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Join the Texas Tea Party Alert Google Group
by John "Doc" Holladay - May 31, 2011

During this last session of the Texas legislature there were many occasion where we constituents needed to rapidly contact the representatives in Austin.

Much was accomplished by “We the People” contacting those in the legislature.  One of the main tools to disseminate the immediate needs is our Alert group.  Including groups or individuals who forward the Alerts we estimate that on certain topics over 20,000 Texans receive an Alert calling them to action.

This Yahoo group is primarily intended for the rapid dissemination of information and  Action Alerts to the Texas Grass Roots Conservative Organizations (GRCO) and individuals in Texas. I stress again “individuals”. It is intended the audience be as large as we can get it. It is an attempt to consolidate communications and related efforts while not precluding the actions of any other conservatives or GRCOs. There are specified activities going on; it is not the intent of this group to interfere – just to help with communication across the Great State of Texas.

Action Alerts - are “must do” action items to get opinions (one person a time) to Austin. The Texas legislative session is short, there are a lot of actions required and without rapid guidance “We the People” will not be heard.

If GRCOs want to further dissemination these communications they certainly should. It is up to each individual to determine if they want to be on this group and what they want to do with what is sent.

The group is monitored and only founders will be able to directly disseminate information. If you wish to send an Alert - forward it to the group owner.

Another guiding point is to keep the outgoing communications only to the essential. Overloading this group with discussions/general education and excess emails will turn people away. Our purpose is lofty and our time is limited.

Emails may refer to a web location – here lengthy discussions/education can take place. Here the qualities of candidates can be discussed. This group’s intent is not to support single candidates but to point the “people” to places to learn more.

Joining the group is open. The coming and going is left to the “people”. Encourage good Texans to subscribe or unsubscribe -


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