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Madison Project Endorsements

Ordinary Citizens, Extraordinary Conservative Candidates

Madison Project is committed to restoring our Republic through wholesale change of the Washington political scene. We are proud to support these outstanding conservatives – ordinary citizens who have learned from the failure of big government over the past century.

All donations made through Madison Project's endorsement website will be forwarded to the candidate's campaign for direct use.


  • Chip Roy | Congress - TX 21st District
  • Kevin Nicholson | Senate - Wisconsin
  • Mo Brooks | Congress - Alabama
  • Jarrin Jackson | Congress - Oklahoma
  • Chris McDaniel | Senate - Mississippi
  • Andy Coleman | Congress - Oklahoma
  • Caryn Tyson | Congress - Kansas

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True the Vote re-takes the field

America's Third Civil War Began November 8, 2016

Dr. Lee Cary was published today on Canada Free Press with a hard-hitting article about the day America’s third civil war began, the day Donald J. Trump was elected the President of the United States of America. On that day, the left declared war on Donald Trump and has not let up since.

As part of the conclusion to the piece Cary wrote, “But they would be wise to look out the windows of their offices, scan the nation, and see just how not-all-alone Trump really is.”

Read the entire piece here.


Trump’s top 10 accomplishments of 2017

By Brandon Conradis - 12/25/17 02:27 PM EST on The Hill

President Trump's first year in office had its stumbles, but it also had a number of successes that had the White House and congressional Republicans crowing at the end of the year.

While Trump has seen his approval ratings fall, he's also gone a long way toward meeting a number of his campaign promises, including a pledge to reduce taxes.

The tax-cut bill approved by Congress days before Christmas was sweeping in scope and a major victory for a White House that hopes to build on it in Trump's second year in office.



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Analysis: The next Texas House speaker will be chosen by greenhorns

The Texas House is electing a new speaker in January, and a quiet campaign for votes is already underway. There's a twist: Most of the voters have never been involved in a race like this.

The coming race for speaker of the Texas House will be decided by novices.

Most of the 150 members of the House — more than two-thirds, in fact — have never elected a new speaker. And only a half dozen of them were around the last time the race for speaker didn’t feature an incumbent.


Using the Constitution to Save America

Author’s Note: The attention of many Americans currently is focused on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian collision in the 2016 national election. Much attention also is devoted to allegations of various criminal actions being committed at the highest levels of the federal government. While these situations rightly warrant close attention, we Americans must not overlook nor minimize the importance of several serious, systemic problems that only the full use of the United States Constitution hopefully can fix. Two of these ongoing problems are (1) a monstrously growing national debt of over 20 trillion dollars; and (2) a deeply entrenched system of patronage and self-serving behavior exhibited by many long term members of the US Congress.  As explained herein, there is an urgent need for leadership and unity of effort to use a heretofore unused component of the Constitution to address and hopefully solve these problems as well as problems with the federal government egregiously exceeding its Constitutional authority.   

 Disclaimer: This article does not necessarily reflect the views of TEAParty911.com or its members.      

Many Americans most likely will be surprised to learn that a very important component of the United States Constitution has never been used since the Constitution was written in 1787. If this component is used, it could very well solve several pressing problems that exist at the federal level of government.  But as the below narrative explains, there is tremendous opposition to the use of this particular Constitutional component by several groups, including many organizations funded by multi-billionaire and leftist George Soros and others like him who desire for America to go bankrupt and otherwise evolve into somewhat of a socialist state.  Opposition also comes from a few right-wing oriented groups for various reasons.

The unused component is embedded in Article V of the Constitution and relates to how state government legislators have inherent power, as described herein, to propose urgently needed amendments to the Constitution, especially critical amendments that members of the US Congress absolutely refuse to propose!

Below are two examples where Constitutional amendments need to be proposed by state legislators:

(1) America today has a national debt of over 20 trillion dollars! The interest that has to be paid on this amount of debt could soon amount to more than America’s national defense expenditures—a totally untenable situation.  Exacerbating this problem is the fact that members of the US Congress refuse to move forward with an amendment to the Constitution requiring that the federal government fiscally constrain itself and responsibly operate on a bona fide balanced budget.



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