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September 20, 2011 - CNN Tea Party Debate from the 3rd Row

September 18, 2011 - Tea Party Cheers Death of the Uninsured at the CNN - Tea Party Express Presidential Debate? ~ The Tea Party cheers for the death of the uninsured at the CNN/Tea Party Express Presidential Debate? That’s not the way I saw it, so I’ve got to throw the BS flag on this one.

August 31, 2011 - Democrats Inciting Violence at Jeb Hensarling Town Hall Meeting

June 30, 2011 - Texas Legislature Fails Texas Voters

While the leadership of the Texas House and Senate played political games to run out the special session clock, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed an immigration reform law Monday (06/27/11), establishing a $1.3 million illegal enforcement unit for the state. - by JoAnn Fleming


June 30, 2011 - Sustainable Development Agenda 21

Sustainable Development, Agenda 21, and the United Nations bringing us closer to the New World Order. - by Terri Hall


May 28, 2011 - Young Adult Tea Party of Kaufman County Holds Its First Meeting

The Kaufman County Tea Party is proud to announce that we held the first meeting of our new Young Adult Tea Party on May 17. The meeting was held at the Crandall Cotton Gin Restaurant.
~ by Ray Myers - Read More


May 28, 2011 - KrisAnne Hall Reclaiming Our Constitution

Attorney KrisAnne Hall, fired by her boss for not surrendering her first amendment right to teach the Constitution to citizen groups, has now released a new book entitled Not a Living Breathing Document: Reclaiming Our Constitution and her complete Bill of Rights Workshop on DVD. - Press Release


May 28, 2011 - Wood County Texas Conservative Leadership Council Formed

At the invitation of the “Lake Country Republican Club,” the Presidents of all known conservative organizations in Wood County met at the May meeting of LCRC to form a county wide leadership council.  In attendance were LCRC President, Greg Bowen; “Lake Fork Tea Party President” and acting President for “Wood County Tea Party Patriots,” Mike Kinzie; President of “Wood County We The People,” Tim Discher; President of the “Republican Women of Wood County,” Shirley Haskins; and President of the “Holly Lake Hawkins Republican Club,” Charles Caffery.  In all, six clubs were represented.  - Press Release


April 30, 2011 - Obama Punishes Texas Over Governor Rick Perry

Speaker Joe Straus uses redistricting as a hammer on those who stood against him in the House Speaker race just like Rep Bryan Hughes said he would. - A Plea to Governor Perry for a Veto
~ by Mary Lou Bruner - Read More


April 29, 2011 - RINO Joe Rides Again | Straus Hammers Reps with Redistricting

Obama punishes Texas over Governor Rick Perry remarks and has yet to aid the victims of the Texas wildfires - Read More and View Video


March 8, 2011 - Tap the Texas Rainy Day Fund or Cut Spending?

The looming question for the state of Texas is "should we tap the Rainy Day Fund to close the $4.3 billion budget deficit, cut spending, or both?" During testimony to the House Appropriations Committee, Texas Comptroller Susan Combs said, "I don't know how you get to $4.3 (billion) with cuts. I really don't know how you do it." Republican Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, Jim Pitts of Waxahachie, filed a bill which would take $4.3 billion from the Economic Stabilization Fund (Texas Rainy Day Fund) in order to compensate for the budget shortfall in Texas. Pitts recently said, "The agencies have done their part (to reduce spending). Now it's our part to do." - Read More


March 1, 2011 - Constitutional Convention (Con Con) Opposition Mounting in Texas

In 1988, then Chief Justice Burger of the Supreme Court wrote of a modern day Constitutional Convention, “With George Washington as chairman, they were able to deliberate in total secrecy, with no press coverage and no leaks. A Constitutional Convention today would be a free-for-all for special interest groups, television coverage, and press speculation.” In the same letter he also wrote, “I have also repeatedly given my opinion that there is no effective way to limit or muzzle the actions of a Constitutional Convention. The Convention could make its own rules and set its own agenda. Congress might try to limit the Convention to one amendment or to one issue, but there is no way to assure that the Convention would obey. After a Convention is convened, it will be too late to stop the Convention if we don’t like its agenda.” - Read More


