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Alaska Tea Party Express Endorses Joe Miller for Senate


Tea Party Endorsements - Joe Miller
Joe Miller - Alaska

The Tea Party Express released a statement announcing their endorsement of Joe Miller, candidate for the United States Senate. Joe Miller believes many in Alaska’s Republican Party “old guard” have lost their way. This is exemplified by the state legislators who stepped forward on Thursday to endorse Senator Murkowski and her big spending, big government agenda. Miller stated, “They are symptomatic of the pervasive problems facing our Republican Party. Now more than ever we need new leadership that understands the seriousness of the times, and is willing to act boldly on behalf of Alaskans with commonsense conservative values.”

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Miller Welcomes & Appreciates the Tea Party Endorsement

What Miller stated on his website, "I welcome and am deeply appreciative of the commitment that The Tea Party Express has made to play a very active role in this race. The Tea Party movement embodies the ideals that birthed my decision to run: the belief that government is growing too large, and that we are on an unsustainable spending path as a nation. My opponent has been part of the problem in Washington; my commitment is to be part of the solution in helping return our nation to limited constitutional government. I'm running to offer Alaskans a true conservative choice this August."

Joe Miller now joins the list of endorsements by the Tea Party Express which also includes Idaho Democrat Walt Minnick, who is running for re-election to the United States House of Representatives.  Tea Party endorsements are a coveted trophy for candidates running for the House and the Senate this November because a recent poll shows that 34% of Americans say the Tea Party endorsements will play a role in their voting this November. That percentage is expected to grow over the coming months leading up to the mid-terms.

Tea Party Express Statement

Joe Miller Over Murkowski in Alaska

We're proud to join our friend Sarah Palin in making a very important endorsement for the US Senate seat from her state.

Lisa Murkowski has totally assimilated in to the establishment in Washington, and lately has become interested in accommodating the big government agenda of the Obama administration and their water-carriers in the house and the Senate. We want no part of that destructive agenda and we need someone who will fight hard to preserve our freedoms.

Joe Miller is a constitutional scholar and he's steadfast in his belief that we need to return to the constitutional underpinnings of individual freedom and personal responsibility. We need more committed conservatives like him in the Senate and his clear vision and adherence to principle will be a breath of fresh air when he replaces Lisa Murkowski.

Joe Miller's 12 Step Plan to Halt Out-of-Control Spending

  1. Institute a balanced budget amendment.
  2. End off-budget expenditures.
  3. Line Item Veto.
  4. Require that unspent and repaid TARP funds be used to reduce the deficit.
  5. No more bailouts.
  6. Repeal ObamaCare - No New Entitlements.
  7. Limit increases in government spending to the rate of inflation.
  8. End Czar layer of government.
  9. Hiring freeze for all non-essential government employees.
  10. Establish a Sunset Committee. (Ending out-of-date programs)
  11. Earmark Reform.
  12. Congressional Reforms.






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