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Tea Party Watchdog Training Program


Legislative Alerts

A function of the TLO website is its ability to create alerts which will automatically send email messages to the CLTP watchdogs when action has been taken concerning a bill or committee.

The following screen shots show the alert set up screens for Bills, Committee Calendars, and Committee Notices, and Committee Minutes.

Texas House Bill Legislative Alerts
Legislative Alerts
Texas Legislative Alerts

Note that at the time of this training package was developed; only one House Committee and no Senate Committees had been organized and placed on the website.

Legislation in the Texas House of Represnetatives

To receive these alerts just check the boxes next to the alerts.  Again, it is advised that you set up specific email account to handle the volume of email traffic.

The CLTP Watchdog training associated with the Texas Legislative Online website is not to be considered all inclusive.  It is meant to be a brief tutorial into the functionality of the TLO web application whereby the watchdog can get familiar with the tool and expand their abilities and knowledge to be an effective watchdog.

Tea Party Watchdog Training Program