Code Red USA ~ Romney Ryan 2012

Code Red USA Romney/Ryan 2012

As you well know, this upcoming election is the most important of our lifetime. Voters across the nation face a stark choice between two competing visions for our nation’s future – and the stakes couldn’t be higher. The outcome of this election will decide whether we will embark on the course of statism and dependence espoused by President Obama and the Democratic Party or a conservative vision of limited government and prosperity. In this critical time, we must work to ensure a conservative victory in November – winning the White House, as well as the Senate and House of Representatives.

I’m writing today to tell you about Code Red USA, the grassroots battle plan to save America. Sponsored by the Madison Project, Code Red USA has been developed over the past year by conservatives who recognize just what is at stake in this election – and the Code Red USA plan contains the pieces necessary to achieve a conservative victory in November.

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Code Red USA is made up of several elements, the first of which is Adopt-A-State – a grassroots effort to encourage voters to support conservative candidates and Get Out The Vote. Under Adopt-A-State, grassroots activists in safe red states or out of reach blue states will “adopt” nearby battleground states to help turn them red in November.

Adopt-A-State uses a combination of online and on-the-ground tools to allow anyone, anywhere to join in the effort to achieve a conservative victory. Activists who are out of state are able to make calls into the battleground states to speak with voters, while those who are in state, or able to travel to the state, are provided with training and tools which enable them to efficiently canvass their neighborhood, speak to voters, and – most importantly – get out the vote.

This critical grassroots effort will help conservatives gain the edge in what is sure to be a close election, and volunteers throughout the nation can sign-up today and begin making phone calls into key battleground states.

RV Patriots

The RV Patriots component of Code Red USA uses RVs as mobile command centers to coordinate on-the-ground operations in key battleground states. These RVs will travel throughout critical regions of battleground states to work with local grassroots groups and volunteers on canvassing, voter registration, outreach, and election integrity projects. Participating RVs are equipped with the technology and necessary training and support to organize effective volunteer efforts in each of these areas.

As they travel, the RVs will make stops to hold block-walks and phone-banks with local volunteers to reach out to voters, assist with voter-registration drives to register new voters, and train volunteers to act as election and poll observers to insure election integrity. Closer to the election, the RVs will focus on GOTV operations – getting out the vote. Using RVs in this capacity allows for efficiency and flexibility in operations, while keeping overall costs low.

Election Integrity

In a republic such as ours, maintaining the integrity of elections is absolutely necessary and Code Red USA is committed to helping do so, because when it comes to the integrity of our elections, it is not about party, but about principle – every legally eligible voter must be allowed to participate, and all forms of fraud must be prevented. To insure election integrity, Code Red USA will work to train volunteers to act as poll watchers or election observers, to enable them to protect election integrity in their community.

To learn more about the Code Red USA plan sponsored by the Madison Project, and to sign-up to volunteer, please visit In this critical time for our nation, we must each work to ensure a conservative victory in November – and I look forward to working with you. Once again, please visit to sign up to volunteer. If you have any questions, please feel free to email either or myself at

God Bless,
Matt Armstrong
National Coordinator, Code Red USA