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The Tea Party Movement

October 10, 2011 - Occupy Wall Street When the Government Acts Like the Protesters

The fact that the Wall Street marchers have no license to demonstrate, that they are young and have no jobs, that they drift into minor violence and that they exacerbate class warfare doesn’t bother Obama.  He is spiritually out there at the front lines with the protestors.


September 20, 2011 - CNN Tea Party Debate from the 3rd Row

First of all, I would like to thank the Tea Party Express and (I can’t believe I’m typing these words) CNN for hosting the first ever Tea Party Presidential Debate in history. I would have loved watching it on television, but being there in the third row center stage allowed me the opportunity to see things from an entirely different perspective.


September 18, 2011 - Tea Party Cheers Death of the Uninsured at the CNN - Tea Party Express Presidential Debate?

The Tea Party cheers for the death of the uninsured at the CNN/Tea Party Express Presidential Debate? That’s not the way I saw it, so I’ve got to throw the BS flag on this one.


September 7, 2011 - States Rights Amendment

This article proposes giving the collective States, through an amendment to the Constitution, a veto power over Federal legislation. If vetoed it can be reconsidered and passed into law by a two thirds vote in both houses of Congress.


August 31, 2011 - Democrats Inciting Violence at Jeb Hensarling Town Hall Meeting in Quitman, Texas


August 29, 2011 - The Budget Deal and the Tea Party

This whole deal was about neutralizing the Tea Party. That's what both sides wanted. And it worked. - by Dave McIntyre


August 26, 2011 - The Audacity to Hope for "Green Jobs"

Since the inauguration of the current President we have seen 100s of billions of our tax dollars thrown into the pit of hope when it comes to creating jobs and dealing with our current energy problems. - by Gregory E. Parker


June 30, 2011 - Sustainable Development Agenda 21

Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, and the United Nations bringing us closer to the New World Order. - by Terri Hall


June 21, 2011 - Conservative vs. Liberal ~ Which are you?

Recent point, counter point columns in our local newspaper debated whether Jesus is a Liberal.  One of the authors quoted a dictionary definition of liberal as the final argument.  Therefore I decided to research his findings... - by Larry Davis


June 20, 2011 - Mitt Romney ~ A RINO Trifecta?

All of the polling of the GOP candidates regularly places Willard Mitt Romney at the top.  Will he be our nominee?  It’s too soon to tell.  But if he can keep the momentum going, barring unforeseen developments, he may well be the 2012 Republican nominee for president.  If he is, I will work for his election and vote for him.  But I will do so with grievous disappointment.  In the last two primaries, we nominated Bush II & John McCain. Now we want Willard? Why? To complete a RINO* trifecta? - by Jan Shedd


May 31, 2011 - Get a Grip - A look at the media coverage of the 2012 Republican Presidential hopefuls.

The "silly season” is in full swing and do not expect it to end any time before the next election.  Last Sunday’s Meet the Press with David Gregory featured an extensive interview with Republican Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich in which Newt turned in a thoughtful and respectable performance.  However, to hear the news reports you would think he was a political terrorist, accused of being a "bomb thrower” and “blowing up the Republican Party.” - by Terrell AronSpeer


May 31, 2011 - Voter Fraud Is Real & Legislation Was Needed

Ricardo Pimentel wrote in his opinion piece in the San Antonio Express on May 24 that he feels that the state voter ID legislation is "a bogus solution for a pretend crisis”. Apparently he has never studied Texas history and heard about the “Duke of Duval County”, or about ballot box 13 and how Lyndon Johnson won his 1948 U.S. Senate race by 87 contested votes. - by George Rodriguez


May 28, 2011 - Cuba Warns America

Pete Diaz was born in Cuba but spent his early years in New York City. In 1960 he and his parents returned to Cuba. By that time, Castro had overthrown Cuban President Batista. Mr. Diaz remembers what life in Cuba was like after Castro came to power. - by Pete Diaz & Bobbi Gyorfy


