Final Presidential Debate Analysis Newsletter October 23, 2012
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Presidential Debate Analysis

Report on the Final Presidential Debate of 2012Romney/Ryan Run the Bases ~ Terrell AronSpeer

President Obama and Republican Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney met Monday evening at 8PM CST at Lynn University in Boca Raton Florida for the third and final Presidential debate of the 2012 campaign season. The debate was moderated by CBS’s Bob Schieffer, who, while not a stellar debate moderator, was the best of the 2012 election season; competition was not stiff. Those of you who engaged in a drinking game where you took a drink each time the Narcissist in Chief, our President, used a first person singular pronoun will have missed almost the entire debate. Allow me to bring you up to date. Read More

More Debate Analysis

Romney/Ryan 2012 - Code Red USA

Romney/Ryan 2012 ~ Code Red USAAs you well know, this upcoming election is the most important of our lifetime. Voters across the nation face a stark choice between two competing visions for our nation’s future – and the stakes couldn’t be higher. The outcome of this election will decide whether we will embark on the course of statism and dependence espoused by President Obama and the Democratic Party or a conservative vision of limited government and prosperity. In this critical time, we must work to ensure a conservative victory in November – winning the White House, as well as the Senate and House of Representatives. Read more on Romney/Ryan 2012 ~ Code Red USA

Million Muppet March ~ An Example of How the Liberal Media Spins the News

Million Muppet March ~ Lee Cary

An October 12, 2012, a Reuters(Canada) article, linked on the DRUDGE REPORT, illustrated how the old liberal media spins the news by reporting less than the whole truth.

The article is entitled “‘Million Muppet March’ planned to defend U.S. backing for PBS”.

Here’s the key, though incomplete, information in the piece:

“Plans to save Big Bird, the fuzzy yellow character on U.S. public television’s ‘Sesame Street,’ from possible extinction are taking shape in the form of a puppet-based protest next month dubbed the ‘Million Muppet March’.

The demonstration is planned for November 3 at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., three days before the general election.”

Now for the untold rest of the story. Million Muppet March ~ An Example of How the Liberal Media Spins the News

GOP Congressman Supports "Adequate" Money for Big Bird

Big Bird Jailed by the FedFollow up piece on the Million Muppet March by Lee Cary

It’s time we turn Bird free and let him fly on his own. Idaho Republican Congressman Mike Simpson doesn’t seem to agree with that.

Bird is at that stage in his life where he can feed himself. So let’s parole him from his federal money cage, where he’s a partial slave to taxpayers, and set him free.

Sure, it’s a silly Presidential campaign issue – federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcast (CPB) That's why this is called the "Silly Season".

Sure, it's not a lot of money – about half-a-billion – out of a bloated multi-trillion dollar federal budget. But a half-billion here, a half-billion there, and pretty soon we're talking a trillion.

More on: GOP Congressman Supports "Adequate" Money for Big Bird

Get Involved in the November 6th Election

  • Insuring Election Integrity - True the Vote: This organization is THE best group in the country working on ensuring election integrity for the 2012 elections and unequivocally supports them. To further illustrate how much we support True the Vote, we ask that any and all donations that you would have given instead be diverted to True the Vote. It matters that much.
  • Code Red USA - Romney/Ryan 2012 Ways You Can Help
  • Phone Banking for Mitt Romney - Operation Swing State
  • Support Tea Party Endorsed Candidates

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Alabama's Forever Wild and Agenda 21

Alabama's Forever Wild and Agenda 21 by Frank Dillman

Elected officials come and go. However Constitutional Amendments (CA) are evermore, unless repealed by the same balloting process, seldom with a kept sunset provision. Therefore, understanding the provisions effected by a connected arrow for a CA on the ballot is very important. On November 6’s ballot the first of eleven proposed CA’s,  re-instating Forever Wild funding for another 20 years, will permit voters the opportunity to speak of their desire for smaller and more fiscally responsive government or a upwards to a $300 million bigger government.

More on: Alabama's Forever Wild and Agenda 21

Patriot of the Month

Lori Medina -'s Patriot of the Month gives a big shout-out to a true patriot, Lorie Medina. Lorie, the founder of the Frisco Tea Party, has been working tirelessly in arranging for volunteers to travel to swing states like Virginia to do door-to-door campaigning for Mitt Romney because she knows the importance of this election. Lorie is one of the rare few who turn words into deeds. Patriots like Lorie are the very backbone of the Tea Party.

Lorie Medina, we salute you!

The Villages TEA Party Florida

TEA Party 911 Featured Group of the Month

The Villages TEA Party of Florida

The Villages Tea Party was formed in response to numerous citizens wishing to take a more active role in affecting the outcome of elections. The TVTP is, and will be, a member driven organization. As can be clearly seen in the bylaws, the members will play a critical role in how the TVTP is managed and what directions we take in trying to accomplish our mission and purposes.

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