URGENT – SB 241 Please write the following Senators to support this bill


by Sheila Hemphill –

Below are the Senators on the Business and Commerce Committee where SB 241 is under consideration to allow utility customers to Opt Out at no-charge of having a Smart Meter on Texas resident’s homes and require the meter removal. Attached is a document with reasons for providing an Opt Out. This committee heard testimonies on April 9. The bill is currently in a pending status. It is crucial for people to call and email these Senators ASAP to support SB241 so it has time to make it to the floor for a vote.

Please forward to your email list, Facebook posts etc. as it is helpful when comments come from their constituents but given Smart Meters are statewide, the decision that takes place in committee affects every person in Texas.

The Smart Meter issues are many and complex but here they are in brief:

  • False Claim of Energy Reduction:

Smart Meters do not reduce electrical usage – that’s done the old fashion way by turning off devices – the meters just determines peak usage times and can bill higher rates during that time frame to discourage use.

  •  Forced Installation: 

Police force has been utilized to force installation upon residents who are told that meter    installation is mandatory,  which is clearly not the intent of HB 2129 according to the bill’s author Dennis Bonnen: http://interchange.puc.state.tx.us/WebApp/Interchange/Documents/40190_12_720818.PDF

  •  Safety Issues: 

Reports of house fires Inside PECO’s smart meter debacle – FierceEnergy http://www.fierceenergy.com/story/inside-pecos-smart-meter-debacle/2012-10-15#ixzz29iI0wssE

Google Smart Meter House Fires

  • Health Issues:

a.    2013 Autism rate from CDC is 1 in 50, 2009 was one in 109 doubled in 4 years – See Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt documentary below.

b.    Alzheimer’s is now 6th leading cause of death – All neurological disease rates up dramatically.

c.    Newly defined Type 3 diabetes where people have blood sugar issues when in high EMF environments and not have blood sugar problems when in EMF remediated areas :

d.    Table showing Radio Frequency exposure and health effects:  http://emfwise.com/tableofeffects.php

1.    Smart Meters can peak transmission at 50 m/Wm2.    FYI:  2 – 80 m/Wm2  result in two-fold increase in childhood leukemia / RFR exposure to AM/FM towers

e.    Report from the American Academy on Environmental Medicine:  http://aaemonline.org/emf_rf_position.html

  •     Environmental Issues:

a.     70% of the world’s Bee populations have diminished while 10% of the world’s butterflies face extinction.  As bees go, so goes our food supplies.

b.   A number of species which rely on the earth’s magnetic fields to navigate, have mysteriously gone into decline.

  •    Privacy Issues:

Smart Meters are not just metering your consumption use, they are programmable, computerized controllers designed to communicate with new updated appliances in your home enabling utility companies to control these devices and provide unwarranted surveillance by gathering personal activity in your home.


Public Hearings on Smart Meter Opt Out:

04/09/13 SB 241 Senate of Business and Commerce Committee Hearing on Smart Meters: http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/senate/commit/c510/c510.htm  Part 2- Starts at 46:00

04/19/13 PUC Hearing:  http://puc.texas.gov/agency/Broadcasts.aspx


Helpful links:





Link to the documentaries:

 Resonance – Beings of Frequency:


Smart Meters and EMR:  The Health Crisis of Our Time  by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD PhD


 Take Back Your Power:

Trailer::  http://takebackyourpower.net/

Screening locations:  http://takebackyourpower.net/screenings/

 Link to SB 241:  http://www.legis.state.tx.us/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=83R&Bill=SB241


Senate Business and Commerce Committee Members:



 John Carona

Senate District: 16

Hometown: Dallas

(512) 463-0116   CAP 4E.2,

Chief of Staff: Barbara Salyers, Legislative Staff: Angie Cervantes, (512) 463-0365

Email Form:  http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/senate/members/dist16/dist16.htm


Larry Taylor

Senate District: 11

Hometown: Friendswood

(512) 463-0111   CAP GE.5,

General Counsel: Colby Beuck

Taylor has sent letter to PUC asking for opt-out provision.

Email Form:  http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/senate/members/dist11/dist11.htm


Kevin Eltife

Senate District: 1

Hometown: Tyler

(512) 463-0101    CAP 3E.16,

Legislative Assistant: Chuck Mains

Eltife favors opt-out as long as participants don’t have to pay extra…Why should opt-outs have to pay for opt-ins?

Email Form: http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/senate/members/dist1/dist1.htm


Craig Estes

Senate District: 30

Hometown: Wichita Falls

(512) 463-0130    CAP 1E.9,

General Counsel: John Bennett

Email Form:  http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/senate/members/dist30/dist30.htm


Kelly Hancock

Senate District: 9

Hometown: North Richland Hills

(512) 463-0109   CAP GE.7,

Chief of Staff:  Tricia Stinson

Email Form:  http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/senate/members/dist9/dist9.htm



Eddie Lucio, Jr.

Senate District: 27

Hometown: Brownsville

(512) 463-0127   CAP 3S.5,

Email Form:  http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/senate/members/dist27/dist27.htm


Leticia Van de Putte

Senate District: 26

Hometown: San Antonio

(512) 463-0126    EXT E1.610,

Servando Esparza

Email Form:  http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/senate/members/dist26/dist26.htm


Kirk Watson

Senate District: 14

Hometown: Austin

(512) 463-0114    EXT E1.606,

General Counsel: Susan Nold

Email form:  http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/senate/members/dist14/dist14.htm


John Whitmire

Senate District: 15

Hometown: Houston

(512) 463-0115 CAP 1E.13,

Legislative Aide, Doug Clements –

Whitmire favors opt-out, but concerned that the cost should be ‘socialized’ meaning that opt-outers should pay for it.

Email Form:  http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/senate/members/dist15/dist15.htm


Thank you,

Sheila Hemphill

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Brady, TX 76825