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Mind-Numbed Robot ~ An awakened android who believes the the US Constitution protects Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Lubrication.

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Anti-Tyranny News - We are an alternative media site that searches for information on the issues that effect you. Covering politics, health & science, constitution issues, police state, healthcare take over, and much more. We bring you the information that the mainstream media won't so you can make your own informed decision.

LessGovIsTheBestGov.com - Advocating for Limited Constitutional government

ExposePublicCorruptors.org - We at Expose: The Public Corruptors, Inc. (Expose), a not-for-profit, (non-commercial), corporation, are pleased to announce the launching of our "one-stop, one-shop " website for all of your favorite politically conservative information sources targeting public corruption at all levels of government. This new website is provided as a public service to the community in keeping with the educational mission of Expose.








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Our Tea Party Articles and Op-Ed pieces are written by a variety of writers with varying styles and viewpoints. We invite writers from all walks of life to write Tea Party related articles for possible publication on our site.

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We invite you to submit your grassroots organization to our groups listing. For inclusion, your group must be a conservative grassroots organization.

Read the Constitution

Read the Constitution

Everyone should read the US Constitution to know the founding principles and guidelines for the government of America. If you understand the Constitution, you will see more clearly how the politicians are ignoring what they have sworn an oath to uphold.

Read the Federalist Papers

The Federalist, or more commonly known as The Federalist Papers, is a series of essays written between October 1787 and May 1788 for the purpose of convincing New York residents to ratify the proposed Constitution of the United States.



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Send us a bio on your group (500 to 750 words) and we will add a complete page about your group. Our bio pages include links to your website, Facebook page, and even your YouTube channel if you have one. Your group must be a grassroots organization.