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State-Wrecked: The Corruption of Capitalism in America

Posted April 3, 2013


David A. Stockman is a former Republican congressman from Michigan, President Ronald Reagan’s budget director from 1981 to 1985 and the author, most recently, of “The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America.”

The Dow Jones and Standard & Poor’s 500 indexes reached record highs on Thursday, having completely erased the losses since the stock market’s last peak, in 2007. But instead of cheering, we should be very afraid.

Over the last 13 years, the stock market has twice crashed and touched off a recession: American households lost $5 trillion in the 2000 dot-com bust and more than $7 trillion in the 2007 housing crash. Sooner or later — within a few years, I predict — this latest Wall Street bubble, inflated by an egregious flood of phony money from the Federal Reserve rather than real economic gains, will explode, too.

Since the S.&P. 500 first reached its current level, in March 2000, the mad money printers at the Federal Reserve have expanded their balance sheet sixfold (to $3.2 trillion from $500 billion). Yet during that stretch, economic output has grown by an average of 1.7 percent a year (the slowest since the Civil War); real business investment has crawled forward at only 0.8 percent per year; and the payroll job count has crept up at a negligible 0.1 percent annually. Real median family income growth has dropped 8 percent, and the number of full-time middle class jobs, 6 percent. The real net worth of the “bottom” 90 percent has dropped by one-fourth. The number of food stamp and disability aid recipients has more than doubled, to 59 million, about one in five Americans.


DHS responding to Senator Coburn's ammo inquiry

Posted April 3, 2013

Click here for DHS response to Senator Coburn

Wall Street, Political Insiders Quake In Their Guccis About Coming Expose

Posted April 3, 2013

Wall Street and Capitol Hill insiders are quaking in their Gucci loafers about a forthcoming government exposé slated to drop April 4th of this year.

That is when the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) will issue a report on so-called “political intelligence firms”— shadowy companies that hire former members of Congress, staffers, and other federal officials to scour the halls of Congress and Capitol Hill in search of valuable, market-moving information that is then sold to big hedge funds and financial houses that use the intel to make investments.


First Couple hosts celeb-filled concert amid sequestration

Posted April 3, 2013

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle will host a star-studded roster of music legends April 9 for another glitzy installment in the “In Performance at the White House” concert series, according to a White House press released issued Tuesday.

The concert comes as the White House is emphasizing cuts caused by sequestration and criticizing reporters for not paying enough attention to the hardship caused by the mandatory slowdown in the rate of spending increases. Though the White House notably canceled all visitor tours in March, ostensibly due to sequestration, the First Couple’s series of White House concerts — billed as “the nation’s highest honor for popular song” —  manages to survive.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2013/04/03/first-couple-hosts-celeb-filled-concert-amid-sequestration/#ixzz2POtfC6qy

Old terrorists never die, they just join Academia and indoctrinate your kids. Weatherman Ayers, Dohrn and now Boudin

Posted April 3, 2013

A great catch from the New York Post by blogger Jammie Wearing Fool brings the news that convicted terrorist, Kathy Boudin, has resurfaced in academia, which he calls nothing short of sickening:

    Old terrorists never die. They simply move on to academia. Just like her buddy from the Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, convicted terrorist Kathy Boudin is now enjoying the high life as a prestigious “professor” at the Ivy League institution Columbia University as well as holding a plum spot at New York University.

But there is much more to the Kathy Boudin-Bill Ayers-Bernardine Dohrn sorry-ass tale. Digging down deep into the bowels of my blog archive I present for your reading “pleasure” a moldy oldy from October 2008:

There are few coincidences in life. Had it not been for Obama’s run for the White House, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn may well have continued their entry into middle class Hyde Park senior citizenhood undisturbed. However, that was not to be. The more elusive and dismissive Obama was about his association with these unrepentant Communist revolutionaries/terrorists, the more deeply I continued to dig.

You may not recall, but in 2008 Google opened its archive up and there was a lot of information to be discovered.


Who Are Obama's Real Enablers?

Posted April 3, 2013

Well, I'm not sure how much substantive difference there is between a European socialist and a dictatorial Marxist. But putting that question aside, I think there is more danger in sanitizing Obama's radicalism than there is in potentially overstating it.

