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True the Vote to Audit the Entire Presidential Election

2016. Just…. WOW!

2017. Now, it’s time to bring an end to election fraud.

Our plans are set. We intend to conduct a comprehensive forensic audit of the entire election – all 136+ million votes.

The audit will focus on the groups, locations, and processes that pose the greatest threat to election integrity, including:

  1. Impact of non-citizen voters – experts estimate between 800,000 to 3,000,000 votes may have been cast by non-citizens.
  2. Accuracy of national voter registry – it is thought that between 13% – 20% of our nation’s voter rolls are inaccurate.
  3. Eligibility of individuals registered to vote through federal programs that do not fully authenticate registrant information – registration estimates exceed 12,000,000 just for Obamacare.
  4. Cross tabulations of non-citizen voters and turnout in Sanctuary Cities – estimates exceed 800,000 in California alone.
  5. Investigations into problematic areas, including Detroit, Philadelphia, LA County, Las Vegas, and South Florida.

This will be our largest project to date. It will require scores of datasets and the support of researchers, data miners, statisticians, and election law experts. And it will not be cheap. Our estimates for the full audit and associated activities totals to over $1.2 million.


Rep. Gohmert's Statement on House Passage of Bill to Track Those with Disabilities

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) released the following statement on his decision to vote against H.R. 4919, Kevin and Avonte's Law, which establishes a federal program to chip individuals with autism and developmental disabilities:

“While this initiative may have noble intentions, ‘small and temporary’ programs in the name of safety and security often evolve into permanent and enlarged bureaucracies that infringe on the American people’s freedoms. That is exactly what we have here. A safety problem exists for people with Alzheimer’s, autism and other mental health issues, so the fix, we are told, is to have the Department of JUSTICE, start a tracking program so we can use some device or method to track these individuals 24/7.”

“I know the feeling of having someone I love dearly having degenerative mental abilities that create concerns for her getting lost. It is immensely heart-breaking. But, the answer is not more federal money and a federal system in place for monitoring people’s location all day every day. It is yet another well-intentioned program that catapults America down the road toward a Big Brother –more invasive than Orwell could have imagined.”

“Sponsors of the bill tell us not to worry, because they got language in there that says the tracking device cannot be invasive, it is totally voluntary AND it is only a couple of million dollars to get it started –so it is not all that much money. That is exactly how the most insidious, invasive, overreaching, governmental control bills start.  I just would never have dreamed that my own party would lead the way in rushing a bill to the floor that was not brought up in a subcommittee nor committee hearing with witnesses and experts including Constitutional experts to debate this, nor did we have a subcommittee or committee vote on this bill, nor did we have any chance to amend it.”

“It is absolutely staggering that the Republican majorities in the House and Senate could be so blind to government overreach that they would allow a federal tracking program, not for criminals in the U.S., not for terrorists, not for illegal immigrants or even immigrants who commit crimes, but for people with ‘developmental disabilities’ a term that is subject to wide misinterpretation. The Senate Republican leaders even brought it to the floor with almost no one there and asked that the new Big Brother program be passed without even having a vote at all - someone just asks for ‘unanimous consent.’ Since no one is advised about the bill being brought up, no one who would object knows to be there, so it passes without anyone ever actually voting for it.”

“It is not unreasonable for a doctor or prosecutor to suggest that a chip just under the skin is non-invasive, because there is no entrance into the brain or body cavity. Japan is just a hair ahead of us, but they have found that putting a barcode on a person’s fingerprint is certainly non-invasive. As for voluntary, a parent or guardian is SUPPOSED to consent, but once the program is in place, it is also reasonable to anticipate prosecutors demanding it for someone they have a ‘reasonable belief’ or ‘probable cause’ to believe might be a problem and that a judge should order someone involuntarily into the program, though they would not get the federal funding in this specific bill.”

“Benjamin Franklin’s attributed quote is, ‘Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither.’ The government is not supposed to be our ‘big brother.’ We must examine other ways to help those who cannot help themselves. There is nothing in the law anywhere that I am aware of that would prevent a parent or guardian from having some reasonable tracking measure right now before this new law is even signed.”

“Once again, Republicans can feel good that 167 Republicans out of 246 in the House joined with the Democrats to create a way for the Attorney General of the United States to track their children when the government gets ready to include them in the program.”

Congressman Gohmert is the Vice Chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security and the Chairman of the Natural Resources Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. Prior to being elected to serve in Congress, he was elected to three terms as District Judge in Smith County, Texas and was appointed by then Texas Governor Rick Perry to complete a term as Chief Justice of the 12th Court of Appeals. He knows well the capabilities of the government. 

# # #

Defending the Constitution, So Help Me God

By Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

I learned a long time ago that politics can be a tough business. But if your opponents are forced to concoct misleading attacks, you’re probably doing something right. It’s obvious from the Editorial Board’s most recent opinion piece they are still seething that the people of Texas elected a conservative as Attorney General. They’re even more upset that I’m actually fulfilling my campaign promise to protect our constitutional rights and liberties, however untrendy that may be with the Austin press corps. 

When I took my oath of office, I swore to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of this State, so help me God.” I take this oath seriously and work diligently to uphold this pact between myself and the people of Texas, no matter the sentiment among those critical of my leadership. 

