House Impeachment Chair’s Pledge to Investigate President Roosevelt’s Controversial Lend Lease Quid Pro Quo Faces Opposition

Schiff to investigate Roosevelt's Quid Pro Quo with Churchill

Carlos Delicto, Reporting from the US Capital

Fresh from his stint as leading the House of Representatives’ Inquiry in the Probable Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, Congressman Adam Schiff announced shortly after the last hearing that he would soon be leading a new investigation.

Schiff said, in a short presser outside the hearing room, that: “Although it’s been several years, we still don’t know the quid pro quo of the deal between President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill that resulted in the transfer of 50 U.S. Navy destroyers to the British Royal Navy in exchange for land rights on British possessions.  No transcript of the telephone conversation between the President and the Prime Minister has as yet been released by the National Archives.”

Today, this exchange is often called the “destroyers-for-bases deal,” and widely known among those who attended a public school with a competent history teacher.

Schiff added that “President Roosevelt exceeded his authority by bypassing the Neutrality Act and marking, as surplus, millions of rounds of U.S. ammunition and obsolescent weapons, and ordering their shipment to the United Kingdom. Then, in the questionable quid pro quo land swap, Roosevelt responded to Churchill’s desperate plea for destroyers for the Royal Navy.”

Some among those in Schiff’s California’s 28th Congressional District complain that their Congressman is spending too much time on political matters and not enough on his home district. For example:

“We have a district that has all kinds of major problems that he’s not doing anything about,” said, Jim Early, a Republican planning to run against Schiff.  According to the Los Angeles Times, Early promises to tackle homelessness as one of his top priorities, as have other candidates for Schiff’s position.

One Schiff-ignored priority, homelessness in Burbank, is displayed in the short YouTube video below.