Pastor Stephen Broden

Tax Day Tea Party Rally


Pastor Stephen Broden Tea Party Rally April 15th, 2011


Pastor Stephen Broden at the Tax Day Tea Party Rally April, 15, 2011

Pastor Stephen Broden spoke at the Tax Day Tea Party event in Grand Prairie, Texas on April 15th, 2011. This event was hosted by the Lone Star Tea Party and emceed by Mark Davis, a well know conservative radio personality in the Dallas area.

Pastor Broden delivers a powerful speech about the infiltration of the United States by socialist elements set on destroying America as we know it. He explains how this movement is targeting our patriotism, our morality, and our spiritual lives. Even our very families are marked for destruction by the socialists in our country.

Pastor Stephen Broden also explains why American businesses are moving overseas. He states that this is due to the overwhelming tax rates and burdensome government regulations and red tape.

This video is a little over 11 minutes, but well worth the time.





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