May 28, 2011 - KrisAnne Hall Reclaiming Our Constitution

Attorney KrisAnne Hall, fired by her boss for not surrendering her first amendment right to teach the Constitution to citizen groups, has now released a new book entitled Not a Living Breathing Document: Reclaiming Our Constitution and her complete Bill of Rights Workshop on DVD. - Press Release


May 28, 2011 - Retaking America

We Christian Constitutional Conservatives must continue to accelerate our efforts to take back our country and re-establish political leadership with God-fearing patriots who know and respect the Judeo-Christian values on which this great nation was founded. - by Bob Hall


May 9, 2011 - U.S. Navy, Chums with Terrorists?

That’s right, Osama bin Laden is dead.  Some of my most devoutly Christian friends question the joy in their hearts.  Is it OK to take pleasure in the death of another?  I do think we can rejoice that a great evil was removed from the earth.  “Water boarding,” as a means of shaking information out of enemy combatants captured on the battle field, has been also been vindicated; one more reason to rejoice.  One person asked, “We can kill them, but we can’t water board them?”  Apparently there is benefit to doing both. - Article by Terrell Aronspeer


May 6, 2011 - TEA Party Goes Global

Common sense conservatives around the globe are watching the TEA Party movement with great interest. Dismayed by the fact that socialists, statists and progressives have ruined their economies they are forming grassroots Tea Party groups in Europe and other countries around the world. In the past year Tea Party inspired groups have sprung up in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Austria, the UK, Australia, Columbia, and Japan. - Article by Tom Moore


April, 29, 2011 - Is the Tea Party Losing Steam?

Really?  Are we done with plan A?  You know; the one where you present pithy arguments to your neighbors and convince them to vote for candidates so conservative they make Reagan look like Carter.  Have we given up because we think our neighbors are too stupid to understand the argument, have we come to the conclusion that we are too stupid to make the argument or have we decided that no such candidate exists?  The task seems daunting.  - Article by Terrell AronSpeer


April, 20, 2011 - We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us

When I retired from the Navy in 1976, I thought I had done what my oath called for by protecting and defending the Constitution from all enemies, both “foreign and domestic”.  Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would have to protect and defend it against “domestic” enemies. It brings to mind something the great Walt Kelly’s Pogo once said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”  - Article by Peter Koch


April, 19, 2011 - Obamacare Unconstitutional According to James Madison

Federalist Number 10, by James Madison, written in 1787 explains how our Republican form of government is designed to protect the liberty of the citizens from the will of factions, defined as a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or minority, united and actuated by some common interest adverse to the rights of other citizens or to the interests of the community.  If this characterizes a function of our Republican Government then how did we get Obamacare?  - Article by Donald Mellon


April, 19, 2011 - Ask What You Can Do For Your Country

Remember the words, "Ask not what your country can do for you -- ask what you can do for your country?" Remember those words uttered by a young President in the early 60s. Remember how you felt when you heard them, or first read them. I do, and they made me proud. Back in those days I think we were all proud of our country, what it stood for, and for most part had trust in the people who were running it. President Kennedy made his share of mistakes, but I always felt his heart was right, and his interest was in preserving the values of the greatest country on earth. Well, as another famous American said in song, "How do you like me now"?  - Article by Jim Cash, B/G, USAF, Ret.


March 26, 2011 - Constitutional Convention Rolling the Dice

The current Texas State Senate passed a resolution to consider making application for a Constitutional Convention for the purpose of amending the United States Constitution.  The stated purpose would be to create a Balanced Budget Amendment making balancing the Federal budget mandatory.  In that context, I recently had the opportunity to briefly speak to State Representative Gary Elkins and State Senator Dan Patrick regarding my concerns about a Constitutional Convention (or even threatening to have one). - Article by Dan Comstock


