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Before Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani has officially declared his candidacy for Texas House District 138 in Houston, he has received one of the most coveted endorsements in Texas politics.

Today, Texas Right to Life PAC has announced it has awarded an uncontested endorsement of Kamau-Imani. The pro-life powerhouse organization will not be interviewing any other current, or potential candidates for the HD138 open seat.

Texas Right to Life PAC is the most influential, respected, and only trustworthy statewide pro-life political organization.  Kamau-Imani does not intend to seek the endorsement of any other statewide pro-life organizations.  

"To say I'm humbled by this endorsement and announcement would be a gross understatement", said Kamau-Imani.

"I have told Texas Right to Life that I have no plans to be a simple supporter of pro-life legislative initiatives.  If elected, I will be a leader of pro-life efforts.  My plan is to author and carry legislation that will do serious damage to the genocidal abortion industry.

"I want to see abortion outlawed in Texas, and those who perform abortions indicted and put on trial.  

"I want to see death panels outlawed in Texas, and hospital board members and administrators to be held legally libel for employing the '10-Day Rule'." 

Kamau-Imani has the long-held reputation of being a vociferous advocate for life throughout Texas and the nation.  

"This endorsement, issued before I've even officially declared my candidacy, is a clear signal to the Pink Dome that the pro-life community has absolute confidence in my ability to advance the cause of life.  If elected, everyday I'll be clothed in God's armor and prepared to repel all munitions that the culture of death can fire.  I will be fully engaged to defend the lives of baby Texans.  I will be ready for the battles and leading the charge."


Apostle Claver for HD 138

In preparation and consideration of a potential run for the Texas House of Representives, Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani has formed a potent exploratory committee.

With the September 25th announcement by State Rep. Dwayne Bohac (R) that he would not seek re-election in 2020, House District 138 in west Houston is now an open seat.

"I've been a resident of HD138 since 1997.  I believe there can be no other candidate to enter this race that will know this district and its citizens better than me," said Apostle Claver.

Apostle Claver is the founder, president and CEO of RagingElephantsRadio.com. Founded in 2013, RER is the only 24/7 audio streaming media company that primarily covers Texas politics and news.  RER was created with an admitted bias toward liberty and Texas sovereignty.  Apostle Claver hosts a two-hour nightly political talk program.

The son of a community leader and political activist, Apostle Claver began his political activism at the age of 9 years old in his hometown of Beaumont, Texas.  Ordered by his parents, he began going door-to-door doing voter registration in predominantly black housing projects.  Apostle Claver has been a political activist for over 40 years.  

Apostle Claver became a national personality when in July, 2009 his political action committee erected a billboard that declared "Martin Luther King, Jr. Was a Republican".  The billboard was located at the MLK exit of Houston's I-610 South Loop.

Outraged by the billboard's message, and located in the heart of the black community (Sheila Jackson-Lee's district), infamous black activist Quanell X and the New Black Panthers launched a protest and campaign to have the billboard removed.  The video of Apostle Claver crashing and taking over X's press conference about the billboard went viral and the story was picked up by national media.

Apostle Claver responded to the outrage by erecting identical billboards in several Texas cities and around the United States in black neighborhoods -- all of which drew local media coverage.

Apostle Claver has been called "the most important conservative voice in Texas".  Liberty movement activists often refer to him by his nickname, "The Purifier".  The nickname was given to him by former Speaker of the House Joe Straus in a 2012 campaign attack ad. So effective and influential as an activist for conservative values, the Straus forces produced the video against Apostle Claver although he was a private citizen.

Known for being a rabid defender of life, liberty, and prosperity, Apostle Claver aggressively advocates for the Texas GOP platform.  If a formal campaign for state representative is announced, it is expected that the central focus of his campaign will be the platform's legislative priorities.

Documented by numerous videos and audio recordings, there are few who can match Apostle Claver in extemporaneous public speaking and the delivery of a long-form speech from the stage.

If Apostle Claver announces a formal campaign for HD138, he will immediately be considered the front runner and favorite to win the March, 2020 primary.  No declared or potential candidate will be able to surpass his name ID.     

"One thing is certain.  HD138 and the Pink Dome are not in need of any political neophytes, or those with insufficient battle scars earned from the continuous fight for Texas liberty," said Apostle Claver.

"The forming of this exploratory committee exhibits a diverse collection of influential and powerful conservative activists from the whole of Texas.  This will not merely be an in-district contest.  Saints and patriots from border to border in Texas are supporting this effort.  Because no matter where they reside, they know with all confidence that I share their liberty-driven, Jesus-ordained values.  They understand that there will be no compromise, and no surrender of those values.  Ever!"

