" they hoped everyone could support. But when they announced it on April 10, it sounded less like a compromise and more like a war on gun shows and internet sales.


National Association For Gun Rights: Don't Expand Gun Control, Repeal It

Posted April 11, 2013

On April 9, Breitbart News spoke to National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR) Executive Vice President Dudley Brown about the tact his group takes toward preserving the 2nd Amendment and opposing the incremental expansion of government into the private gun purchases of law-abiding citizens.

Brown quickly made it clear that NAGR isn't like other gun rights groups, inasmuch as NAGR is not looking for compromise but for victory. And they don't accomplish this by kissing up to moderates. 

Brown explained this by using hockey verbiage to say he, "is willing to drop the gloves with any politician who would take away our 2nd Amendment rights."

NAGR has over 1.1 million likes on Facebook, over three million recipients on its email list, and had a $7 million budget last year.


Benghazi Revisited with Special Operations Speaks

Posted April 10, 2013

What a wonderful show we had Tuesday Night with two great men with  long careers in Special Ops, Capt. Larry Baily USN Seal Ret. and Col. Dick Brauer USAF TAL Special Ops Ret.. We made a promise at the end of the show, we would ask our members and vets everywhere to pass this show on email, facebook, twitter. Please contact your Congressman and ask for a select congressional investigative committee. Demand Redress! Demand Accountability! Do it for our troops, Do it for your country.

Now Archived


CSCOPE review panel apps available, oversight bill moves forward, talking points miss ‘big picture’

Posted April 10, 2013

Curriculum brings numerous taxpayer concerns

CSCOPE, the curriculum management system used by more than 800 Texas public school districts and private schools, is making news on numerous fronts.

Read more…. http://watchdogwire.com/texas/2013/04/09/cscope-review-panel-apps-available-sboe-oversight-bill-moves-forward-media-talking-points-miss-big-picture/

Mass Stabbing On Texas Campus With Weapons Ban

Posted April 10, 2013

Reports indicate up to 14 people were stabbed by an individual armed with a knife at the Houston-area LoneStar College on the morning of April 9.

Reports also indicate that one of those stabbed is in critical condition.

There were allegedly two men armed with knives, one of whom has been captured. The school sent out an alert to students, warning them to lock their doors and stay inside until the second individual is apprehended as well.

The campus was also the site of a shooting in January

Students who witnessed the stabbings have told stories of trying to run away and watching their friends get stabbed as they ran.

Long Star College is a Gun Free Zone that also bans the possession of many types of knives. This attack comes on heels of shooting at Long Star College in January.


As Educrats Scramble to Stop the Hemorrhaging…CSCOPE Controversy Continues

Posted April 9, 2013

A public trust betrayal in 'selling' CSCOPE?

Discussions surrounding CSCOPE, the controversial Texas school curriculum, continue although too often with a limited perspective. Americans for Prosperity-Texas State Director Peggy Venable offers this overview of the issue, the responses, what’s really at stake and the need for accountability.

CSCOPE is the hottest topic across the state. And many Texans have never heard of it, though most of the school districts in Texas use it.

What is CSCOPE? It is a set of lesson plans K-12 written under the direction of the Regional Education Service Centers (ESCs). It is then not sold, but rented to the very schools which provided funding for its creation. It costs ISDs $7-8.50 per student per year.

The authors have some problematic credentials…one of them is closely linked to Weather Underground, a self-proclaimed Communist revolutionary group founder and Obama ally Bill Ayers.

What’s wrong with CSCOPE? Simply put, there are four major areas of concern.

Read more… http://watchdogwire.com/texas/2013/04/08/as-educrats-scramble-to-stop-the-hemoragingcscope-controversy-continues/

HB 2187 Named after Slain Teen: The Joshua Wilkerson Bill

Posted April 9, 2013

Austin, TX - Last month, Representive Matt Krause - District 93 filed House Bill 2187, or the "Joshua Wilkerson Bill." The Joshua Wilkerson Bill relates to the duties of a law enforcement agency regarding the immigration status of an arrested person and the enforcement of an immigration detainer.

Joshua's father, George Wilkerson, remains convinced his son would still be alive had the Sheriff’s Department identified Moralez as an illegal immigrant and deported him.  Moralez, was arrested twice prior to torturing and murdering Joshua.

"Many Texas families, like the family of Joshua Wilkerson, are suffering unnecessarily.  We need, at the very least, for our laws to be upheld," said Maria Espinoza, President of Houston Eagle Forum.

Espinoza went on to say, "The Joshua Wilkerson Bill supports laws already in place, and will protect Americans from the devastation of being permanently separated from their families."

