Defending the Constitution

How Exactly Do We Do That?


Defending the Constitution


Defending the Constitution
by Tammy Blair - April 30, 2011

Defending the Constitution
Defending the Constitution

F.A. Hayek wrote:  "When the course of civilization takes an unexpected turn-when instead of the continuous progress which we have come to expect, we find ourselves threatened by evils associated with us by past ages of barbarism-we naturally blame anything but ourselves...We are ready to accept almost any explanation of th present crisis of our civilization except one:  that the present state of the world may be the result of genuine error on our own part and that the pursuit of some of our most cherished ideals has apparently produced results utterly different from those which we expected."

In our case, we have to accept that the restraints put on government by our founders have utterly failed.  For all practical purposes, the Constitution is dead.  That fact has been the hardest for me to accept.  So I can't defend COTUS.  What I can defend, and will do so to my dying breath, is the principles that created such a document.  It's the principles that are true but no longer actually considered, discussed and taught.  And it was movement away from those principles that resulted in our current constitutional crisis.

So my defense is to return to ancient wisdom and truth.  My questions about the framers of our republic are:  What did they know and how did they know it?  A study of Cicero, Aristotle and Locke is just a beginning.  More recent history gives us von Mises, Hayek and Rothbard.  There is so much to take in!  But armed with the truth, and the ability to discuss it and write about it?  I can't express how it feels to relate real truth to a friend or acquaintance and watch their eyes as the veil is lifted!  

Sadly, many in America don't know or understand why the Founding Fathers did what they did.  Those who know, honor their memory.  Those who understand are awed.  The framers were willing to sacrifice all for the idea that is America.  They were willing to die for it.  How many of us can say the same thing?  I would guess that not many are really willing to go so far.  

I thank God every day that enough people had some basic principles and recognized the dangers facing our nation.  These people joined together to form the Tea Party and understood that they would have to go back.  Did they really understand what we need to go back to?  Sadly, even among the ranks there are too few that really grasp the principles that are being broken daily by our federal, state, county and municipal governments, as evidenced by the many who actually believe that the Republican party is our answer, or that a few more elections will fix our problems.  This is misinformed at best, and delusional at worst.  And oddly enough, there are quite a few who, while claiming to want restoration of the Constitution, don't themselves accept all of it.  

What I'm saying is this:  in order to defend the Constitution of the united States of America, we must fully understand how and why it is a road map to liberty.  My method of defending it is to 1. Educate myself and 2.  Educate as many as I can.  I believe that it's true that "the truth will set you free".  The truth has set people free before.  It can do it again!

Tammy Blair



How Do We Defend the Constitution?


How Do We Defend the Constitution?
by Amy Knickerbocker - April 26, 2011

Boy, this is a tough question especially when you look at it from a personal level, i.e. what can I as an individual do to defend it...especially since we are SO FAR away from a true constitutionally-restricted government. It's not a matter anymore of just "defending" it; our government has to be proactively CHANGED back to constitutional government, somehow, some way.

I think we have three realistic avenues as individuals to do it:

1) Elect people who revere it as written and who will actually not only uphold their oath to defend it (to prevent sliding further into the abyss) but actively fight to return the government back to what our Founding Fathers had in mind. Then, hold them accountable.

2) Teach it to our children so that they will elect people who revere it as written and who will actually not only uphold their oath to defend it (to prevent sliding further into the abyss) but actively fight to return the government back to what our Founding Fathers had in mind.

3) Convert more people. We need to take Tea Party activism bigger, better, louder to more people. How we do this? I don't have a good answer. I think we're making headway with our local election teams and community organizing but we need to convert the masses. We need to be better at using the myriad of crises at our disposal to dictate the narrative to point the fingers at who is truly responsible. We need to destroy the liberal media's hold on mainstream America. We need to do a lot of things.

I think the key phrase in this whole discussion is "actively fight for" not "defend". We are way beyond playing defense. We need to go on offense and fight...and recruit people to fight along with us.


How Do We Defend the Constitution?


How Do We Defend the Constitution?
by John Marler - April 26, 2011

The 5000 year leap has it described. Citizen engagement as the one who are “supposed” to be in charge, not the apathy that has set in the past decades. High paid politicians were decried by Franklin as being the start of the decline of any republic because it creates the new “monarchy” of society (evidence the retirement, health and benefits accrued with not one dime of investment)

The activist citizen is the only defense we have. Jefferson’s wise saying of “when the people fear the government, we have tyranny. When the government fears the citizen, we have a republic!”


  1. Clean up voter roles
  2. Have poll judges/ass’t judges in each polling place
  3. “Vet” all candidates. All out problems could have been handled before they “percolated” to the top levels if we had made the effort to recruit, fund and support local patriots.
  4. Watchdog every government body we have, including ISD, City Councils, County Courts, JP’s and so on. If they KNOW we are watching the whole conduct will change.
  5. Recruit candidates for primary elections in all parties and do all possible to knock out the offenders.


Those are my suggestions,

John Marler