Gun Control and Federal Overreach

Come and Take It

The insatiable figure of Federal Overreach is hungry again, as the United States narrowly escaped another attempt by the U.N. to regulate and “oversee” the sales and ownership of weaponry in America. Ostensibly an effort to stem the flow of weapons to Organized Crime and Terror figures worldwide, it was in actuality one in a series of ploys to disarm the free people of the nation.

We have seen this scenario throughout history, with the forces of tyranny demanding surrender and disarming of the smaller defenders of freedom. “Come and Take It!” was the response at Gonzales, to begin our own Texas Revolution, while similar cries answered the Redcoats at Lexington/Concord as they attempted to break the Colonial armed resistance to their Tyrant-King.

At the very dawn of time, the Roman historian Polybius tells of the Spartans at Thermopylae, whose King Leonidas offered “Molon Labe!” (Come and take them!) to the Persian demand that they lay down their arms and become slaves.

Emboldened by the nightmare in Aurora, a new plot to usurp our Constitution has found voice, with nationwide demands for tighter control on the armament of a nation, some voices mocking, some deadly serious. Tie the efforts of these “useful idiots” to a grander scale scheme in which the United Nations polices ALL arms ownership and sales worldwide(see Britain et al), and the roles are cast for another attempt to not only shear us off from our rights to self defence as Citizens of this Free Republic, but from our God-given Rights as enshrined in our sacred Constitution.

These dark forces would see our people impotent and helpless before both criminal Evil and an all-powerful State.

This moment may pass as it has before, but this is no ordinary time and no ordinary Leftist Administration, so we must double our vigilance, come together acting as a free people with one loud, steady voice and demand even more of our representatives. This, or the “Come and Take It” of Gonzales may well become the “Liberty or Death!” of some larger, and much more terrible, Alamo.

Long Live the Republic!

James Ives
Greater Fort Bend County Tea Party