Balanced Budget Amendment


Balanced Budget Amendment


Balanced Budget Amendment Solution to Deficit Spending
by Donald Mellon

Balanced Budget Amendment?
Balanced Budget Amendment?

I believe only a balanced budget amendment (BBA) will stop the deficit spending.  Sending legislators to DC to rein in spending as the Tea Party did so successfully last year will have little near or long term effect I fear.  Any proposed spending reduction no matter how minor is met with outrage by the liberal press and the progressive and liberal legislators.  This inevitably will cause the "independents" to turn against us and reduce our political clout. 

So how do we get a BBA?  A constitutional convention is a possibility and almost happened in 1980 when 32 of the needed 34 states petitioned congress to call such a convention for the purpose of adopting a BBA for ratification - Texas being one of them. I believe the fear of a convention gone wild is over blown since 38 of the states would still have to ratify any proposed amendment.  Also could not a convention be called with rules established before convening?

But the best and fastest method is for two thirds of both houses of congress to propose a BBA for ratification by the states.  Such an amendment has recently been before congress and nearly passed the required super majority.  I believe the Tea Party and all its members, groups, and organizations should vocally and enthusiastically get behind passage of this call by congress for ratification of a BBA.  I think our support of any candidate for election or reelection should be based on this issue.  If they don't support it, we don't support them.  Of course we must read the fine print in the amendment so that a balanced budget becomes a reality.

The upcoming debt ceiling legislation is an ideal time to raise this issue and insist on its passage by congress as a requirement for raising the debt limit.  Should the Tea Party lead the charge?  I think so.  Even if we fail, it now puts everyone on notice that we consider this to be very important.

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