Saul Alinsky


How’s That Saul Alinsky Thing Workin’ Out for Ya?


by Jan Shedd ~ October 1, 2011


Saul Alinsky

· Continuously high unemployment
· The first ever, credit rating downgrade
· Incoherent, Muslim-pandering domestic and foreign policies
· Unaffordable gas prices
· Inflation
· Home devaluation & record foreclosures
· An unstable stock market
· Obscene debt
· Dropping poll numbers
· A fractious base
· A rising poverty rate
· Scandals


Saul Alinsky Student President ObamaAs the Obama presidency disintegrates before our eyes, our Dear Leader stubbornly clings to his socialist ideology, blaming everything but the real culprit. History plainly shows that socialism always ends in failure.  The last two socialist presidents were laughingstock Jimmy Carter, and national disgrace Bill Clinton.  Jimmy Carter remained faithful to his Marxism to the bitter end.  But Clinton, ever the philanderer, saved his scandal ridden presidency by wisely placing his poll numbers above his leftist desires. One need look only to Europe as the latest example of socialist-bred economic and societal collapse. 

So why can’t the hyper-intelligent (or so we’re told) Barak Obama read the proverbial handwriting the wall?  Perhaps his blindness has something to do with socialism’s real allure: the overwhelming, seductive, and addictive nature of power. In other words, he just can’t help himself.

Those of us who knew a Marxist when we saw one back in 2008, are not surprised by his catastrophic leadership “from behind.”  We also took note of the fact that he was breathtakingly unqualified to be president.  But we were outvoted by people who believed that he would make a great president because of his skin color and gift for public speaking.  They were very excited to elect the first black president in our history.  Strangely, nearly all of his supporters-then and now-don’t know the first thing about history. But they wanted to make it, and make it they did!  They elected the most radical extremist in our nation’s history, and a particularly dangerous one at that. Maybe they should have thought about what kind of history they wanted to make before they went about making it. But liberals don’t think, they react.

Even America’s most ardent leftists are complaining publicly about BO’s dismal record.  Yet just like him, they can’t let go of that socialist utopia thing that lives on in their fevered imaginations.  Rather than logically facing facts and drawing appropriate conclusions, they do what they always do.  Every time Marxism craters, leftists blame the people in charge of it, telling themselves that it's not the ideology, but the execution that failed.  You would think that the downfall of the Soviet Union would have taught them someth—oh-that’s history isn't it?  If they admit that their ideology is to blame, they would be admitting that they were wrong, and there’s no such thing as a humble liberal.

When Edmund Burke said “Those who don't know [or understand] history are destined to repeat it,” he must have had socialists in mind.  They just keep on pushing that same, old, tired Marxist-Leninist bane with all that tried and true race baiting, something-for-nothing class warfare, and fraudulent rhetoric about compassion and fairness.  And folks, they aren't going away.  If conservatives win in a historical landslide on November 8, 2012, the socialist drones will wake up Wednesday morning and go right back to work.  They never lose their resolve because they think they are saving the world . . . yes you read that right: “saving.”

Their tenacity is why our newfound vigilance must continue.  America will pay a terrible price for the electoral foolishness of 2008 for many years to come. The outcome of our endeavor to restore the Constitution as the law of the land is anything but certain. And if we cave to our apathetic tendencies, they will eventually succeed in their malignant bid for power and control, yes even if Barak Obama is defeated.  “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.”  Pay the price or lose the liberty.

Jan Shedd
Post Oak Bend, TX