Why is Romney being supported by the Global Warming Crowd?

Mitt Romney Global Warming

How depressing. Conservatives remain divided this election cycle while the most liberal candidate for the GOP nomination in decades continues to pile up delegates. Meanwhile, the evidence continues to mount that Romney will govern to the left of George Bush – either one. Romney’s effort to portray himself as a conservative has had great success, primarily due to a black out on Romney’s record not only by the mainstream press but also by much of the conservative media. Moreover, much of America’s conservative “leadership” has decided to give Romney a pass.

I posted a piece here a few weeks ago about Romney’s aggressive effort to promote global warming in Massachusetts, policies that have largely been ignored in this campaign. Since that piece was posted, more evidence has surfaced that Romney will govern as a global warming zealot. It turns out that one of Romney’s largest donors is Julian Robertson Jr., who has given $1.3 million to the pro-Romney Super Pac, Restore our Future. Robertson serves on the board of the Environmental Defense Fund and was a big cheerleader for Obama’s 2009 Cap-and-Trade bill. When Robertson’s office was questioned about Romney’s views on global warming, a spokesperson responded that, “he [Robertson] has confidence that Romney, once he’s in there, will do the right thing.” Can you spell SELL-OUT?

But that’s not all. A number of other global warming zealots are backing Romney including billionaire Trammel Crow and Rob Sisson, who heads up a group called Republicans for Environmental Protection. And one of Romney’s economic advisors is Greg Mankiw, who has spent much of his career pushing for a carbon tax to finance all the wacky global warming programs of the type Mitt pushed in Massachusetts. Also advising Romney on environmental issues are James Connaughton, a cap-and-trader who headed up Bush’s Council of Environmental Quality, and Jeff Holmstead, a Bush EPA official known for his extreme global warming views. But this isn’t surprising given the fact Romney hired hard-left environmentalist John Holdren – now Obama’s science advisor – to be a key advisor while Governor of Massachusetts.

Robertson, Crow, Sisson, etc. must know something we don’t. That’s right, we’re being set up folks. We’re being screwed by the RINO wing of the GOP. Yet conservatives by the thousands continue to vote for Romney like lemmings crawling to water.

Part of the reason why this is happening is that many of America’s leading conservatives have remained silent or neutral in this race. Many leaders are tied to groups that took money from one of Romney’s six PACS over the last six years and so they either cheerlead for Romney or stay silent. And then there are many conservatives supporting Romney in hopes of receiving a position in his administration. You know, the “career first, America last” types.

Sadly, even several Tea Party-supported politicians have endorsed Romney, such as South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, Jason Chaffetz, Christine O’Donnell and Senator Jim DeMint (DeMint claims he hasn’t endorsed Romney but all his staff member have and he publicly promotes Romney as a conservative on a daily basis). And one can guess why. Haley took $36,000 from Romney’s Free and Strong America PAC for her 2010 campaign. Chaffetz took $7,000 from Romney and O’Donnell received $5,000. And Senator DeMint, a guy I used to think was a conservative superstar, took $20,000 from Romney the last few cycles. These people have allowed Romney’s wealth to jade their judgment since all of them surely know about Romney’s liberal record.

But it gets worse, FEC records shows that Romney poured close to a million dollars into the coffers of 167 congressional and senate candidates during the 2010 cycle. And that’s not counting the $404,000 given to state and local GOP parties in 2010. But the buy-off money wasn’t just given out willy-nilly. The Romney team targeted the bulk of the money to candidates, groups, and local parties in states in which they felt Romney was weakest – South Carolina, for example. That’s why South Carolina Governor Haley and Sen. DeMint received more money than most – but they probably thought that Romney just really liked them. Talk about naive. Needless to say, glowing pro-Romney statements from people like Haley and DeMint convinced many conservative voters it’s ok to vote for Romney. That’s the whole plan Jim and Nikki. For God’s sake, wake up.

Aside from the slew of conservative groups, publications and think tanks that took money from Romney and now proclaim him a conservative, we shouldn’t forget Team Romney’s covert operations. For example, one group was formed called “Evangelicals for Mitt,” headed by David and Nancy French. Its main purpose is the propagandizing of evangelicals into believing Romney is a superstar on the social issues. Their website simply parrots items given to them by the Romney campaign and they’ve done a tremendous job covering up the fact that Governor Romney carried out perhaps the most aggressive gay rights agenda of any governor in American history.

EFM also does a great job pooh-poohing the idea that Romney illegally, and in violation of his constitutional oath, implemented same-sex marriage in Massachusetts. Apparently, they know more about this issue than a slew of constitutional scholars who have looked at what Romney did and concluded he violated the state constitution by ordering his clerks to marry same-sex couples — in the complete absence of any legislative authority. But it took Time Magazine to expose this phony group: “campaign finance experts say the couple’s group looks like a thinly disguised extension of the Romney campaign.” Well, duh. The article details how some of Romney’s big donors finance this group and how EFM’s founders are tied into the Romney campaign. But why did it take a Time reporter to expose this front group?

The strategy of dumping money into the coffers of hundreds of conservative congressmen, groups and party entities, not to mention the creation of front groups designed to mislead conservative voters, is surely one of the biggest stories of the 2012 campaign, but no one in the conservative movement will talk or write about it. Meanwhile, every time Romney opens his month, he lets slip once again that he doesn’t possess any core convictions. One week he’s praising the Chinese for how productive they are due to their efficient regulators (kind of like praising Hitler for making the trains run on time). And the next week he babbling about supporting minimum wage hikes indexed to the Consumer Price Index. Such a policy, of course, would lead to minimum wage hikes on an annual basis and drive the cost of doing business through the roof. That’s a hell of a jobs plan.

Romney doesn’t have a conservative worldview and never has. His advisors and big donors all hail from the liberal wing of the party. He’s using bought-off politicians and front groups to sucker conservatives, tea partiers and the Christian right into thinking he’s one of them, but once elected, he will make George W. Bush look like a hard-line conservative. But that’s assuming he will be elected. If the history of RINO presidential candidates is any indication, Obama will beat him in November. And the folks to blame for this disaster will be our own conservative “leadership” for their failure to speak out against him.