Hollywood Star Sam Waterston Arrested at Harvard-Yale Fossil Fuel Protest

Sam Waterston Harvard Yale Protest

Carlos Delicto, On Assignment in New Haven, Connecticut

Sam Waterston, famed Hollywood actor who stared in the long-running TV series “Law and Order,” broke the law and participated in the disorder that occurred on the football field during a “climate change protest during Saturday’s Ivy League football showdown between Yale and Harvard,” as reported by the New York Post.

“Waterston, 79, was among the hundreds of students and alumni from the two universities who took over the field at halftime during the Yale Bowl in New Haven, Connecticut, prompting a 40-minute delay, the Connecticut Post reported.”

Waterston is a Yale graduate (1962) where he received a BS, Masters, and PhD in climatology.

As a graduate student at Yale, Waterston participated in a federally-funded, climatological research project that was summarized in a book published by the Golden Globe Press that documented how the earth would be consumed by average winter temperatures over 150 degrees Fahrenheit by 1975.

On-field protest signage ranged from large and professionally produced banners, one reading “This Is An Emergency,” to more homemade signs, as seen below.

Harvard Yale Protest Sign

The stadium security force on hand was insufficient to remove the protesters from the field and were aided by a group of Yellow Vest Protestors from Paris, France visiting the U.S. to study various street disturbance methods.

Harvard Yale Football Game Protest

Shortly after his arrest, Waterston, a fan of the Green New Deal, was reportedly bailed out of jail by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district, who was in New Haven on a book tour promoting her newest publication “Apocalypse Soon: Dead Dinosaurs Will Kill Us All”.

Sam Waterston and AOC's Green New Deal

Actress Jane Fonda was unable to attend the Harvard-Yale protest because she was flying in a private jet to the International Hollywood Seniors Climatology Consortium (IHSCC) in Nice, France to receive a reward for her efforts to save the planet.

Jane Fonda - Sam Waterston - Green New Deal