Part of the reason Obama has been able to succeed, including in his reelection effort, is that the overly cautious types on our side insist on pulling their punches in criticizing him. If Mitt Romney's campaign proved anything, it proved that.

Just when Romney had Obama on the ropes, he not only let him back into the center of the ring, but he quit throwing punches altogether and just offered up his chin. Similarly, congressional Republicans can't successfully navigate their budget battles with Obama if they're constantly giving him the benefit of the doubt and assuming (and asserting), against the evidence, that he is dealing in good faith.

If our side had been as relentless in pointing out Obama's substantive radicalism as Obama and the left have been in falsely demonizing Republicans, I dare say we could have defeated him in 2012.

Obama is not just a garden-variety liberal who wants to nudge America's political pendulum left of center. He has told us from the beginning and has now proved that he intends to fundamentally transform America.

Nor is he motivated by ideological liberalism alone. He holds grudges, from race to capitalism to who knows what else.


Labor Dep't. Spending $26M to Help Juvenile Delinquents Get Jobs, Pass Background Checks

Posted April 3, 2013

(CNSNews.com) – The U.S. Labor Department on Monday announced the availability of $26 million in grants to improve the job prospects -- and expunge the court records --  of young people who have spent time in juvenile detention centers.

The “Face Forward” grants will support job-training and skills-development to help people ages 16-24 overcome the stigma of a juvenile arrest record, which can be a lifelong barrier to advancement in the workforce.



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Texas AG to Obama: Ratify UN arms treaty and I’ll sue

Posted April 3, 2013

If President Obama signs the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty approved today and the Senate ratifies it, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot will sue, he told Obama in a letter today.

“The Arms Trade Treaty agreed to today by the United Nations (UN) is a threat to Americans’ Constitutional liberty,” Abbott wrote. “I urge you to reject that treaty. If you sign it, and if the U.S. Senate ratifies the treaty, Texas will lead the charge to have the treaty overturned in court as a violation of the U.S. Constitution.”

The UN General Assembly approved the treaty by a 154-3 vote, according to the Associated Press. The treaty regulates international arms trade with the intent of keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists, but critics like Abbott say it paves the way for international law to trump U.S. citizens’ constitutionally protected rights.


Texas Religious Freedom Amendment Hearing Today

Posted April 3, 2013

The Texas Religious Freedom Amendment, HJR 110, is scheduled for a committee hearing Wednesday, April 3 in the Texas House Committee on State Affairs. The committee will meet tomorrow at 1:30 p.m or upon adjournment. Please contact the State Affairs Committee members and express your support for the Texas Religious Freedom Amendment.

Religious liberty is one of our most foundational freedoms, but today this God-given right to freely exercise religious faith is under increasing attack by government at all levels. The Texas Religious Freedom Amendment would provide clear and specific protection in our state constitution for religious freedom. A state religious freedom constitutional amendment provides the best guarantee of lasting protection for citizens’ religious liberties from an overreaching legislature, government bureaucracy, or the courts.

The amendment is supported by leading constitutional and religious liberty scholars, including Liberty Institute President and CEO Kelly Shackelford.

Take a stand for religious freedom in Texas – please contact the House State Affairs Committee members and express your support for the Texas Religious Freedom Amendment. Also, if you have not already, please contact your State Senator and State Representative and encourage them to coauthor the amendment.

Take Action: Contact the Texas House Committee on State Affairs

Chair, Rep. Byron Cook (R), 512-463-0730, byron.cook@house.state.tx.us
Vice-Chair, Rep. Helen Giddings (D), 512-463-0953, helen.giddings@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Harvey Hilderbran (R), 512-463-0536, harvey.hilderbran@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Rene Oliveira (D), 512-463-0640, rene.oliveira@house.state.tx.us
Rep. John Smithee (R), 512-463-0702, john.smithee@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Sylvester Turner (D), 512-463-0554, sylvester.turner@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Tom Craddick (R), 512-463-0500, tom.craddick@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Jessica Farrar (D), 512-463-0620, jessica.farrar@house.state.tx.us
Rep. John Frullo (R), 512-463-0676, john.frullo@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Charlie Geren (R), 512-463-0610, charlie.geren@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Patricia Harless (R), 512-463-0496, patricia.harless@house.state.tx.us
Rep. Dan Huberty (R), 512-463-0520, dan.huberty@house.state.tx.us

