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Bob Bagley


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Bob Bagley lost his race to Cecil Bell, Jr

(Unofficial Elections Results)

State Representative District 3
Bob Bagley REP 1,640 25.70% 3,353 26.35%
Cecil Bell, Jr REP 3,818 59.83% 7,238 56.88%
Troy Bonin REP 923 14.46% 2,132 16.75%
----------- -----------
Race Total 6,381 12,723
Precincts Reported 39 of 39 Precincts 100.00% Founder, Michael Kinzie announces his endorsement of Bob Bagley for the Texas House of Representatives in District 3
May 10, 2012

Bob Bagley for Texas House District 3

Bob Bagley
Republican for the Texas House of Representatives - District 3's founder, Michael Kinzie, has come out in support of Bob Bagley in his bid for the Texas House of Representatives in District 3. Bob Bagley is a true grassroots conservative who is a firm believer in limited government, fiscal responsibility, and the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Bob has been actively involved in the TEA Party since its formation in 2009 and is currently a member of multiple TEA Party, 912, and We the People groups in the Houston area.

Bob, a Texas Native, is a Vietnam, Gulf War, and disabled veteran, and the father of three beautiful daughters and granddaughters. He has been a grassroots activist, lobbying at the State Capitol and locally for years, promoting the Constitution and all that it stands for. He has fought on the front lines against abortion and illegal immigration for years. A Christian first, then a conservative, then a Republican, Bob believes that we owe our lives to God, our family and our country. He has been an active member in his church since returning to Texas upon retirement. A former business owner and Peace Officer, Bob is willing to take a stand to promote economic growth and freedom. He currently serves on the Montgomery County Hospital Board as Vice Chairman.

In addition to Kinzie’s endorsement, Bagley also has the support of the Conservative Republicans of Texas and the Independent Conservative Voters of Texas. Bob’s campaign consists of volunteers from numerous TEA Party, 912, and various other grassroots organizations.

Kinzie said of Bagley, “Bob is a patriot who has been a great asset to the TEA Party from the get-go. If you have ever carried on a conversation with Bob, you will be left with little doubt of his sincerity in returning America to a Constitutional Republic as intended by our founders. I fully endorse Bob Bagley in his bid to be the next representative of Texas HD-3 and I encourage all conservative grassroots organizations and members in Texas to do the same.”

Bob Bagley Press Release

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Bob Bagley Bio & Info


Bob Bagley has been involved with issues in Montgomery County and Texas for close to 15 years and in Colorado for 20 years prior.

He was the County Chairman for the Pat Buchanan Presidential race in 1996 in El Paso County/ Colorado Springs, Colorado.

He has managed campaigns at state level for a Congressional and a State Senate race.

He has worked on numerous campaigns locally, to ensure conservative values were maintained and that the people’s voices would be heard.

He served as a volunteer at the Montgomery County Republican Party Headquarters for about 2 years.

He has attended every: precinct convention; Senatorial convention, as a delegate; and every State convention, as a delegate or alternate; since moving back to Texas. Prior to that, he was a precinct chairman and delegate to numerous County and State conventions in Colorado.

He served as a legislative aide to a State Senator in Colorado.

He has lobbied as an (unpaid) concerned citizen at the State Capitol.

As a grassroots activist Bob has been involved in Montgomery County since 1997 after moving to Montgomery County when retiring from the Air Force.

He currently serves on the board of:

Montgomery County Hospital District-Vice Chairman

Montgomery County Eagle Forum and a co-founder

Conservative Coalition of Montgomery County

Stop the Magnet

He served as:

County Chair for the Republican Liberty Caucus

Board member of Michael Berry’s GBA Tour to Arizona

Church Liaison for Christian Coalition of MC

Co-founder of San Jacinto Friends of NRA

County Chair for The John Birch Society

He currently is involved with:

MC Right to Life

Foundation For Life

CROW/Stop The Toxic Wells

North Houston Tea Party Patriots (one the original organizers)

Texas Tea Party Republican Women (Associate member)

MC Republican Women (Associate member)

North Shore Republican Women

The Woodlands Republican Women

Lake Conroe Area Republican Women

Texas Tea Party Patriots PAC

Tomball Tea Party (Legislative Liaison)

Kingwood Tea Party

King Street Patriots

We The People Are The 9-12 Association Inc

Conroe Tea Party

Texas Honor Ride

American Legion

Paralyzed Veterans of America

Houston Area Pastor’s Council

Texans For Immigration Reduction and Enforcement

Concerned Citizens of Montgomery County

Texas Freedom Flight



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