Witness before Nadler Committee selected by famous Hollywood producer to play lead role in remake of “Miss Congeniality”

Pamela Karlan to play Miss Congeniality

Carlos Delicto, On assignment in Hollywood

EXCLUSIVE: The recent performance by distinguished, Stanford University, legal-professor Pam Karlan, who testified before the Nadler Impeachment Committee, was noticed by the esteemed Hollywood producer Quentin Tarantino.

Miss Karlan was subsequently offered a starring role in his upcoming remake of “Miss Congeniality” that originally starred Sandra Bullock.

Karlan’s stellar performance during the December 4, 2019 televised testimony from several university legal scholars, resulted in a call from a Hollywood talent agent representing the Hollywood mogul who conveyed an offer from Tarantino inviting her to play the lead role in  Miss Congeniality 3.

In this latest redux of the classic film, Ms. Karlan would play a darker version of the original lead character as she assumes the role of an FBI Agent turned serial killer who slays several beauty pageant contestants, in an odd series of mishaps, before being accidentally discovered by a bumbling detective assigned to solve the mysterious deaths.

An unconfirmed report from a Hollywood confidential informant suggests that Congressman Jerry Nadler may be offered the role of the bumbling detective who suffers from narcolepsy.


Talk about an angry, bitter person. She has now been dubbed, "Miss Congeniality" by our roving reporter, Carlos Delicto….

Posted by TeaParty911.com on Thursday, December 5, 2019