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Joe Straus vs. Matt Beebe

We lost the battle of getting Ken Paxton elected as the Texas Speaker of the House for the 82nd legislature, but that does not mean we have given up.

We now are working to not only prevent Joe Straus from becoming the Texas Speaker of the House for the 83rd legislature, but to prevent his re-election to the Texas House of Representatives. founder, Michael Kinzie has endorsed Matt Beebe in HD-121 and we are all working hard to get Beebe elected to rid the House of Representatives of Joe Straus.

To see how you can help, please go to Matt Beebe's page on our site.

The Below Info is Outdated

Contact Straus Supporters
and Undecideds

The following is a list of Republican representatives currently pledged to support Joe Straus in his re-election bid for Texas Speaker of the House or who have not publicly declared support of any candidate. Please contact these individuals and ask these them to withdraw their support of RINO Joe Straus in favor of an actual conservative or to publicly renounce Joe Straus as their choice for Texas Speaker.


Use the above image link to email all Reps with an "*" by their name below. The email is formatted using a "Bcc", therefore the Reps will not know everyone you are sending the email to. Respectfully ask that they publicly withdraw their support of Joe Straus in favor of an actual conservative candidate for Texas Speaker. NOTE: See the sample letter at the bottom of this page.

Heritage Alliance Or use the Heritage Alliance Tool to Contact Your Rep Individually. Enter your address to retrieve your Representative's contact info.


HD * Last First Capitol District
35 * Aliseda Jose (361) 358-9400
56 * Anderson Charles "Doc" (512) 463-0135 (254) 754-3892
54 * Aycock Jimmie Don (512) 463-0684 (254) 690-1752
57 * Beck Marva (903) 536-2290
138 * Bohac Dwayne (512) 463-0727 (713) 460-2800
132 * Callegari William (512) 463-0528 (281) 578-8484
102 * Carter Stefani (214) 714-1011
16 * Creighton Brandon (512) 463-0726 (936) 539-0028
64 * Crownover Myra (512) 463-0582 (940) 321-0013
129 * Davis John (512) 463-0734 (281) 333-1350
134 * Davis Sarah (713) 320-2077
113 * Driver Joe (512) 463-0574 (972) 276-1556
15 * Eissler Rob (512) 463-0797 (281) 681-9655
135 * Elkins Gary (512) 463-0722 (832) 912-8380
130 * Fletcher Allen (512) 463-0661
84 * Frullo John (806) 853-8275
117 * Garza John (210) 248-7766
52 * Gonzales Larry (512) 423-4959
4 * Gooden Lance (214) 864-5821
19 * Hamilton Mike (512) 463-0412 (409) 745-3644
91 * Hancock Kelly (512) 463-0599 (817) 590-9280
105 * Harper-Brown Linda (512) 463-0641 (972) 401-8825
114 * Hartnett Will (512) 463-0576 (214) 891-1776
127 * Huberty Dan (713) 526-3399
32 * Hunter Todd (512) 463-0672 (361) 884-8777
45 * Isaac Jason (512) 850-5524
115 * Jackson Jim (512) 463-0468 (972) 416-7698
13 * Kolkhorst Lois (512) 463-0600 (979) 251-7888
122 * Larson Lyle (210) 414-3536
1 * Lavender George (870) 773-4631
144 * Legler Ken (512) 463-0460 (713) 526-3399
69 Lyne Lanham (940) 691-5200
67 * Madden Jerry (512) 463-0544 (972) 424-2235
78 * Margo Dee (915) 313-7060
59 * Miller Sid (512) 463-0628 (254) 968-3535
73 * Miller Doug (512) 463-0325 (830) 624-8338
30 * Morrison Geanie (512) 463-0456 (361) 572-0196
133 * Murphy Jim (713) 526-3399
93 * Nash Barbara (817) 235-7743
58 * Orr Rob (512) 463-0538 (817) 295-5158
18 * Otto John (512) 463-0570 (936) 258-8135
87 * Price Walter "Four" (806) 322-1440
21 * Ritter Allan (512) 463-0706 (409) 729-3228
20 * Schwertner Charles (512) 863-4563
34 * Scott Connie (361) 387-7595
55 * Sheffield Ralph (512) 463-0630 (254) 774-9888
97 * Shelton Mark (512) 463-0608 (817) 921-6554
128 * Smith Wayne (512) 463-0733 (832) 556-2002
86 * Smithee John (512) 463-0702 (806) 372-3327
65 * Solomons Burt (512) 463-0478 (972) 394-3904
24 * Taylor Larry (512) 463-0729 (281) 338-0924
33 Torres Raul (361) 549-8957
136 * Woolley Beverly (512) 463-0696 (713) 629-6313
47 * Workman Paul (512) 748-5599
28 * Zerwas John (512) 463-0657 (281) 533-9042

Sample Email Letter

Honorable Representatives,

You are receiving this email because of your support of Joe Straus for Texas House Speaker or it remains unclear which candidate you support in the race. The voters in Texas made it extremely clear that politics as usual will no longer be tolerated in Texas. Joe Straus IS the perfect example of what voters REJECTED in the November elections. Texans voted conservative, therefore it is clear that we want conservative leadership and that especially includes the Texas House Speaker. We DO NOT want Joe Straus to serve another term as Speaker. Therefore, I humbly request that you publicly withdraw your support of Joe Straus or publicly endorse an actual conservative candidate for Speaker. Remember, “The eyes of Texas are upon you.”