As the paper pointed out, there are allegations against me. These unfounded charges are, at their core, politically motivated. Even the Editorial Board grudgingly concedes the allegations don’t equate to guilt and I deserve my day in court – where I will prevail. I’ll be sure to put their note on top of the stacks of news clips generated by the paper against former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and former Governor Rick Perry. The innocence of these two honorable public servants didn’t preclude the paper from its decade-long journalistic campaign as the propaganda arm of the political left. Sadly, the complete exoneration of these Republican leaders didn’t seem to generate the same level of coverage as the politically motivated attacks and endless news coverage against them. 



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KrisAnne Hall Speaks Out in Support of Cox, Kettler

Is the 2nd Amendment important do you and do you believe states are sovereign? If you answered yes, then watch this video and take a stand. Your voice needs to be
heard today. Not tomorrow, not next week, but today.

The 10th Amendment Says

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

In 2013 Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback signed into law House Bill 2199, also known as ‘The Second Amendment Protection Act’ which states – that any federal gun control laws that may be passed are not valid in the state of Kansas under the new law. The bill also prevents any federal agent from enforcing federal gun control laws within the state, as well as allowing prosecution of federal officers who try to enforce such laws within the state’s borders.

Additionally, the statute purportedly exempts from federal gun-control laws the firearms, accessories and ammunition manufactured commercially or privately in Kansas and kept within the state’s borders. The Kansas act made it a felony for a federal official to enforce certain directives of Congress regarding firearms.

But………………Citizens Get Thrown Under the Bus


YCT Releases Ratings of the 84th Texas Legislature

AUSTIN, TX — Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) released its ratings of the 84th Texas Legislature.

These ratings mark the 21st consecutive installment of the YCT scorecard. With bi-yearly installments dating back to 1975, YCT issues the most thorough, respected and consistent legislative ratings in the Lone Star State. You can view their ratings online at http://ratings.yct.org/

“Any legislator can claim to be conservative, so our scorecard gives voters an objective tool to cut through the noise and compare results to rhetoric,” said Jeff Morris, YCT State Chairman. “Over the last 6 months, we have carefully vetted the voting records of each legislator to determine who truly went down to Austin and did their job."

Scores for the 84th Legislature are calculated based on 50 votes taken in both the Senate and the House. Members of the legislature received a score for the session based on their votes on bills that have a clear left/right policy choice. Each legislator also has a combined career score covering his or her time in the legislature. 

Taking into account all members of each chamber, the average score in the House was a 46 and in the Senate a 56. The average score amongst Republicans in the House was a 63 and a 74 in the Senate.

Senator Konni Burton and Representative Matt Rinaldi earned the group’s ‘Rookie of the Year’ awards for their first legislative session in their respective chambers of the legislature.

“Under the leadership of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, the Senate flourished with the highest scores on record for the chamber,” continued Morris. “The addition of nine new freshmen made a huge difference in the culture of the senate.”

YCT recognized 13 Legislators with scores of 90% or above on their “Honor Roll” for the session. They were Rep. Jonathan Stickland (100), Sen. Konni Burton (98), Rep. Matt Rinaldi (98), Rep. Matt Krause (96), Rep. Tony Tinderholt (96), Rep. Matt Schaefer (94), Rep. Scott Turner (94), Rep. Matt Shaheen (92), Rep. Stuart Spitzer (92), Rep. Molly White (92), Sen. Bob Hall (90), Sen. Don Huffines (90) and Rep. David Simpson (90).

The most liberal Republicans in the House were Rep. JD Sheffield (33), Rep. Gilbert Peña (33), and Rep. J.M. Lozano (36). The most liberal Republicans in the Senate were Sen. Kel Seliger (56), Sen. Craig Estes (60), and Sen. Kevin Eltife (58). The most liberal Democrats in the House were Rep. Dukes (2), Rep. Johnson (9) and Rep. Anchia (9). The most liberal Democrats in the Senate were Sen. Ellis (16), Sen. Menendez (16), Sen. Jose Rodriguez (16) and Sen. Kirk Watson (14).

Along with the release of this year’s ratings YCT also announced the new ‘Ratings Web Application.’ This year, YCT students and young professionals volunteered to research and compile all historical ratings. These ratings, along with the current ratings, now reside within an interactive web application.

This application is available in a colorful, easy-to-use format which allows for quick analysis specific to these ratings. YCT plans to enhance its web application with many new features in the future. Again, YCT invites you to view the legislative ratings online at http://ratings.yct.org/

“It is our hope that the ratings web application will be used by voters and legislators alike to better understand the political climate in which the Texas Legislature operates. I am excited to see what sort of analytics we can provide Texans in the future based on this application,” said William Dominguez, who serves as the Chair of the YCT Legislative Affairs Committee.

YCT prides itself on being objective in the record votes it chooses to rate. In general, the ratings do not include unanimous votes, since those votes do not measure on an ideological scale. The ratings are not padded by any additional weights, nor are legislators given any special sponsorship credit. Higher scores are generally difficult to obtain on this rating spectrum. These ratings were compiled by a committee of members of our organization. In order to keep the ratings as objective as possible, the committee itself was comprised of individuals who do not currently serve in any legislative office or on any particular campaign.

Young Conservatives of Texas is a non-partisan organization that has promoted conservatism at universities across the Lone Star State for over three decades. The State’s most active political youth organization, YCT is composed of hundreds of members and alumni who participate in the full spectrum of politics. YCT issues the most respected ratings of the Texas legislature and is the only conservative group to have done so without interruption over the past 21 legislative sessions. For more information about YCT, please visit www.YCT.org.



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