Forever Wild & Agenda 21 eating veggies in a hunting lodge

Agenda 21 and Alabama Forever Wild


Elected officials come and go.  However Constitutional Amendments (CA) are evermore, unless repealed by the same balloting process, seldom with a kept sunset provision. Therefore, understanding the provisions effected by a connected arrow for a CA on the ballot is very important. On November 6’s ballot the first of eleven proposed CA’s,  re-instating Forever Wild funding for another 20 years, will permit voters the opportunity to speak of their desire for smaller and more fiscally responsive government or a upwards to a $300 million bigger government.

“Promote a proper balance among population growth, economic development, environmental protection, and ecological diversity.”  You say “oh yea that’s from those Rio guys”.

Agenda 21 and Alabama's Forever WildNope, it is actually a declared purpose of Forever Wild (Alabama 1901 Constitution Amendment 543, section 1 (c)). Forever Wild is at the same dinner table with Agenda 21 eating veggies grown in the community gardens.

Interesting most of the discussion here in Alabama over Forever Wild has been focused solely on its 227,000 acres acquired since 1992.  Not at all mentioned in current discussion is the fact there are 911,185 A in federal conservation land, 312,060 A in state (including FW) conservation land, state waterways totaling 600,000 A, and 230,126 A leased to the state for a whopping never mentioned 2,053,371 A in the State of Alabama for conservation, environmental recreation, historic and scenic landmarks, wildlife habitat all working toward a healthy state.  (Outdoor Alabama Feb 2012, pg 28)

Can you imagine The Nature Conservancy sitting in some hunting lodge filled with hunters eating wild game (well most likely veggies), eggs, and grits for breakfast waiting for the seasonal dawn?  Can you also imagine their concerns seeing spent shells and footprints all over land they put together into larger tracts and eventually sold to the state, including Forever Wild? Might this big elephant (sorry ‘dare you tigers) having donated $430,057.00 since December, $357,000 in September alone, one day flex its muscles “encouraging” the state to purchase more pad locks for lands in their inventory.  Agenda 21 here we come.  All of this will prove very interesting now that the State of Alabama has become quite possibly the first government world-wide to pass legislation rejecting Agenda 21.

The state is broke and the Governor is asking for support for the second proposed Constitutional Amendment on Nov 6’s ballot providing the state government more flexibility to refinance bonds and quite possibly keep the state in a greater debt.  Why is he not suggesting the defeat of FW and save upwards to $300,000,000 over 20 years for the greater good of all Alabamians?

“Bigger and a more rich government” you say?  I can not disagree.

Research, ask questions, and know the facts and then you will see that voting “NO” is right choice for re-instating funding at a capped $15m/year for 20 years.

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