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The Speaker of the Texas House is elected by the members of the Texas House. In other words, “We the People” do not have a vote to elect the Texas House Speaker. The only way we can have a say is to let our elected representative know what we want them to do. In this period right after the election, members of the Texas House will have to begin considering who they will support for the speakership in 2013 — the current Speaker, Joe Straus, a self-described moderate dripping with disdain for conservatives, OR the conservative opposition candidate, Bryan Hughes.

Joe Straus is a known liberal who was elected Speaker in 2009 by House Democrats and a gang of 11 liberal Republicans, and has held on to power through threats and intimidation. Conservatives in Texas have been fighting back; the question now is whether the 95 House Republicans in Texas will do what they have been elected to do… and stand up against Straus.

In late 2010, before the start of the legislative session in January 2011, State Rep. Bryan Hughes of Mineola came forward with charges that he was told conservative lawmakers would be punished if they opposed Mr. Straus’ re-election. He specifically testified under oath that it was clear Reps. Erwin Cain and Dan Flynn would be punished.

Please sign this petition to demand that your elected representative will vote for a more conservative speaker. Every signature is important. We will deliver a hard copy of this petition to each representative prior to the vote for Speaker of the Texas House.

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Petition Requesting a More Conservative Speaker for the Texas House

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Whereas, the United States is in dire financial circumstances;

Whereas, if the United States can pull back from insolvency, it will do so only by dramatically cutting the size of government, an action that cannot occur in an environment of politics as usual;

Whereas, the State of Texas is in better financial shape than the federal government, but it also has financial problems, and it is not immune from the economic condition of the country as a whole;

Whereas, for the State of Texas to pull through the coming economic storm, it too needs leadership bold and strong enough to dispense with politics as usual and take decisive steps to reduce the size of state government.

Whereas, as Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, Joe Straus has demonstrated that he lacks both the inclination and the determination to take the steps needed to save our state.

Now Therefore:

We the undersigned call upon all members of the Texas House of Representatives to vote against Joe Straus as speaker in the 2013 session of the Texas legislature and we further pledge to remember your vote for or against Joe Straus when you run for re-election in 2014.


ATTENTION: After signing the petition, please check your email and click on the link provided to confirm your signature.

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