Tea Party Cheers Death?

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Tea Party Cheers Death of the Uninsured?


Tea Party Cheers for the Death of the Uninsured?

by Michael Kinzie ~ September 18, 2011

The Tea Party cheers for the death of the uninsured at the CNN/Tea Party Express Presidential Debate? That’s not the way I saw it, so I’ve got to throw the BS flag on this one. Watch the video for yourself and we’ll go from there.

I was there. My seat was in the third row center stage. There was NO applause after someone shouted out “Yes!”, as most of the media is reporting. What I heard were two shouts and could not tell if it was from the same person or if it was two different people. The rest of the crowd was looking around to see if they could identify who this jerk was. However, the left-wing sharks were cunningly circling waiting for someone to chum the waters, and unfortunately someone did.

First of all, we do not have the identity of the person who shouted out. This was a mixed audience and could have been anyone. Left-wing plant, CNN cameraman, or misguided Tea Party member, it really does not matter.  What does matter is how insignificant was the event and how much hay is being made from it by an eternally left wing media.

Could it have been one of the “Traveling Paulinians”? I’m not talking about your typical Ron Paul supporter. I’m talking about the ones who travel where ever Ron Paul goes sporting the Ron Paul shirts, buttons, and signs – even though the audience at the CNN debate was asked not to wear buttons or carry signs. I’m talking about the ones who like to disrupt events, stuff the straw polls, and have forgotten how to take a bath. If I had to bet on any of the above choices, this is where I would put my money.  They are deadheads for Paul in every sense of the word.

Nonetheless, for anyone including me, to jump to conclusions until the identity of the person or persons who shouted is established, is purely speculation at this point. However, facts are seldom a determining factor to the lame-stream media types, and the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz types in reporting or commenting on a story. On the other hand, I completely understand the strategy – personalize it (the Tea Party), demonize it (the Tea Party), and try to destroy it (the Tea Party).  It is all in Saul Alinsky’s play book “rules for radicals”.   The lack of answers, plans, or success, has left the liberals with no other choice except to rely on smear tactics. Let me remind you lefties out there, it is easy to hold an entire group of people to a standard or principle when you have no standards or principles yourselves. I wonder how you would measure up using the same scale you use to measure others…

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