Rep. Jose Menendez (D), 512-463-0634, jose.menendez@house.state.tx.us

Want to See What CSCOPE and Common Core (Even Homeschooling) Lessons Look Like? These Parents Opened Up to TheBlaze

Posted April 3, 2013

As a greater level of scrutiny is being placed on the controversial curriculum systems CSCOPE (in Texas) and Common Core Standards (nationwide), concerned parents spoke to TheBlaze about their troubling experiences, revealing that not even home-schooling is beyond the reach of these encroaching systems.

Home-schooling not beyond the reach of Common Core?  

Keven Card, a former Marine from Houston who has home-schooled his children for the last six years, thought his family was safe from the reach of Common Core, but soon learned otherwise. As noted on his blog, two years ago Pearson Education, which is linked to Common Core, acquired Texas Connections Academy, the online charter school Card uses to homeschool his ninth-grader.

One lesson plan featured a video dubbed, ”China Rises,” that appears to tout the virtues of Communism over capitalism.


Rick Perry: GOP Governors Will 'Rue' Approving Medicare Expansions

Posted April 3, 2013

During a Monday press conference, Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) withstood pressure from Democrats and some Republicans to back down from his opposition to a Medicare expansion under Obamacare.

 “It would benefit no one in our state to see their taxes skyrocket and our economy crushed as our budget crumbled under the weight of oppressive Medicaid costs,” said Perry.

With the nation’s largest uninsured population in the U.S., Texas would receive an estimated $90 billion in federal funding over the next ten years under the Obamacare provision.

At last month’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Perry affirmed his commitment to providing lasting healthcare to low-income Texans.

“We care about our poorest Texans,” said Perry.  “We want them to have the best care possible, and that cannot happen with a program that is on its way to bankruptcy.”

While some GOP governors who oppose Obamacare have decided to move forward with expanding Medicare eligibility, Perry says that is a mistake and that they will “come to rue the day, because Medicaid will take a larger and larger share of their state budgets.”

Perry, who ran for the Republican presidential nomination last cycle, has not ruled out a 2016 bid for the White House.


URGENT: Support these bills in Texas

Posted April 3, 2013

Support these bills in TexasNow is the time to start calling the Texas Legislature committee members using the links below.  Every phone call, email, letter and personal visit makes a HUGE difference.  Encourage your friends, family, and other contacts to do the same.   Let's all work together to get these critical Texas bills passed.  

1. HJR 48  Texas Constitutional amendment for right to choose or not choose to purchase health insurance.

  • Status: Assigned to committee. No hearing scheduled.  
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Research: Joint bill filed by Senator Campbell  
  • Comment: Good start at nullifying Obama Care  
  • Call to action: Continue to contact Committee Chairmen and members  to voice your support and to demand a public hearing and to vote this bill out of committee soon.  

2. HB 204  Relating to zero-based budgeting for certain entities...

3. HB 149  Relating to the Texas Liberty Preservation Act  and HB 80 Stops TSA from random full body searches of innocent people.

  • Status: Left pending in committee. Overwhelming testimony/witness FOR it. 
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Research: National Defense Authorization Act of 2012  
  • Comment: Protection of 10th amendment. Challenge constitutionality of NDAA.
  • Call to action: Continue to contact Committee Chairmen and members  to voice your support. Let's move this bill out of committee.   

 4. HB 1076  Texas Firearm Protection Act and HB 553 which stands up for our 2nd Amendment rights in Texas.

  • Status: Left pending in committee. 
  • Recommendation: STRONGLY FOR
  • Research Updated: Black leaders speak out against more gun controls VIDEO  
  • Comment: Protection of 2nd amendment rights for Texans.
  • Call to action: Continue to contact committee Chairmen and members  telling them to move this bill out of committee.


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