Friday, November 20, 2020
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TEA Party EventsWe update the Tea Party Events 2020 Schedule regularly, so check back with us often for more info on Texas state or national events. We rely on help from our members to keep this events page as up to date as possible. We appreciate your help!

TEA Party Events

#StopTheSteal#StopTheSteal Rallies

I know that watching the Democrats and the media collude to steal this election in broad daylight is infuriating. It’s upsetting, demoralizing, terrifying, and makes me want to scream.

But please understand me clearly: WE MUST NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT.

If this were a normal election, and the President had lost fair and square, that would be different. This is not normal, however. What is happening is not normal.

The Democrats told America their plans for months. Strange how it’s playing out exactly as they said it would.

And so, because we are not in normal times, we must fight back. No matter who the corrupt media declares to be the winner, and no matter how many times Joe Biden claims victory, until every court case brought by President Trump’s legal team is settled and the counts are clearly finished in a legal manner – THIS FIGHT IS NOT OVER!

So, do whatever you can to show up at your state capitol at noon, local time, tomorrow, Saturday, November 7th.

Unlike the left, we won’t burn buildings to ground, but we will use our God-given rights to gather peaceably, show our President we support his efforts to have a fair election, and that we will not roll over and accept this fraudulent, third-world country-style election.

Share this with everyone you know and GET TO YOUR CAPITOL TOMORROW!!

God Bless America,

Jenny Beth Martin

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From the Ground Up

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From the Ground Up

Tea Party Patriots Events

Tea Party Patriots Events
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#StopTheSteal Rallies on November 7, 2020

#StopTheSteal and do whatever you can to show up at your state capitol at noon, local time, tomorrow, Saturday, November 7th, 2020. Patriots, I know that...