Your Liberty

Your Liberty is at Stake

Fellow Patriots,

The Founding Fathers envisioned a great Republic, one in which there was a delicate balance of power between the People, the States, the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature. Each of these powers and groups is supposedly aligned to compliment and safeguard the others, ensuring that no one branch or body gathers together too much power, wealth or privilege.

Today, as a result of greed, apathy, ambition and a host of other woes, our nation lies almost immobile under the entangling weight of untold numbers of regulations and restrictions, petty power politics and organizational Feudalism. Instead of reacting nimbly to the wishes of an informed electorate, the great Beast of centralized power lumbers along on a course of its’ own, guided as much by the faceless millions that make up the immortal “Bureaucracy” as by any quaint and fading notion of the Consent of the Governed.

Legend tells us of the fabled Gordian Knot, a great tangle of thick ropes and fiber that joined a huge chariot to its yoke. Accordingly, the first man that could undo this knot would be the rightful ruler of Asia. This is Washington today, a helpless, endless jungle of laws without end, complete with jealous gatekeepers that safeguard the Balkanization of our political landscape. In History, it was the famed Alexander the Great that solved the Gordian Knot, by hacking and hewing through the mess with his sword. We too must undo this tangle to unleash the destined ruler of America, and the only instrument with the power, the will and the vision to cleave away the morass before us is the focused and unified Will of the People.

When all else fails, we still have the machinery of the Republic to use in its’ defense. Election by election, candidate by candidate and vote by vote, we must remove the soiled and corrupt from office, those timeservers that seek only a soft retirement into the waiting arms of lobbyist and advisory roles. Good, Conservative candidates must be found, vetted and then tirelessly supported so that they gain office. Liberty was never meant to be easy, or done by others, and we have taken our eyes off of the system for too long.

Each of us must get involved, stay involved and involve others, for if any Union, some millionaire, or the Tea Party itself has to tell you how to vote, then the Republic is dead already.

Stand Together, stand as One, and nothing and no-one can break us!

Long Live the Republic!

James Ives
Greater Fort Bend County Tea Party