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Texas Tea Party 911 Newsletter | Issue 002 | June 1, 2011
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Celebrate America Grandbury June 25th

Activist Survival School Aug 13
The Waco Tea Party is hosting a Grassroots - Campaign, Leadership, & Activist Survival School on Aug 13, 2011. The keynote speaker is to be KrisAnne Hall of Florida. For more info, please visit the Waco Tea Party Website.

Freedom Jamboree Sep 28-Oct 2

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Dear Tea Party 911 Alert Subscriber,

Thank you for subscribing and for passing the newsletter on to like minded people. May was a target rich environment. It was not possible to cover all the issues much less print all the submissions. We fear you might get readers cramp. We do, however, appreciate all the submissions and print what we can. Please keep submitting, even short comments on issues or content can find its way into our pages. The march to 2012 is just beginning. Join us as we gain momentum. Keep reading, keep sharing, write often. This is an interactive experience.

The editorial staff at Tea Party 911

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What Texas Tea Partiers Need to Know

Featured Articles:

Cuba Warns America: A Lesson From History
~ by Pete Diaz

They'll Pony Up ID for a Brewski
~ by George Rodriguez

Thought They Pledged to Work for You? | Think Again
Important  Video, Important Article, Important to sign

Middle East History for Dummies
Netanyahu criticized for being over the top.
But how else do you hit the nail on the head? ~ ed

Cartoon courtesy of http://townhall.com/political-cartoons/

Gathering Steam for 2012:

Retake America
~ by Bob Hall

Coming Together for 2012 | Conservative Leadership Council of Wood County Formed
Press Release ~ by Terrell AronSpeer

Tea Party Takes the World by Storm | A Glorious Rain
~ by Luca Bocci

Politics on the Inside:

12 Lessons from the 82nd | Hard lessons | Oh My!
~ from the Clear Lake Tea Party Blog

Republican Presidential Hopeful’s | MEDIA - Get a Grip!
~ by Terrell AronSpeer

Oust Straus for Once and for All
~ by Alice Linahan

Histories Lessons:
How Many Times Can We Forget?

Democracy?  It's Just a Mob
Try a Constitutional Republic ~ by Larry Davis

Lower Class Values?
~ by Armstrong Williams

Conservative Youth In Action:

Young Adult Tea Party of Kaufman County Holds Its First Meeting
~ by Ray Myers

There Is a Simple Solution:

TSA, Who's the Terrorist Now
~ by Texas Congressional Rep David Simpson        
     Perhaps some people just shouldn't fly. ~ ed

Texas Patriot of the Month:

The Texas Patriot of the month award goes to someone who is not a Texan, but should have been. This person has the heart of a Texan and more importantly, is a Patriot. The job was on the line and this Patriot was confronted with a choice. The choice was a simple one – stand for principle or bow down to the establishment in order to keep the job. State Attorney for Florida's 3rd Judicial Circuit gave a choice to this Patriot - give up your first amendment right to speak on your own time or be fired. This Patriot replied, "My first amendment rights are worth more than a paycheck and I will not surrender them." This is why the Texas Patriot of the Month award goes to KrisAnne Hall of Live Oak, Florida.

KrisAnne, Texas salutes you!

KrisAnne, a disabled veteran of the US Army, Russian linguist, mother, and pastor's wife, will be speaking at the Waco Tea Party event on the 13th of August and will be in the Corpus Christi area of Texas before and after that time. Tea Party 911 would be honored to help arrange for KrisAnne to speak to your group. Contact info@teaparty911.com for details.

KrisAnne has also released a new book, Not a Living Breathing Document: Reclaiming Our Constitution - An Introduction to the Historic Foundations of American Liberty. For more info, click here.

Dates to Remember:

June 6-June 14 Early voting for June 18 Runoff Elections
Saturday, June 18: Runoff Elections (Dallas Mayor, etc)
August 8, 2011: First Day to File for Place on Uniform General Election Ballot (for cities and schools ONLY, filing deadline for other political subdivisions may vary)
September 7, 2011: Last Day to File for Place on General Election Ballot (for local political subdivisions ONLY)
October 11, 2011: Voter Registration Deadline for November 2011 Uniform Election
October 24-November 4: Early Voting for Uniform Election
November 8, 2011: Uniform General Election--local offices, Judges, ISDs, Constitutional Amendments/Propositions
December 2011: Filing Deadline for 2012 Texas (D/R) Primary (tentative)
April 5, 2012: Primary Voter Registration Deadline
March 6, 2012: Texas Primary
March 24, 2012: Texas Democratic county and senate district conventions (tentative)
Late May 2012: Primary Runoff Elections (tentative)
June 7-9: Texas Republican State Convention (tentative)
June 8-9: Texas Democrat State Convention (tentative)
August 2012: Filing deadline for Independents/Write-ins on November ballot
August 27-30: 2012 Republican National Convention, Tampa, Florida
September 3-6: 2012 Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, North Carolina
October 8, 2012: Voter Registration Deadline for 2012 Presidential Election
November 6, 2012: Presidential Election
~ Courtesy of Mark Stuertz

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