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Click to Donate to Alma Perez Jackson Founder, Michael Kinzie announces his endorsement of Alma Perez Jackson for the Texas House of Representatives in District 125
September 7, 2012

Alma Perez Jackson for Texas House District 125

Alma Perez Jackson
Republican for the Texas House of Representatives - District 125's founder, Michael Kinzie, is endorsing Alma Perez Jackson in her bid for the Texas State House in District 125.  Alma Jackson, whose Spanish speaking parents helped her understand and live the promise of America and is now seeing it being taken from future generations, has decided to do what she can to restore this promise.  The need for ever increasing taxes on working Americans and small businesses to fund the expansion of the entitlement society is destroying the country that gave her family and many others the opportunity through hard work to achieve a rewarding and satisfying life. 

Most days during this election period this pro-life, pro-family, pro-business woman is out among the citizens of her district discussing her conservative positions on job creation, taxes, local control of schools, and support of law enforcement, second amendment rights, and property rights.  She is walking door-to-door to overcome a 55 to 45 ratio of Democrats to Republicans in her district and she will welcome support from conservative groups across the state.  Alma Jackson is a committed conservative believing in individual liberty, fiscal responsibility, and free markets.   Please visit her website at for a full discussion of her positions on the issues.

Another reason Tea Party and grassroots activists will promote their conservative principles by supporting Alma Perez Jackson this fall is because her opponent is a typical Democrat supported by local union leaders that no doubt will be expecting “thanks” for their support.  He is on record saying that in Texas we need “a tax structure that ensures that everyone pays their fair share.”  Based on the clear meaning from Democrats everywhere this means he would likely support or promote a progressive income tax for Texans.

Kinzie said of Jackson, “I admire Alma Perez Jackson because she is a woman who has made the decision to enter the world of politics for the right reasons. She loves her family, her community, Texas, and her country. She is fearful of the direction that our country is headed and is willing to sacrifice of herself to do something about it. Therefore, I am proud to endorse Alma Perez Jackson to become the next Representative of House District 125 in the great state of Texas.”

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Alma Perez Jackson Bio & Info


Alma Perez Jackson was born to Victor and Juanita Perez, in Laredo, Texas. When she was very young, the Perez family moved to San Antonio and raised Alma and her siblings on the southside. Her Spanish-speaking parents instilled a sense of pride, gratefulness and gratitude for her country and her state. Alma graduated from Harlandale High School where she was active in student council, speech & drama, and the marching band.

She married Christopher Jackson, a police officer and Vietnam Veteran in 1978 and they purchased a home in district 125, where they reside today. They raised three children, who graduated from John Marshall High School and are now married with families of their own. Alma loves being a grandmother to seven grandchildren ranging from ages 2-19.

Alma's work ethic was encouraged by her parents early on and she found employment at a neighborhood bakery while attending high school. Her work history includes administrative and commercial teller duties at Frost National Bank, an administrative position at Suburban Propane Oil & Gas and substitute teaching for NISD.

Alma is a problem solver by nature and wanting to care for her young children herself and also contribute to the household income, she started a small business that enabled her to meet both challenges simultaneously. She successfully operated a day care business for more than 16 years. Her love of children grew from that business venture and she made positive influences and lasting relationships with many families within the community.

A strong proponent of education, she decided to go back to school in 1995 and attended San Antonio College taking night classes while still providing for her family. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Alma has always been a proud Texan and a leader in her community, volunteering her time and effort to improve the lives of working families. She has lived in district 125 for 33 years and is an active member of Grace Point Church.



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