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Voter Fraud Is Real & Legislation Was Needed

Ricardo Pimentel wrote in his opinion piece in the San Antonio Express on May 24 that he feels that the state voter ID legislation is “a bogus solution for a pretend crisis”. Apparently he has never studied Texas history and heard about the “Duke of Duval County”, or about ballot box 13 and how Lyndon Johnson won his 1948 U.S. Senate race by 87 contested votes.  - by George Rodriguez



Hispanic Conservatives Need to Be Heard

Hispanic Conservatives need to be heard, particularly in local main stream media and Spanish-language media. When Hispanic related issues are covered in the local media such as newspapers, TV or radio, they rarely include conservative Hispanics.  Some people feel there is a bias against Hispanic conservatives by main stream media editors and reporters who have liberal opinions. - by George Rodriguez


Hispanics and the Tea Party

Many people believe that because the Tea Party is a conservative movement, Hispanics do not have a role or interest in it, however this is not true. Hispanics not only are involved, there is a strong effort to reach out, and inform and educate them about conservative issues. The goal of the Tea Party in Texas is to create a strong conservative bloc of voters in the Texas Hispanic communities throughout the state. - by George Rodriguez


Los Hispanos y el Tea Party

Muchas personas creen que debido que el Tea Party es un movimiento conservador, los hispanos no tienen un lugar o interés en él, sin embargo, esto no es cierto. Los hispanos no sólo están involucrados, hay un gran esfuerzo para informarlos y educarlos acerca del Tea Party. El objeto del Tea Party en Texas es crear a un bloque fuerte de votentes conservadores en las comunidades hispanas a través del estado.  - por George Rodríguez


It is Time for a Conservative Revolution in the Hispanic Community

The recent elections and the Hispanic support for Republican candidates have surprised many political analysts. It seems that people are seeing through liberals and Democrats who say conservatives are racists and “only work for the rich”. They have also painted Hispanics as helpless “victims of institutional racism” and claimed “the government needs to protect them”. However, it appears Hispanics are starting to look for something different than from the tired liberal rhetoric of the past 45 years. - by George Rodriguez







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