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Operation Swing State


2012 Election Info

Operation Swing StateTEAParty911.com is proud to team up with "Operation Swing State" in what could become the largest grassroots effort in history! Operation Swing State is simply phone-banking for Mitt Romney targeting voters in the key swing states. The Presidential election will be won or lost in the swing states. You and your group can make sure Obama loses the swing states from the comfort of your homes by making phone calls to the voters in key states and districts within those states.


You can make calls individually or arrange “calling parties” with groups you are associated with – it is much more fun in groups!


We are calling on ALL conservative groups to get involved! Churches, your religious liberty is at stake! Tea Party, 9.12, We the People, and all the other grassroots conservative groups, you know what is at stake, our freedom. Republican groups, the reason for you to get involved is also obvious, our country cannot afford another four years of Obama. Let’s ALL unite together and save our country! Details below...

Click Here for Printable Flyer ~ Romney/Ryan 2012 Phone Banking Flyer - Operation Swing State

Concerned Conservatives, we invite you to participate with clubs and volunteers nationwide
in a major grassroots phone-calling campaign to call swing-state voters:

Operation Swing State!

Call now for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!

 Your choice: either make Romney-Ryan phone calls now or have Obama for 4 more years!

WE NEED TO BE WORKING NOW because the presidential election is very tight especially in the swing states where the election will be won or lost and this year the election isn't in November. It's NOW!

Swing state Absentee and/or Early Voting has ALREADY STARTED in one swing state and by September 22 four swing states will be voting!

The Romney online phone bank is only calling swing-state voters.

Here's What You Can Do Now!


Each week attend a fun 2-hour Romney Calling Party your club hosts OR call 2 hours on your own.

1. Use a phone (cell or landline) and a computer (laptop, desktop, or iPad).

2. To access the online Romney phone bank go to www.MittRomney.com and set up an account and sign in. View the video tutoral for instructions or just follow the on screen instructions.

(For more detailed instructions, click on the Operation Swing State tab at the top of  www.OperationSwingState.org and then click the Mitt Romney tab.)

3. For questions on using the phone bank or tips on how to plan your own weekly calling party, contact us (Don and Susan Silver) at Susan@OperationSwingState.org or 310.282.8440.


Want to take back the White House and take back America?

We think that's worth 2 hours a week from now through November 6. What do you think?

Be a part of this vital nationwide effort!


Operation Swing State   A 2012 grassroots online phone-calling campaign to take back America

The mission of Operation Swing State is to mobilize volunteers to phone bank online for fiscally and constitutionally conservative candidates for U.S. Presidential, Senate, Congressional, and other key races to restore our economic and constitutional freedom and take back America in 2012! To access online phone banks and candidate info during this election year, periodically visit www.OperationSwingState.org



Video Tutorials


We now have complete video tutorials (along with written instructions) for the Romney online phone bank--for both standard swing-state accounts and the brand new Catholics for Romney (Call Florida, Call Ohio, and Call Colorado) accounts.

Exciting new options to contact swing-state voters

because the election is VERY close and it will be won or lost in the swing states:

1. New! Catholics for Romney! If you're a Catholic or know conservative Catholics, spread the word about Catholics calling swing-state Catholics!
Here are the new tutorial videos with links:
Part 1 Catholics for Romney Online Phone Bank Tutorial Video
(how to create an account)
Part 2 Catholics for Romney Online Phone Bank Tutorial Video
(how to log on and make calls)

2. New Romney Online Phone Bank Tutorial Videos
Part 1 Romney Online Phone Bank Tutorial Video
(how to create an account)

Part 2 Romney Online Phone Bank Tutorial Video
(how to log on and make calls)

3. For more new options--including trips to neighboring swing states and postcards to Virginia--go to www.OperationSwingState.org and click on the Take Action Now tab.

The bottom line is this election is way TOO CLOSE and we need ALL HANDS ON DECK! So please, please continue to DO something every week for the Presidential race and motivate others in your network to DO something, too! We did this for Scott Walker--let's do it for Romney-Ryan and our country!!!

Taking back the White House and America one swing state at a time...


Printable Flyer for Operation Swing State


Here is a printable flyer that you may send to group leaders or to group members to assist you in bringing in volunteers for OSS. Feel free to modify the following flyer as you set dates for your group to conduct phone-calling parties.

If you know a leader of a conservative group, please forward a flyer to him/her. We need to make this plan go viral and get groups all across the country involved!

Romney/Ryan 2012 Phone Banking Flyer for Operation Swing State Click Here



See Also: Code Red USA


The new Code Red USA Incentives program as a companion to Adopt-A-State, allowing individuals and groups to win gift cards and grants for making calls and knocking on doors with Adopt-A-State. Organizations can create groups on Code Red USA and earn grants for the phone calls made and doors knocked by their members. In addition to helping their group earn grants, individuals will compete for prizes – with the top 20 individuals with the most combined doors knocked and phone calls made earning prizes.

See more: Code Red USA



Voter Lookup & Registration Tool


Our Voter Lookup Tool lets you check on whether your friends and family are registered to vote, and our Voter Registration Tool lets you fill out a voter registration form for your state online, print it, sign it, and mail it in if you are not registered.

Our Voter Lookup Tool also has an "email form" button for your convenience to send a voter registration form to your friends, family, and neighbors who are not registered to vote!

So, get involved, get active, and encourage those around you to get out and vote!






Tea Party Candidates
TEAParty911.com supported candidates.

Tea Party 911 Supported Candidates

For Congress

Louie Gohmert - TX CD1

John Ratcliffe - TX CD4

Texas State

Greg Abbott - Governor

Dan Patrick - Lt. Governor

Ken Paxton - Attorney General

TX State Senate

Bob Hall - SD-2

Donna Campbell - SD-25

TX State House

Briscoe Cain - HD-128

Matt Krause - HD-93

Jonathan Stickland - HD-92



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