Occupy Wall Street


Occupy Wall Street


When the Government Acts Like the Protesters

by David Lawrence ~ October 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street ProtestersDuring the Vietnam War there was the White House’s and the industrial military complex’s pro war stance versus the protestors anti-war demonstrations.  There was a clear dichotomy between the administration and the demonstrators. Debates ensued but pure chaos was abated.

During Obama’s reign, Obama has obfuscated Middle East politics by changing our position and siding with the Arab countries rather than Israel. His reversal of the normal US policy has led to revolutions throughout the Middle East and a weakening of Israel’s strength. The Middle East has become unpredictable.

Another level of confusion is reached in the Wall Street protests.  President Obama does not side with the government and the business world but identifies with the demonstrators.  He explodes the dialectic between government and protestors. A confused man he once again opts for his roots in community organizer type rebellion.

Always the campaigner, Obama goes on to use the protests for his own political ambitions, saying they “are giving voice to a more broad-based frustration about how our financial system work; and that's going to express itself politically in 2012 and beyond.”

The fact that the Wall Street marchers have no license to demonstrate, that they are young and have no jobs, that they drift into minor violence and that they exacerbate class warfare doesn't bother Obama.  He is spiritually out there at the front lines with the protestors.  He doesn't even understand that he is the government that the kids are protesting against, that his failed stimulus program and the Democrats’ affordable mortgages are the reason that the youth are marching and have no jobs. 

Rather than rebuking those arrested, he seems to side with breaking the law.  He is always taking the opposite side.  Could you imagine Reagan recommending that protestors break the law?  He fired thousands of air traffic controllers for doing just that.

When the government acts like the protestors, we have chaos or nihilism.  This comes from a President who lives like a king but his heart is still in the dorms at Columbia University smoking weed.