Get Out the Vote 2012!

Sulphur Springs, TX & Hopkins County


Get Out the Vote Rally 9-29-2012


Get Out the Vote Rally in Sulphur Springs, Texas

Beautiful patriotic decorations so carefully prepared out at Sulphur Springs’ unique Heritage Park may have been missed last Saturday evening because of the rain on 9-29-2012 in Texas that drove the “Get-Out-The-Vote-to-Defeat-Obama!” Rally indoors to the Civic Center, but nothing of the rally’s main intent was at all diminished by the change of venue. 

Our own State Representative, Erwin Cain, led in the invocation and pledge to the flags.  Lisa Preuss led in the singing of the National Anthem and we were inspired by the music of singers Bo Potts, with “Made in America” and Lisa Preuss again, with “In God We Still Trust” and “God Bless the U. S. A.”

Visiting emcee John White introduced the exciting and enthusiastic candidates currently up for election and the three guest speakers, each one of whom brought a unique message and perspective to the evening. 

Included in the list were Wade Bartley, Eddie Northcutt, Representative Erwin Cain, County Judge Chris Brown, Bill Allen, Senator Bob Deuell, Will Ramsey, Representative Ralph Hall, and Representative Bryan Hughes, who is running for election without opposition, but has recently filed to run for Speaker of the Texas House and wished to attend simply to greet and thank the crowd for their interest and participation in the political process. The three guest speakers, all exceptional, were Dr. Robert Kecseg, Dr. Lee Cary, and Pastor Stephan Broden.

The event was broadcast over Tea Party Radio station WTBC.

The Hopkins County GOP and the Sulphur Springs Tea Party are so grateful to all who worked hard along with us to make this rally happen and to for the videos of the event for you to enjoy.

Pastor Stephen Broden

Dr. Lee Cary

Robert Kecseg

Bryan Hughes

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