The family of Joshua Wilkerson pleads for your support.  And asks you to contact your representatives in support of the Joshua Wilkerson Bill  (HB 2187) in order to keep our families together and safe. 

"Moralez’ third offense was the murder of my son,”
Wilkerson told lawmakers last year.


C-Scope Needs Oversight!!! - Your help is needed!

Posted April 9, 2013

The Texas Senate Education Committee heard SB 1406 last Tuesday April 2, 2013. Yesterday it was passed out of the Senate Education Committee on a 7-0 vote. Many of you have seen the news on C-Scope which is an online curriculum management system. It is currently used in 875 school districts in Texas.  C-Scope officials admitted under oath in a January 31 Senate Education hearing that they had prior lessons that called the Boston Tea Party an "act of terrorism", 9/11 terrorists were called "freedom fighters", and an Islamic world lesson that told teachers to hand out excerpts from the Qur'an that told children to SAY (yes, SAY), "Qur'an [45.26] 'Allah gives you life, then He makes you die, then will He gather you to the day of resurrection wherein is no doubt, but most people do not know.' Qur'an [45.28] 'and you shall see every nation kneeling down; every nation shall be called to its book: today you shall be rewarded for what you did.'" This is not a lesson on Islam; this is called indoctrination. These types of lessons cause confusion in children. We heard from a mother in Plano where her young daughter asked her, "Mom, is it God or Allah?" This should not be, and we should not risk what parents have worked so hard to teach their children all over a dollar. We need your help to call you state senator and ask him/her to support State Board of Education oversight. We are working against many superintendents who do not wish to have this oversight. We cannot trust the makers of C-Scope. The State Board of Education is our elected body. They are responsible ultimately to the tax payers of Texas. They are the safety net we as parents have between the schools our children attend and what curriculum is being taught in this State. They have been given oversight by the State Legislature on all printed materials. We urge you to call your state senator and state representative and ask them to continue to allow oversight on all online education materials considered to be curriculum. Urge them bring SB 1406 to the floor for a vote.

State board committee examines CSCOPE

Posted April 9, 2013

The writers of a controversial teacher lesson plan were the focus of a heated Legislative Hearing Tuesday at the Texas Capitol.

The Senate Education Committee considered legislation requiring more oversight for a program called CSCOPE.

The lesson plans are produced by the Texas Education Service Center Collaborative, which is a non-profit organization that's made up of 20 regional education service centers. The classroom guides are written without State School Board oversight and when questions were raised concerning content and factual errors, Senator Dan Patrick drafted SB1406.

"So I have a bill to put them permanently under the state Board of Education we may have to end their participation in lesson plans as we learn more information, I have a book this thick of mistakes we've found in the last two months, the Attorney General has announced he is looking into CSCOPE," said Sen. Patrick. Read more...

Texas Activists Given Hundreds of CCISD Election Ballots by Harris County Clerk - NO ID - Ballot integrity Alert

Posted April 9, 2013

Two activists, Lianne Russell and Tanya A. Robertson, walked into the Harris County Elections Division (Houston, TX) last week and are given ACTUAL ballots when they only asked for Mail In Ballot Applications. They were given these ballots without even being asked to show a photo id or proof of identity!

It gets worse, the hosting entity (Clear Creek ISD) is the School District that will benefit from their own election. They handle their own ballots, count their ballots, and police their election.

A simple mistake? Even if it was, it still goes to show the importance of having measures in place to prevent voter fraud and to protect ballot integrity. Heck, these two activists did not even want ballots and they walk right in and out of the Harris County Clerk’s office with hundreds of them! Read more...

Stand up for liberty!

With the legislative session half over, we regret to inform our fellow Texans that the Texas State Legislature continues to be the place where solid, fiscally-responsible ideas go to die and awful ideas thrive like bad weeds.

Thankfully, vigilant watchdog groups have been keeping a close eye on the State Legislature and providing us with updates on our elected servants' malfeasance.

We've posted a digest of the most recent reports from Empower Texans on our blog.  In these updates:

How the Legislature is Soaking Taxpayers to Fund Hollywood Trash

Your Elected Servants are Still Cooking the Books and Playing Hide-and-Seek With the Budget Numbers

Why Did the Texas House Vote to Implement Obamacare in Texas?

The Legislature's Conservative Leadership Vacuum

CSCOPE Call to Action

Posted April 8, 2013

HB 760 Relating to State Board of Education oversight of regional education service center services and products concerning student curriculum.

  • Status: Assigned to committee. No scheduled hearing.
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Research: CSCOPE or C-SCAM? 
  • Comment:  This legislation along with SB 1406, would shed the light of public scrutiny on the controversial CSCOPE curriculum.
  • Call to action: Contact committee members to voice your support. 


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