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Hispanic Conservatives Shall be Heard


by George Rodriguez

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Hispanic Conservatives Speak Out

Hispanic Conservatives need to be heard, particularly in local main stream media and Spanish-language media. When Hispanic related issues are covered in the local media such as newspapers, TV or radio, they rarely include conservative Hispanics.  Some people feel there is a bias against Hispanic conservatives by main stream media editors and reporters who have liberal opinions.

Recent examples of this bias were shown by two San Antonio TV stations, WOAI-TV and KWEX-TV.  During the Dream Act protest in November 2011, a WOAI-TV reporter took it upon herself to not only report on the event, to but interject herself into the story by calling Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s office to “resolve the problem”. She ceased to be a non-bias reporter and became an advocate for the protesters. She also failed to interview any Hispanics who opposed the Dream Act or the protest. More recently, a reporter for KWEX-TV reported on the Voter ID legislation that was passing in the Texas senate. The reporter did not interview any conservative Hispanics or anyone who favored the legislation, and claimed that there was no example of voter fraud in Texas which supported the need for such legislation. It was necessary in both cases to rally Tea Party members to call on the stations to demand a fair and balanced report.

The main stream media, both English and Spanish language, routinely cover events for liberal groups regardless of whether 2 or 3 people are involved. However, conservative Hispanic events and press releases are routinely ignored.  This raises the question of why are conservative Hispanics not heard in the media?  Are they ignored on purpose or are they afraid to speak up? It is probably both.

While English language talk radio has many conservative commentators, there are few or none in Spanish or in English radio, TV or newspapers.  Also, many Hispanic conservatives have said they do not speak out because the liberal press ignores them, and because their liberal Hispanic counterparts are quick to shout them down.  Thus, a conservative message for, about, and by Hispanics seems to be lost at the local level.

It is said that “all politics is local”, and if the conservative message is to reach the Hispanic community, the local Spanish and English language media is key. The local media must be called out to respect and give coverage to conservative Hispanics in their respective markets. Hispanic conservatives should be heard by the local public so they can articulate conservative positions without the constant yelling from liberals claiming racism.

The national congressional elections in 2010 showed that Hispanic voters had moved to the right. It surprised the media and liberal pundits. The local and national, English and Spanish language media must realize that Hispanics are not all the same. The conservative Hispanic voice must and shall be heard loud and clear.