Liberal Shellacking in November


the Liberal Shellacking in November
by Mike Schwartz
- Posted December 17, 2010

The recent headlines about the results of the November 2nd mid term elections were pretty interesting.  The overall message was that Obama and the liberal Democrats in general TOOK A SHELLACKING this election.  I would like to correct this proclamation – the liberal agenda and their policies were absolutely butchered by the American people.  Here is a very interesting summary of the carnage left by this mid term election.

Senator Harry Reid (D)
Senator Harry Reid (D)

The US House of Representatives saw the Democrats lose at least 65 seats.  They went from a 251 vs. 174 majority to a 239 vs. 186 minority.  The Democrats lost over 25% of their House members in one election!  This was the biggest gain of either party since 1938, or in the last 72 years.  Of this total, 22 of the liberals just elected in 2008 were fired, along with 9 senior Democrats – some with 18 years in the House.  Three were committee chairmen that got the boot. 

In the US Senate the liberals lost 6 seats to make it a Democrat majority of 52 to 48.  The Republicans gained twice the typical number of seats usually won by the opposing party in the mid term elections.  In 2012, the Democrats will have 22 Senate seats up for reelection.  Many are in the solid RED conservative states this time around.  Can you say good riddance Senate liberals on November 6, 2012?  Expect the Senate to be solid Republican after the 2012 elections, possibly with over 60 seats for a conservative super majority.  Kiss your liberal ObamaCare and tax and spend policies goodbye!

The liberals also lost 11 state Governor races.  They used to have liberals in charge of 31 states.  They now have 20.  Republicans now control 30.  I won’t even discuss the drubbing that White took in his run for Texas Governor.  It was not pretty.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D)

The beatings the liberals took were absolutely brutal in the State Legislatures across America.  The Republicans won a total of over 670 – YES I SAID 670 – seats in state legislatures.  There were 125 State Senate seats won and over 550 State House seats won.  The GOP got control of over 20 state legislature chambers (either House or Senate) from the liberals this election.  The GOP now controls more state legislatures than it has in the last 85 years or SINCE THE 1920’s.  Thank you Barry, Nancy, and Harry!

The Republicans took control of both the House and Senate in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, North Carolina, Alabama, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.  The liberals won control of ZERO, NEET, NIL, ZIP, AND NADA state houses or senate chambers in November.  Holy cow Batman!  What a shellacking!

The beatings continue!  In Alabama, the Republicans have control of both house and senate for the 1st time in 136 years, or since 1874!  In Bowie County, Texas (near Texarkana) they elected their first Republican county judge and 2 other county officials for the first time SINCE THE CIVIL WAR!  That was over 142 years ago!  The Republican gains this November even dwarfed the gains by the liberals after the 1974 Watergate elections.  Remember those days?

Here in Texas, we had a REAL ol fashion whooping put on the liberal Democrats.  The Texas House used to be 76 GOP and 73 liberals.  There were also 11 RINO’s in that GOP total of 76.  On November 3rd, there are now 99 Republicans to 51 Democrats.  They lost 22 seats, or about 1/3 of their members.  The Democrats LOST over 80% of the state wide races that they ran in against a Republican opponent.  OUCH! 

The Democrat house minority leader even got beat.  The people of Texas also went RINO hunting this year – at least 6 of the 11 RINO’s were defeated in the primary elections in March.  Two of these were committee chairmen.  They were replaced with conservative Tea Party value candidates.  Your local House rep, David Simpson, got over 94% of the vote.  THE VOICE OF TEXAS WAS DEFINITELY HEARD LOAD AND CLEAR THIS YEAR!

In the US House elections for our Texas reps, Louie Gohmert won with over 93% of the vote.  The other 7% must have been lobotomy patients.  Three long time liberals were beat.  Texas now has 23 of its US House reps that are Republican, or 72%.  Texas will be getting 4 more US House seats based on the 2010 census.  Can you say Hip Hip Hooray for 27 conservative reps from Texas!

Locally, we have very good conservative people as our elected officials here in Gregg County.  All ran unopposed this November.  Harrison County had 4 conservative Republicans win and 2 others lost close races.  A Tea Party value candidate won a county commissioner position in Upshur County.  Both county’s are on track to turn Republican at the next election, just like our Gregg County.  The old Democrat stronghold counties to our south will not be far behind.  Turn out the lights Mr. Liberal, as your party looks to be over…

As Ronald Reagan would say – America is a shining city on a hill.  The American people certainly shinned through on November 2, 2010.  We'll finish the job in 2012 when we get rid of the rest of the tarnish that still remains.



  • Mike Schwartz and Mike Kinzie you are patriots. Keep the fire going. December 17, 2010 - John Tweedell
  • Sounds great, especially in Texas but let's hold down the celebrating until we see what they do (or don't do) this next legislative session. I have been waiting over 10 years for our Republican majority in Texas to enact some tough anti-illegal alien legislation like our neighbor in Oklahoma and friends in Arizona have done. I am a member of the Texas Border Volunteers and travel down to the border area about 7 times a year to pull watches on private ranchland. I know only too well of the "invasion" not only by Mexicans but by illegals from all sorts of nations (we have counted over 75), some of them not friends of the US. That is one of the reasons I became Chairman of Texans for Initiative & Referendum Rights. The only way we are going to have a voice in our state government is through the initiative & referendum process. We are one of only two western states whose citizens do not have either of these rights. That's how Arizona passed its first anti-illegal immigration act, through citizen enacted legislation through petition (initiative process). Although the legislature passed a tough illegal immigration law in Oklahoma, they knew if they didn't pass it, the citizens would propose an initiative to get it done. Go to to learn more about I&R. December 17, 2010 - Art Bedford



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