March 23, 2011 - Hydrogen Cars or Dependence on Foreign Oil

My favorite is hydrogen fuel cell automobiles which are essentially electric cars that generate the electricity from hydrogen carried on the vehicle. No batteries to recharge or replace. Hydrogen is the most abundant element on the earth and when combined with oxygen to produce electricity the result is water. A hydrogen car made today by Honda used in California gets 270 miles per fill up goes up to 100 mph and takes 9 seconds 0 to 60. - Article by Donald Mellon


March 23, 2011 - Balanced Budget Amendment Solution to Deficit Spending

I believe only a balanced budget amendment (BBA) will stop the deficit spending.  Sending legislators to DC to rein in spending as the Tea Party did so successfully last year will have little near or long term effect I fear.  Any proposed spending reduction no matter how minor is met with outrage by the liberal press and the progressive and liberal legislators.  This inevitably will cause the "independents" to turn against us and reduce our political clout. - Article by Donald Mellon


March 23, 2011 - Debt Ceiling - Ask Not What You Can Do for Your Country

Indulge me as I call to mind some of the changes that I've observed since I was a burr headed teenager who knew everything.  I couldn't have cared less about what was happening in Washington DC; after all, it had no effect on what I was doing or planning to do in life. - Article by Larry Davis


February 18, 2011 - Frederic Bastiat Legal Plunder

Frederic Bastiat, a political economist (1801-1850), defined legal plunder as when “…the law takes from some persons what belongs to them and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong.” He advised such a law be abolished without delay, for if allowed to remain, it would “spread, multiply, and develop into a system.” - Article by JoAnn Fleming


February 15, 2011 - Hispanic Conservatives Need to Be Heard

Hispanic Conservatives need to be heard, particularly in local main stream media and Spanish-language media. When Hispanic related issues are covered in the local media such as newspapers, TV or radio, they rarely include conservative Hispanics.  Some people feel there is a bias against Hispanic conservatives by main stream media editors and reporters who have liberal opinions. - by George Rodriguez


February 14, 2011 - 2012 Elections

We are at a pivotal point in American history, and the 2012 elections could possibly be the most important elections in our lifetime. The stakes have never been higher. - by Michael Kinzie


January 3, 2011 - Tea Party Movement Future

I find it hard to look forward to the new year without looking back on the old one. 2010 came in with a whisper rather than a bang as Tea Parties quietly strengthened our roots by grooming conservative candidates for the March primaries. Three weeks after those promising elections, I wore black to work, mourning the death of my country at the hands of Obamacare, yet another blow to us who believe in fiscal responsibility and limited government. - by Stephanie Nalls


December 27, 2010 - Destroying America, the Plan

If I were an enemy of the USA I would devise a long term plan. I would know that I could not destroy such a powerful country with weapons of war.  Attacking such a country with weapons just makes the people more patriotic and more determined to fight for their freedom.  I would know I must destroy the USA from within. - by Mary Lou Bruner


November 18, 2010 - Conservative Revolution in the Hispanic Community

It is time for a conservative revolution in the Hispanic Community. It is obvious from the latest statistics that the Democrats’ “War on Poverty” has failed. There is more poverty and there are more social problems among Hispanics today than ever before. The school drop-out rate is extremely high, teen pregnancy is high, and grandparents are left raise the children, while the teen fathers shirk or ignore their responsibility. All the while crime and gang violence continue to plague Hispanic communities. by George H. Rodriguez


August 31, 2010 - Tea Party Rookies Web Development Help Tips

With the Tea Party Movement sweeping across the country, we are observing countless new websites popping up all over the internet. Here’s the problem: a vast majority of these new websites are created by first time rookies (no offense) who may not have a working knowledge of web development, SEO, or internet marketing. This article is designed for 1st time developers. - by Michael Kinzie


July 4, 2010 - Taxes Going Up? Too Late, They Already Have

This article was written by a smoker who, by the way, makes under 250k or 200k or 150k (it's hard to keep track, because the bar has moved so many times). He gives us a unique and humorous look at the "sin" tax and the hypocrisy of it. - by Michael Kinzie


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