Another Sample Letter to Oust Joe Straus


Lost Causes


Byron Cook

Byron Cook was appointed by Straus to chair the Environmental Regulation Committee and also Vice Chair of the Local and Consent Calendars Committee which is responsible for the determination of priorities for floor consideration of bills and resolutions. Cook was also one of only 11 Republicans who teamed up with all the Democrats in a back room deal to get Joe Straus originally elected to the position of Speaker.

Oust RINO Joe Texas Speaker


Chuck Hopson

Chuck Hopson is another Straus appointee to Chair the "Ethics" Committee. Unfortunately, he knows little about ethics. Rep. Bryan Hughes requested to be sworn in before giving his testimony before the House Ethics Committee; however Larry Phillips did NOT request to be sworn in when giving his testimony. The following is an excerpt from the Texas Government Code regarding sworn testimony:

Sec. 301.022.  TESTIMONY UNDER OATH.  (a)  All legislative committees shall require witnesses to give testimony under oath, subject to the penalties of perjury.
(b)  The oath required by this section may be waived by any committee except a general investigating committee.


Mr. Phillips while not under oath basically called Bryan Hughes a liar by claiming that the statements by Hughes were “unequivocally false.” The Chair of the House Ethics Committee, Chuck Hopson, chose to believe the statements of the man who was not under oath, Larry Phillips. Mr. Hopson claimed there was “insufficient evidence” and that no action is to be taken against Larry Phillips or Joe Straus. Oh, and did I mention that Hopson received $42,000 in campaign contributions from Straus in the last election where Hopson did not face a serious challenger? This one reminds me of the United Nations' appointment of Iran to the Women's Rights Commission. Really? More on this story & Phone Interview with Bryan Hughes on the Straus - Phillips scandal


Jim Pitts

Rep. Pitts is an avid Straus supporter which leads one to wonder why a supposed “conservative” would support RINO Joe. As it turns out, Pitts is one of the gang of 11 Republicans who teamed up with the Democrats to get RINO Joe elected as Speaker in the first place. Straus rewarded his loyal lapdog by awarding him the Chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee. Did I mention that Pitts is also on the Redistricting Committee? Redistricting is a hammer to be used against those who oppose Straus according to allegations brought forth by Rep Bryan Hughes of Mineola. Rep Hughes requested to be placed under oath when giving his testimony before the Ethics Committee while Mr. Phillips who called Mr. Hughes a lair by stating his allegations were “unequivocally false”, was strangely not under oath when giving his testimony.

Let’s look at Rep Pitts’ conservative credentials… sorry, still looking. In 2009, the Heritage Alliance scored Rep. Pitts an overall 31% conservative which broke down as 29% on economic issues, 33% on “other” issues, and 50% conservative on social issues. Texans for Fiscal Responsibility scored Pitts a whopping 53% conservative. When I was in school, a 64% was considered failing. Mr. Pitts, I would like to offer you a little advise – 2012 is right around the corner, so you might want to think about bringing up your grades a bit. I think Texans have had enough of your style of “conservatism”.


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Paxton Supporters


David Simpson

Thursday, November 18, 2010 (Longview, TX) - State Rep.-Elect David Simpson today declared his intention to support conservative State Representative Ken Paxton for Texas House Speaker.

Kenneth Sheets

(Dallas, TX) - "After consultation with constituents, family and friends, I have decided today to pledge my support to Representative Ken Paxton for Texas House Speaker. This will be the first vote I cast on the floor of the Texas House, and it's extremely important to get it right.

Tan Parker

On Friday, State Rep. Tan Parker (R-Flower Mound) released a statement regarding his support for the Speaker of the House

Jodie Laubenberg

(Parker, TX) - HD 89 State Representative Jodie Laubenberg has withdrawn her name from the supporter list of Texas House Speaker Joe Straus and announced her support for State Representative Ken Paxton. Laubenberg, who represents Rockwall and Collin Counties, has worked closely with Rep. Paxton as a member of the Collin County delegation.

Reps also Supporting Paxton

The following representatives have also issued press releases announcing their support for Representative Ken Paxton for the next Speaker of the House of the state of Texas.

  • Bill Zedler
  • Kenneth Sheets
  • Charles Perry
  • Jodie Laubenberg
  • Tan Parker
  • David Simpson
  • Cindy Burkett
  • Jim Landtroop
  • Charles Perry
  • Erwin Cain
  • James White
  • Van Taylor

Reps Committed to Changing Speakers

  • Rodney Anderson
  • Dan Flynn
  • Erwin Cain
  • Bryan Hughes
  • Leo Berman
  • David Simpson
  • Wayne Christian
  • James White
  • Geanie Morrison
  • Phil King
  • Tan Parker
  • Van Taylor
  • Ken Paxton
  • Tom Craddick
  • Charles Perry
  • Jim Landtroop
  • Warren Chisum
  • Jodie Laubenberg
  • Bill Zedler
  • Cindy Burkett
  • Kenneth Sheets
  • Debbie Riddle
  • Randy Weber

See the Heritage Alliance Check List including contact information for updates.

More coming soon!