NYC Council identifies a 32nd Gender – RoboThespian

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Media Relations Office, City of New York, Office of the Honorable Mayor Bill de Blasio

The Gender Diversity Office (GDO) of the City of New York recently announced that the City Council had unanimously approved the addition of a 32nd gender to the Municipal Gender Diversity list.

Currently, the NYC Commission on Human Rights (NYCCHR) recognizes 31 genders.  “According to the Commission, ‘it’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender identity and gender expression in the workplace, in public spaces and in housing’ and businesses who violate this new law can be subject to a fine of up to $250,000.00.”

In a ground-breaking decision, the NYCCHR voted to accept the GDO’s recommendation to expand the current list of NYC genders by one.

The 32nd addition to the gender diversity list was highlighted in an article entitled “The First Robot That Behaves Like a Human: RoboThespian is the first commercial robot that can hold eye contact, tell a joke, and perform “Singin’ in the Rain.”

Androgenous Robot - RoboThespianRoboThespian represents what is just the first of what promises to be a succession of new NYC genders.  A RoboThespian gender was highlighted in the 2004 Hollywood movie, “I, Robot,” starring Will Smith as Detective Del Spooner, a part-human/part-robotic police officer in portrayal of the evolution of robotics by 2035.


“Deep inside a Cornwall warehouse, a pair of eyes are watching your moves very closely. They don’t belong to a human, much less to an animal. They belong to a genial robot who longs to crack jokes and sing funny songs. Designed by robot manufacturing company Engineered Arts in England, RoboThespian, as this robot is called, represents the future of robotics–and maybe business in general.”

Already a 33rd gender is in the works as “Androgynous Byrun, a heavier machine that can walk, hop, and jump” is even now in the birthing stage.

Mayor Bill de Blasio recently said, “As long as I am mayor of American’s signature city, all humanoid and humanoid-like genders will be equally recognized as citizens with equal rights and stature. And, that will, eventually, include the right for robots to vote in NYC elections.”

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