Why Texas Will Turn Blue


-by Lee Cary-

The effort underway on the part of progressive socialists in Texas to turn the state blue will eventually succeed.

A video surreptitiously obtained by James O’Keefe – of A.C.O.R.N.-busting fame on Andrew Breitbart’s website – displays the coordinated tactics of the progressive insurgent army on the attack in Texas.  Its goal is to turn Texas blue.  And your tax dollars are funding it.

Blue won’t happen overnight – or, perhaps, even over one or two election cycles.  But given the current trajectory of events, it will eventually happen.  Here’s why.

An inferior but coordinated force, fighting against uncoordinated, superior opposition, will prevail – even when its opponent fields superior numbers.  Might not only doesn’t make right, it doesn’t automatically make victory.

For example:

The American Civil War Battle of Chancellorsville pitted an out-numbered, out-gunned Confederate Army of Northern Virginia against a larger Union Army.  Confederate General Robert E. Lee did the unexpected and violated a principle of land warfare.  He divided his inferior force into, not just two but, three parts in the face of the enemy.  And then, in what is among the most remarkable tactics of the Civil War, Lee sent General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson on a flanking maneuver that rolled up Union Army’s line to the north of Chancellorsville.

Jackson’s flank attack surprised, stupefied, and then paralyzed the Union Army of Potomac General, Joe Hooker.  The result was a stunning Confederate victory.

Hooker was stationary when Jackson attacked.

The Tea Party is, in important ways, similar to the Army of the Potomac at Chancellorsville.  The Tea Party structure has no defined, effective leadership, and it lacks the demonstrated capability for a coordinated attack.  It has “soldiers” but no coordinate plan of defense, let alone attack.

In comparison, the various “community organizations,” several of which are profiled in O’Keefe’s video, are marching in lock-step toward a Blue Texas.

Here’s how to test the premise that the trajectory of events.

(1) Call the office of Texas Senator John Cornyn and ask for a list of the organizations that HHS Secretary Sebelius told Cornyn, in a recent Senate hearing, that are under contract to help enroll people in Obamacare.  You’ll be referred to the Department of HHS.  Cornyn’s office doesn’t have a list.

(2) Contact anyone from your local Tea Party, if there is one, and ask for the names of organizations working in their community, under contract with HHS, helping to enroll people in Obamacare.

(3) Call the Texas Attorney General’s office (512-463-2050) and ask the media staff if the AG’s office is aware of what the “Navigators” are doing in Texas.  No indication that they are. You may get referred to the Texas Department of Insurance – but given the Texas Land Department phone number. I was.

(4) Call the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) and ask if community organizations under HHS contact are engaging in insurance fraud by advising clients to lie on their applications for Obamacare.  It’s doesn’t seem to be on the TDI radar.  Not yet anyway.

General Hooker had a reputation of being a heavy drinker. He didn’t get what was happening to his army until the shells starting falling near his headquarters.  By then, though, it was too late.