Destroying America


Destroying America


If I Wanted to Destroy the USA
by Mary Lou Bruner
- December 27, 2010

Destroying America
Destroying America

If I were an enemy of the USA I would devise a long term plan. I would know that I could not destroy such a powerful country with weapons of war.  Attacking such a country with weapons just makes the people more patriotic and more determined to fight for their freedom.  I would know I must destroy the USA from within.

First I would tell the people that everything they believed is a lie.  I would tell them that their founding fathers were a bunch of wealthy greedy spoiled-rotten brats who were only thinking about themselves when they established America. I would make sure Americans did not know that the founding fathers pledged their lives, their liberty and all they owned to achieve their goal of freedom for Americans.  I would not tell the people that many of the founding fathers actually gave their lives in America’s quest for freedom, and their property was destroyed in many cases.  Many of the founding fathers were hanged as a public example, and some were tortured before they were killed.  But I would leave this out of the history books.

I would tell Americans that the documents the founding father’s drafted were out-of-date and too old-fashioned for modern times.  I would convince Americans that the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are no longer appropriate for enlightened, sophisticated people.  I would tell Americans this country should be more like Europe, and Americans should obey the rules of the United Nations and the laws of the World Court rather than the Constitution of the United States of America.

I would tell Americans their religion is a lie based on superstition and an irrational belief in a powerful God which created the universe and all living things.  I would tell them no person in their right mind could possibly believe the myth that Jesus Christ, the son of God, died on a cross and rose from the dead for our sins.  I would tell them if they were intelligent at all they would clearly see that every living thing on earth evolved from a single cell which suddenly appeared and somehow came alive.  I would tell them any intelligent person can clearly see that the earth is billions and billions and billions of years old because that is how long it has taken for man to evolve; and since we are here, that proves it.  I would devise an unreliable, universally accepted “scientific” test to prove my theory about the age of the earth. I would ignore all proof that man and dinosaurs existed at the same time. I would call that belief “junk science”.   I would tell Christian Americans the Bible which they consider their holy book is a book of fairy tales and lies.  I would tell them the story about Noah and the Great Flood is the biggest lie of all in spite of all of the physical evidence which proves flood waters really covered the earth.  I would go to great lengths to keep Americans from believing the flood really happened because if people believe the flood happened they would realize the rest of what I want them to believe has no basis.  If I wanted to destroy America, I would tell the children in government schools they were not made in the image of God, but they evolved from pond scum, and they are no better than the other animals. I would tell them when people die their bodies rot and worms eat their flesh and that is all there is to it.  I would tell them there is no such thing as “everlasting life in heaven” so they should take what they can get before they die, because this is all there is. 

If I wanted to destroy America, I would convince Americans it is a ridiculous idea to celebrate the birth of Christ, and I would make people feel very uncomfortable to celebrate Christmas.  I would make it illegal to put any nativity scenes or Christmas trees or other Christmas decorations in public places.   I would make Christmas a generic, commercial holiday where people say “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas.  Those who object to these changes in the celebration of Christmas would be labeled religious bigots because I would portray them as intolerant of others who do not worship Christ.

If I wanted to destroy America I would take away all of the symbols which mean something to Americans.  I would take “In God We Trust” off the currency of the country.  I would sandblast all of the buildings in Washington D. C which have religious symbols, or Bible verses or patriotic quotations.  I would find every original source of information written by the founding fathers and destroy all of those books.  I would rewrite the Declaration of Independence and take out the words “Endowed by our Creator”.  I would make it illegal for people to own a copy of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or the Bible.   I would take control of all of the news media, and I would require the media to report the news in such a way that it promotes my agenda.  I would sign a treaty with America’s enemies agreeing to give up our right to protect Americans from a nuclear attack.  I would start a rumor that the world is gradually warming-up because of the carbon dioxide the USA emits from automobiles and factories.  I would go to International meetings and apologize because the USA has been so thoughtless and selfish, and I would agree to give all of the developing countries of the world some of America’s wealth because the USA has destroyed the environment of the entire planet.  I would declare a moratorium on oil drilling in the USA and I would give money to other countries which want to drill for oil and gas.  I would keep making the government bigger and bigger until almost everybody in the USA had a job working for the U. S. government.  I would make people not working for the government dependent on government for their livelihood including the food they eat.  I would place a tax on everything including the air people breathe.  I would try to destroy the traditional family.  I would teach the children in government schools that one lifestyle is just as good as another and two mommies or two daddies are just as good as a mother and a father.  I would make it against the law for people to own weapons to defend themselves or their families from attackers.  I would take away the people’s right to use the Internet so they could not communicate freely with each other and the only news they get would be what I allow them to have.  I would try to discredit any elected official who opposes my rules. I would make it against the law for any religious leader to teach principles from the Bible when those principles go against my rules.

These are just a few of the things I would do if I were a powerful person who wanted to destroy the United States of America.  But I am an ordinary person just like most of you, and I love America.  However, there may be people on earth who think like this.  They may be proposing ideas such as these at this very moment.   We should not allow them to gain control over us.  We should fight for our freedom with our votes.  Until the election in 2012, we should hold those accountable which we have just elected.  We should let them know we do not want laws which restrict and infringe upon our freedoms guaranteed to us in the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights.  We should let them know if they do not represent us properly we will do our very best to replace them in the next election.  We should do this because it is our duty to keep freedom alive for the next generation.  Then it is that generation’s duty to keep freedom alive for the generations that follow. 

God Bless America
Mary Lou Bruner
December 27, 2010



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