Exploratory Committee Members:

Dr. Robin Armstong -- RNC Committeeman for Texas
Tammy Blair -- Former Cherokee County GOP Chairwoman
Pastor Stephen Broden -- SREC SD23
Tina Moody Bryan -- Owner, The Butcher Shop Restaurant, Longview
Kelly Canon -- Campaign for Liberty, Arlington
Tex Christopher-- Houston Community Activist
Gloria Cox-- Broadcast activist, RagingElephantsRadio
Ken Emanuelson-- Co-founder, Dallas Tea Party
Maria Espinoza-- Director, The Remembrance Project
Holli Feely -- Broadcast activist,RagingElephantsRadio 
JoAnn Fleming -- President, Grassroots America-We the People
Rebecca Forest -- President, Women on the Wall
Tom Glass -- Texas Constitutional Enforcement
Dan Golvach -- Angel Father
Lori Granados -- President, Central Texas Republican Assembly
James "Doc" Greene -- Broadcast activist, RagingElephantsRadio
Suzanne Guggenheim -- Corpus Christi Tea Party
Texas State Senator Bob Hall
Terri Hall -- President, TexasTURF
Alan Hartman -- Chairman, President, CEO Hartman REIT
Ed Hubbard, Esq. -- 40+-year Republican Party Activist
Dale Huls -- President, Clear Lake Tea Party
Mike Kinzie -- Founder-Publisher, Tea Party 911
Larry Korkmas -- Immigration Activist
Terri Leo-Wilson -- SREC SD7
Alice Linahan -- Vice-President, Women on the Wall
Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale -- Owner, Gallery Furniture
Stacy McMahan -- Executive Director, East Texans for Liberty
Daniel Miller -- President, Texas Nationalist Movement
Ray Myers -- Founder, Kaufman County Tea Party
Judy Nichols -- Jefferson County GOP Chairwoman
Leonila Olivares -- Founder-President, Southeast Republican PAC
Gregory Parker -- Former Comal County Commissioner
Dr. Laura Pressley -- President, True Texas Elections
Eugene Ralph -- President, GameChaingers
Mike Robertson -- Harris County Precinct Chair
Tanya Robertson -- SREC SD11
TJ Scott -- Renowned Texas Liberty Activist 
Tracey Shannon -- Texas Director, Mass Resistance 
Pastor Keenan Smith -- Crosby Church
Corey Tabor -- Chaplain, Texas Republican Party
Jeremy Taylor -- President, Penn Companies
Texas State Representative Steve Toth
Walter West -- SREC SD4
Texas State Representative James White
David Wilson -- Former Director, Cypress Tea Party




Texas TEA Party Daily Briefing


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Trump Surrogate and TRP National Director Maria Espinoza Running for U.S. Congress in Houston's CD-7 to Defeat Democrat Liz Fletcher

HOUSTON, TEXAS (October 13, 2019) – Texan Trump Surrogate and National Director for The Remembrance Project Maria Espinoza is seeking the Republican Party nomination for United States Congress in House District 7.  Espinoza is a proven Grassroots Conservative Leader and aims to win back the seat now held by liberal anti-border security Representative Lizzie Fletcher.
Espinoza created the movement that brought to light the widespread killings of Americans by illegal aliens. For nearly 10 years, she's battled against the swamp to give these victims a voice, and works with Angel Moms, Dads and Angel Families whose cases were ignored for decades. It was Espinoza who in 2015, brought these families to the attention of Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump who made their plight the centerpiece of his campaign. 

Espinoza has testified before Congress on National Security and is widely accepted as the person who elevated immigration to the nation’s attention. Even the not-so-balanced Univision recognized Espinoza's influence where she's the only female listed in their article Meet the 15 Immigration Hawks defining Trump's Agenda. Illegal immigration is by far the number one concern of the majority of American voters, especially those in Texas. 

In 2017, President Donald Trump fulfilled his promise to Ms. Espinoza and created the President’s Office of VOICE – Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement—a true testament to her work. 

Maria has testified before Congress on National Security, alongside the president of the Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd. She participated on Judicial Watch's Immigration Panel, alongside former ICE Director Thomas Homan.

In 2016, Trump was Espinoza’s keynote speaker at The Remembrance Project’s first National Conference in Houston's CD-7, where for the first time in history angel families were brought together to share and learn that they were not alone and have the support not only of The Remembrance Project, but also a strong ally in future President Donald Trump.
Espinoza won the support of Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, who serves as her Campaign Treasurer and who said, “There has not been a more tireless or effective voice on behalf of the victims and who gave a national platform to the angel moms, dads, and other family members of the victims of criminal illegal alien crime than Maria Espinoza.” He further stated, “She has brought their horrific stories to life and in so doing galvanized the nation about the importance of securing our Southern border and putting the lives and welfare of American citizens first. I don’t think Donald Trump would be President of the United States today if it had not been for Maria and The Remembrance Project. I look forward to working alongside her as she takes her message to the Harris County voters. She will make a great member of Congress and will make Texas and America proud.”

Espinoza promised, “If I am elected, I will continue my support of President Donald Trump’s America First Agenda whose policies have resulted in the GDP growth of 3.6% and the lowest unemployment in over 50 years for Latinos and women. His policies have been good for America, good for Texas, good for Harris County and District 7.

“The people of our district deserve a proven conservative leader representing them in Congress who will stand with President Trump and help him enact his agenda—not one who works to thwart President Trump's agenda.  I lived and worked in Washington, DC, for two (2) years - I know the swam and the deep state - I cannot be bought, and I will be a strong leader in Congress for the constituents in CD-7," Espinoza concluded. 

Espinoza's campaign address is:  Maria for Congress 2020, P.O. Box 440294, Houston TX 77244.
Additional information can be found at: www.MariaForCongress2020.com