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North Houston Tea Party Patriots - The Woodlands, TX

North Houston Tea Party Patriots

The North Houston Tea Party Patriots, formerly The Woodland Texas Tea Party, is dedicated to restoring the founding principles of the United States Constitution to all levels of government in America. The core principals and goals of the North Houston Tea Party Patriots are to limit government spending, limit the size and power of government, to preserve the free market system in America, and to ensure State and National sovereignty and security.

The North Houston Patriots as an organization is extremely well organized and very active in the political process. They have education and training classes for their members and quite an extensive committee system in which their members contribute their specific skills to better serve the group as a whole. The North Houston Tea Party Patriots is a well oiled machine which will undoubtedly play a major role and greatly influence the upcoming elections in Texas. If you are in Harris County Texas or the surrounding area of North Houston, this is the group you want to join. Read More





North Houston Tea Party Patriots Website

This group has an excellent website in every way. The navigation is simple with emphasis on the key elements such as how to join this group, the events calendar, education, and activism. They also have quick links to their FaceBook and Twitter accounts.

One key action item on the agenda for this group has been to team up with the King Street Patriots in their “True the Vote” campaign. This campaign aims its sights directly at preventing voter fraud in Harris County and stands firmly against groups like ACORN, SEIU, Organizing for America, the New Black Panther Party, and even elements in our own Department of Justice. As you may already know, the DOJ recently dismissed the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party and its members in a purely racial and politically motivated move by the DOJ. (Read the full story & view the videos.) The True the Vote campaign trains members to be poll watchers and assigns responsibilities at each of the polling places in Harris County. This initiative also targets one of the key elements in which voter fraud is prevalent and that is the absentee ballots. Members are assigned the responsibility of following up on absentee ballots to verify that they were cast by legitimate registered voters. The True the Vote campaign is well organized and will no doubt have a major impact on the detection and prevention of voter fraud in Harris County. Every group in America needs to have a similar program in their area and we would recommend that you use the King Street Patriots and the North Houston Patriots as a model for this program.