How Do I Get Involved in Politics?


How Can I Get Involved in Politics?


January 2, 2011
by John "Doc" Holladay

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword - A Conservative Guide to Online Publishing

The pen is mightier than the sword, or so they say. I won’t go into who “they” are, nor the truth of the title – it is just to get your attention.

We in the conservative movement have a lot to say and share, but many don’t know how nor where to use the “mighty pen”.  Many times when we put “pen to paper” or rather pound on the key board we are just talking to like-minded people – we need to get our honest and thought-out message to the masses. That is what this article (blog) is about.

Why!  With all things, ask “why”. If what you are doing doesn't move you towards your end goals then why are you doing it?  In this case it is simple. If we lose the upcoming elections to non or middle of the road conservative we lose our way of life. We can see the unsatisfactory change all over our nation. We need to inform people. This should be focused on open minded people who don't necessarily think like us nor see what we see. It further helps like-minded-thinkers; we all need reinforcement and uplifting encouragement. Consider it a duty to help the “uninformed” and fellow conservatives.

When!  As often as it strikes you!  Yes, you!  And YOU decide when, after all – you are still free and the 1st Amendment still applies to you.

How!  Write out your thoughts, write it all out and then shorten it.  Short depends on the media you use, see below.  Make sure it is factual, logical, clear and sometimes “catchy”.  Reference web links to save space and give more facts – I have done this, thus links are at the end of this article.  Avoid attacking others; feel free to go after their actions, inactions, blunders, and disagreeable philosophies.

To improve readability – use simple business writing rules.  Keep it at about an 8th grade level (this ain't a college thesis), each sentence should not exceed ten words, and a paragraph should be about three sentences and on one thought/topic.  Get to the point!  You can lose them in the first sentence and for sure the first paragraph.  Don’t over burden folks and get a proof reader or two.

Where!  First is the traditional hard copy letters to the editor.  Odds of being published are slim with tons of people sending things in, but it is worth a try.  Especially good are small local papers and local topics.  If you have a good one – send it all over, after all you wrote it, it is great, and everyone across the nation needs to know what you wish to share.

First let me give you a hint on Google-juice. These days, everyone is concerned about SEO (search engine optimization).  Google Juice is the value that the search engine Google gives to your site or article.  The higher the value the more searchers will be drawn to it and thus more readers.  After all, you wrote it and it is great and you want folks to know.  The rating is based on words used in the content, links to other web locations in the content, popularity of the site/article, readership helps grow the number, and a lot of mystery.  Google is a liberal owned tool so who knows.  Google-juice is how you get more readers who are searching for a topic.  The SEO brings people to your article/blog.  In short – if you have a good article post it all over the place. Link to it and from it, and maximize readership.  “Google” or Bing “google-juice” and learn more.

Emails are one tool to get your word out.  Send your writings to your friends and build an email list.  I have one list that can go downstream to about twenty thousand people – it is used sparingly.  Don’t wear people out.  Excessive emails and excessive words cause the receiver to use the “delete” key vs reading what you send. Along the same line you should subscribe to some “lists” to get good information on various conservative topics.

Blogs This is the shortened version of “web log”.  The 8th grade definition is – an article or note placed on the web.  In the old days it would be called a newsletter article, a letter to the editor, or comment on someone else’s writing.  It can be on your own site, another’s site, a commercial site, - just has to be on the WWW – world wide web.  Some place, any place.

Web page Postings Many of our conservative friends/groups have web sites.  Most post articles/blogs on their site.  Get posted on as many web sites as you can.  Include in your blog links to various sites and use links to shorten your article and provide more information and references.  Takes a little effort but if you opinions and writings are of value, it is worth it.

How Do I Get Involved in Politics Using Social Media?

Facebook – a free social networking service that allow users to “post” notes & pictures on their own site, talk to others, play games, and interact.  One of many places you should “post” your blogs.

Liberty Linked – a conservative owned site similar to Facebook.  It is becoming the resident home of many groups (lists later in this article).  Another great place to post blogs.

Tweets – notes on Twitter is an online microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets".

Side bar, so by now you have written a great blog, had it proofed, sent it to your email list, posted it on half a dozen web sites, have it on your Facebook, posted in a few Liberty Linked groups, and sent tweets – now you have folks reading and now you have some degree of influence.

News Article Comments - If you read the news on line (Drudge, Yahoo News, ABC, Fox, CBS, or most newspapers) you will find at the bottom of many articles a place for comments.  You just may have some small influence on someone by making a short, concise statement about the news article.  My favorite tongue-in-cheek comment recently is thanking the people of Nevada for electing Harry Reid.  We need to be seen there and seen as we are – intelligent, considerate, patriots – not like the name calling liberals who lack facts.  Another thing, most comment sections have a place for “like”, if you like the comment click on the button and show your support.  All it takes is just a few moments and just might help our cause.

Here are some useful sites & information – for more – Google or Bing and learn.  I am letting ya'll find more yourself, good learning tool.  Google and find - Google and learn.  If ya got a problem, ask your grand kids.



Web sites - some allow blogs some don’t, look around – you will find more than I can count, here is a handful:


Don’t forget our opponents:


Enough – just Google “liberal blogs and websites” “democratic blogs” or “obama blogs”

Liberty Linked groups – go to the web site and sign up for as many groups as you wish/can. Some are open and some closed. Some allow general membership to blog and some don’t. Over all, a good tool.

Organizations – in addition to the above.  Just Google them, you don’t need me to hold your hand.