UPDATE: Mitt Romney unexpectedly boards Joe Biden’s “No Malarkey” bus

Mitt Romney Joins Joe Biden Campaign

UPDATE: Mitt Romney unexpectedly boards Joe Biden’s “No Malarkey” bus in small Iowa town

Carlos Delicto, On assignment in Iowa

In yet another surprising development that began with the inclusion of, first John Kerry, and then Paul Ryan boarding Joe Biden’s campaign bus now touring Iowa, former GOP Presidential Candidate Willard “Mitt” Romney unexpectedly climbed-on during a stop of “No Malarkey” in the tiny Central Iowa town of Rinoville.

The Three Malarkey’s,” as Biden, Kerry and Ryan were affectionately referenced in the nearly all-Democrat Malarkey County newspaper – All the Malarkey News – were having lunch, with a half-dozen employees of a local feed store, when, suddenly, U.S. Senator Romney entered the restaurant and asked if there was room for him on the bus.

Biden jokingly responded, “Sure, Mitt, but you have to beat me in an arm-wrestling contest,” in a humorous reference to how Biden humiliated a heckler in a recent town hall by calling him “fat” and challenging him to a push-up contest.

“Oh, no, Joe! I surrender,” Mittens said, putting both hands up in the air.  Everyone at the table laughed, including the waitress, Candy Crowley, who asked if anymore guests were planned for lunch.

Biden answered for the group saying, “We’ve invited George Bush, but haven’t heard back from him yet.”


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