January 28, 2011 - Women on the Wall Salute the "Texas 15"

Vowing to remain actively engaged in the legislative process, several Texas Tea Party groups and other conservative organizations released an Internet video today thanking "The Texas 15" -- the fifteen members who voted against Rep. Joe Straus for Speaker. - Read More & View Video


January 26, 2011 - Texas Voter ID Bill Passes Texas Senate

The voter ID bill has passed the Senate, however many Republicans in the Texas House are pushing for a weaker bill that would allow for two paper forms of identification instead of a Photo ID from a government entity only. The paper forms of ID included in some of the Republican bills would include a library card or a letter from a government agency! Read More


October 1, 2010 - Alan Grayson Political Bottom Dweller

Florida Democrat Representative Alan Grayson sinks politics to a new low with his campaign attack ad on his Republican opponent Daniel Webster depicting him as "Taliban Dan." Read More & View Videos


August 19, 2010 - Campaign for Liberty FEC Investigation

The Federal Election Commission has launched an investigation into the Campaign for Liberty stating that the group acted illegally by merely posting candidate’s records and positions on issues. This is an obvious attempt by the FEC to silence the Campaign for Liberty prior to the mid-term elections. Read More


Tea Party Express Spokesman Mark Williams
Tea Party Express Spokesman Mark Williams

July 28, 2010 - Mark Williams Resigns from Tea Party Express

Outspoken and sometimes abrasive Tea Party Express spokesman Mark Williams resigns. Due to the national media attention and rising conflict within the Tea Party movement, Williams makes the decision to step down and cut ties with the Tea Party Express on July 23, 2010. Read More


July 23, 2010 - 1st Tea Party Caucus - Republicans 28, Democrats 0

House Representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN) won the approval from House leaders to form the first Tea Party Caucus which held its first meeting on Wednesday July 21, 2010. With a disappointing turnout of only 28 Republicans and zero Democrats, the Tea Party is left wondering if Congress is even listening. Read More


July 20, 2010 - Tea Party Express Spokesman Mark Williams - Patriot or Putz?

In the midst of an onslaught of accusations of Tea Party racism, Express spokesman Mark Williams blogs a racially slanted satirical letter to President Abraham Lincoln asking him to repeal the 13th amendment. Read More


July 10th, 2010 - Tea Party Express Endorses Joe Miller for Senate

The Tea Party Express released a statement announcing their endorsement of Alaska's Joe Miller, candidate for the United States Senate. Read More


News - Black Panthers Case Dismissed

July 5th, 2010 - Black Panthers - Case Dismissed? (Article & Videos)

Tea Party news shocking story and allegations of racism in the Department of Justice and could go all the way to the White House. Former DOJ attorney interviews, eye witness accounts from a civil rights attorney, and video footage supporting all charges against the New Black Panther Party, yet strangely the Obama DOJ dismisses the case after it was already won in the courts. What if this would have been a Tea Party Member??? Where is the news media? Read More and View Videos


News Video

July 4th, 2010 - NC Protester Punched in the Face (Article with Video)

A Tea Party protester was punched in the face during a protest in Greensboro, NC. Where is the outcry from the left about this man's civil rights? Tea Party protesters, while exercising their rights of free speech, are being harassed, verbally assaulted, and now physically assaulted, but we hear no condemnation from the left. It must be a right to free speech only when liberals agree with what you are saying. Read More and View Video


July 4th, 2010 - Victory for Rand Paul (Article & Video)

Senate hopeful Rand Paul credits the Tea Party for his overwhelming victory over GOP establishment backed Trey Grayson. Paul now running into trouble because of "mis-reporting" by the New York Times concerning Paul's comments about the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Read More and View Video



July 4th, 2010 - Pennsylvania, What Happened? (Opinion)

The special election to replace Rep. John Murtha in Pennsylvania's 12th district should have been a no-brainer for the GOP, but somehow candidate Tim Burns was able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Read Full Article

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